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  1. I have been away from the forums for a while, so I don't know if it's still on, but my Alien Spaceship Geocoin G has arrived in Mr. Gray US. It's journey started 24 july 2012 and it arrived at 29 july 2017. Now it has arrived I hope my strong belvieve will be rewarded
  2. Although these look very nice, what I liked about the original design were the colours, specially because the coin is about a painter. So these look a bit disappointing to me.
  3. Congratulations with such a nice surprise
  4. Most of the coins in my profile are available for sale. Please let me know if you see anything of your interest.
  5. Brilliant design. Many FTF-hunters will be happy to find one of these
  6. Nice coins. I'm selling some of my coins to get to the GPS Maze EU event. I already have a place to sleep nearby
  7. Wauw, the little guy is very cute
  8. If you don't mind they are activated, you can buy two from me for a nice price? Please contact me threw my profile. And so they went to a new owner yesterday
  9. If you don't mind they are activated, you can buy two from me for a nice price? Please contact me threw my profile.
  10. This one is for sale. You can contact me at my profile on .com
  11. Not really in my mailbox but brought to me by Geo - Dragonchild, when he bought about a third of my coins; nice little Patchwork Dragon coin.
  12. These Dutch coins are what I have left available and are for sale (all are activated); If you're interested, please email me threw my geocaching.com profile PS; lots of other coins in my profile are also for sale too
  13. If you don't mind it's activated, I can sell you this one.
  14. Thank you for the tip, but I don't use facebook.
  15. Bumb; These are still available. It would be really nice if I could sell some more Edit; one sold. There are more coins available. You can find them in my profile.
  16. The next coins are sold; Dutch Geocoin 2008 (TB2P3B0) Dutch Rider Geocoin (TB3CXBE) Elfenland Bordspelevent Geocoin RE (TB51YYW) edit; this one is also on it's way to a new owner; Technetium’s Slide Rule Geocoin S (TB4ZVG4)
  17. I'm selling a great part of my collection and just posted on the dutch forums my list of Dutch coins which are for sale (yes, I'm in crises too ). All are activated *BaJo*'s Geocoin Event Geocoin (TB30BX2) ACE Geocoin AG (TB4Z2NY) ACE Geocoin AS (TB4Z2RN) Annie M.G. Schmidt Geocoin (TB4BARR) Cycle Vision CE Geocoin (TB519GX) Dutch 2009 Geocoin (TB3BGPK) Dutch 2009 Geocoin SE (TB3BGXD) Dutch 2010 Geocoin AG (TB46VJQ) Dutch 2010 Geocoin AS (TB46VHQ) Dutch 2011 Geocoin RE (TB4RXT0) Dutch Geocoin 2008 (TB2P3B0) Dutch Microcoin 2006 (TB13QKW) Dutch Microcoins 2009 - BN (TB2X3B6) Dutch Microcoins 2009 - Oragne (TB2X3EY) Dutch Microcoins 2009 – Zilver (TB2X388) Dutch Rider Geocoin (TB3CXBE) Dutch Rider Geocoin BN / PS LE (TB3CX74) Elfenland Bordspelevent Geocoin RE (TB51YYW) Flags of Europe Geocoin Netherlands (TB4WK0K) Frisia AS Geocoin (TB4C9CX) Geocacher's World AG -NETHERLANDS- (TB46WD0) Geocacher's World BN/G -NETHERLANDS- (TB46WTM) Geocaching Across The Atlantic Geocoin AG (TB2NE3R) Geocaching Multi Event 2011 Geocoin (TB47P77) Geopatra's CacheDorado Geocoin G (TB2TMC6) Geopatra's CacheDorado Geocoin Cu (TB2TMHB) Geopatra's CacheDorado Geocoin S (TB2TMER) GeoTag Wilg (TB1YQPK) GME Mega Event Geocoin (TB1KA3W) Geocaching Multi Event 2010 Geocoin (TB3HDNB) GME Traveltag (TB47NRH) Groningen Stad en Ommeland Geocoin (TB2WQ74) Haec Libertatis Ergo AB/S Geocoin (TB450VG) Haec Libertatis Ergo BN/AG Geocoin (TB450TN) Haec Libertatis Ergo Geocoin AS (TB450D5) IRC Poffertjes Event 2008 Geocoin (TB2F7R0) Johannes Vermeer Geocoin AS (TB4PV68) MEE Geocoin (TB3VJ7X) Mercator Geocoin AE (TB4ZH7W) Mini 50th Anniversary gold Geocoin (TB34WG2) Netherlands Flag Tag (TB4BK01) NL Geocoin (TB1P6NT) NL Geocoin (glow in the dark) (TB1P6TX) Nomad Geocoin - Dutch flag (TB2C27A) Piet Heyn Geocoin AS/G (TB3XZE2) Piet Heyn Geocoin BN/AG LE (TB3XZA0) Rembrandt black nickel Geocoin (TB34XPQ) RISK Bordspelevent BN Geocoin (TB4B59F) RISK Bordspelevent N Geocoin (TB4B5AY) Scincus 50 Geocoin (TB2D26M) SGN-Wie-kent-Event Geocoin (TB37KYR) Technetium’s Slide Rule Geocoin B (TB4ZVDD) Technetium’s Slide Rule Geocoin G (TB4ZVCW) Technetium’s Slide Rule Geocoin LE (TB4ZVGY) Technetium’s Slide Rule Geocoin S (TB4ZVG4) The Netherlands Flag Micro Geocoin (TB2WR5N) Travel Bug Origins – Nederland (TB4DKV2) Vincent van Gogh Geocoin AB (TB3BTHT) Vincent van Gogh Geocoin AS (TB3BT91) Willem van Oranje Geocoin (TB2XMXT) If you are interested please make me an offer I can't refuse and email me threw my geocaching.com profile
  18. If you don't mind it is activated, I've got this one for you.
  19. Toen ik mijn Oregon 450T nog had, kwam het regelmatig voor dat mijn laptop bij het aansluiten hem niet zag. Ik heb de aansluitsnoer verschillende keren eruit gehaald en weer terug gestopt. Steeds even wachten, tot op een gegeven moment hij wel werd herkend. Hoe dat kwam weet ik niet maar in mijn geval was het; de aanhouder wint. Een andere USB poort helpt soms ook. Succes
  20. If you don't mind they are activated, you can buy these from me; Traditional Cache Geocoin Event / MEGA Cache Geocoin Earthcache Geocoin Mystery Cache Geocoin If you are interested you can contact me.
  21. Gisteren tijdens een rondje cachen ten noorden van Hoorn ben ik mijn Oregon 450T verloren . Als ik me niet vergis moet het gebeurt zijn ergens na GC4W1EKK . Bij GC558MN kwam ik tot de ontdekking dat ik hem niet meer bij me had. Natuurlijk ben ik terug gefietst, maar helaas heb ik hem niet meer terug gevonden. Mocht iemand hem vinden, mijn telefoonnummer staat in het startscherm. Bij voorbaat dank voor de hulp.
  22. If you want one, I have one available; Balloon Geocoin
  23. You can have a look at and see how they used to be made. If you look well, you can see there's a difference between the left and the right klomp. These days they make them like . That's a different story But still a left and a right klomp
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