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Mehndi Mandala Geocoin


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I haven't tried to do this before, but I'm giving it a go. (I would REALLY love to have one of these coins!!) Is there a color palate that I can import into photoshop that would match what is used for production? Thanks. I have one done, but want to make sure that I can match up the colors correctly.


I think any PMS colours can be used - here is a link to a PMS colour chart if you want to be more specific about the colours.


And in Photoshop (at least the version I'm using) you can add the pantone colours to your swatches tab to work with.

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Do you know if the mint is planning to use the soft enamel process?


If it's possible to use IHE on the back, is the mint going to do the hard enamel process for the back prior to doing the front? (Or do they do some completely different set of steps because of the gem?)


I ask this because it would be a pretty critical thing for anyone wanting to use translucent enamels. Translucent enamels on top of black nickel is going to look muddy if the plating is applied before the enamel. If the enamel is applied before the plating, though, translucent colors will be nice and sharp.


And that brings me to the gem: what steps will the mint be following for applying the gem?



Heard back about the plating/enamel process.


IHE will be applied to the back, then the coin will be plated, and then the soft enamel is applied to the front.

And the gem will be added after the enamel and plating.


Was also told that where the coin will be made doesn't do translucent enamel very well, so would prefer to stick with PMS colours for this coin.

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sorry for asking... what will your design will be? I mean... will it be black and white? I am asking because the first think that came in my mind when I saw your lovely desing was a black nickel coin with white or green glow collor...


Anyway... I used one of the already made designs to paint easier... I am using paint of Windows and I couldn't paint the whole area .... it was only dot by dot... so I took a photo and I made it my canvas... :)


Is there a possibility to have the temlate in a way so I can use the brush of painting to make the designs?


I actually used BuckeyeView's photo.... I hope t is ok... but I had a problem with some colors... :( I just couldn't put any red for example...

and I had a nice idea about it... well... I will just post my second design and for the one I am talking about... I will just write you my idea.... tomorrow! :)


Ok... here is mine....


The coin will be black nickel and the stone... Kitrine




Edited just to mention... can the yellow designs in the back and in the front be glow?? I hope so!! :D

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sorry for asking... what will your design will be? I mean... will it be black and white? I am asking because the first think that came in my mind when I saw your lovely desing was a black nickel coin with white or green glow collor...


Anyway... I used one of the already made designs to paint easier... I am using paint of Windows and I couldn't paint the whole area .... it was only dot by dot... so I took a photo and I made it my canvas... :)



So far I only have 2 versions (but working on one more): Black Nickel/White(glow) and Antique Copper (with no colours).

So any other plating/colour combinations you can come up with is fine - but try not to use the translucent enamels if possible.


If it's easier there are some free online versions of photoshop you could use rather than MS Paint.

Think there is one called Pixlr which is quite similar and looks quite easy to use.

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Here's a copper version - either Satin Copper or Antique Copper (With all recesses covered, aren't they almost the same?) with a Smokey Quartz stone. The white is just a warm off-white, like milk or cream. This one showcases the copper with matt finish, so I think it would be nicer in hand than it looks in the pic.


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Help! I can only fill in one or two places with colors on Microsoft paint. Is there anything else I can use? :sad:


Thanks! :grin:


You can find free online versions of photoshop which should work better than MS Paint - you can find lots with a quick google search, but there is one called Pixlr which looks like one of the better ones.

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Ok.... I will try to explain as better as I can my idea... sorry.. no photo if the design because I can not use the paint and all of its colours..


I do not have photoshop and I do not know how to use it! :(


Anyway.... my idea has to do with balance and nature! Mandala has to do with balance of visual elements...


So... I will play with water, earth, fire, air and in the middle of all.. I will put the Sun who actually gives to our planet life...


So.... I will start from the outer level and will come to the center...


first... will go the blue of the sea.... (water)... Our planet is the blue planet... and most of it is covered by water!


The next lever is the Earth! it will be Green... it also represents nature with all living creatures.. plants, trees, animals...


the next level will be Orange... this will stand for fire! volcanos who actually help earth to refresh!


then the next level (like upside down V...) is be light blue... this is air! The air we breath, our atmosphere! The reason we exist...


So... now only the middle that looks like The Sun is left...


the outer will be in yellow, and orange... in lines! see... the small designs there are seperated by lines.. so... one line will be yellow and one orange... if that will not show well (I have this feeling...) then... it will go... one small design in yellow and the next in orange...

this will represent the rays of the sun!

finally... the lines in he level that is left.. (close to the gem...) will be red and the dots yellow.... the gem will be a fire opal!!!


Now the plating.... I was thinking that an antique copper will look nice... but.... I am also thinking that a black nickel will fit and will represent the space! The outer mysterious space that surrounds our planet! you see... everything is in harmony.... So.. I think black nickel is better...


On the other side, the back side... the design will be in orange and the lahore design (the leaf shape ones) in green and the inside in yellow!


the centre flowers will be green and the leafs in red!


why that??? Leafs of green outer and yellow inside (the leaf)... represends life and death.... or the seasons in plants... the green leaf becomes yellow...


The orange is for the fire.... you can see a fight between nature and fire... good and evil... but... the inside flowers... are coming out... this is to show that nature never dies.. it keeps growing and the place becomes beautiful again! I made the flowers red.. to remember the loses in a fire.. animals... plants...


now the stars will be in green... and th letters... in yellow! :D


What do you think?? will this be nice?? :)

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This is for Gatoulis... I hope I came close to your vision. Sorry I didn't finish filling the back, but I must sleep!!( I would be willing to make a couple of changes for you if you want in the next few days. I did try a red in place of the orange in the v's just for fun. I too would like to see this in the black nickel... )

Night all!! (need a sleeping frog emoticon)


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My second entry is named "Mount Meru". This version symbolizes Mount Meru, which is sacred to the Hindus & Buddhists, because it is thought to be the center of the cosmos, supporting all of the spheres of existence, from Brahma's divine city of gold at its peak (symbolized by the 2 upper levels), to the seven netherworlds at its base, and especially as the source of the sacred Ganges river, symbolized by the blue level. Mount Meru's slopes are said to be studded with glittering gemstones and thick with trees heavy with delicious fruit, symbolized by the green level. The divinity of this mountain is reflected in the religious objects of worship, yantras, of these peoples for the mountain is symbolized in their conical shape. Therefore I thought the layers of the coin reflect this.


Enamels are opaque

Plating is polished gold

Stone is amethyst



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- Please post all entries on this thread with a picture showing what the final design will look like, with plating and colours of enamel and gemstone.

- Entries are limited to one per day.



*Sniff* Would have loved to take a shot at the cointest, but alas, I have no way of editing the picture. Still, it is a very nice looking coin! Good luck to the rest of you!



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Also had a go at doing Gatoulis's version (on BN).

Hope I did it right.




WOW!!! excellent job my friend!!! the only difference is in the back side in the lohore design (the leafs around)... the inside leaf to be yellow, the inner line of the border green and the outer yellow again! :D


but is looks nice!! :D

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My third entry is this “Jewel of Vishnu” version. According to an ancient Hindu legend, Brahma (the creator of the world) and Vishnu (the protector of the world) argued over whether the lotus was more beautiful than the rose. Vishnu backed the rose, while Brahma supported the lotus. But Brahma had never seen a rose before, and when he did, he immediately recanted. As a reward, Brahma created a bride for Vishnu and called her Lakshmi — she was created from 108 large and 1008 small rose petals. In order to accompany Vishnu in all his incarnations. Lakshmi dwells in a "Kaustubha" jewel which Vishnu wears around his neck, along with a garland of flowers.


Enamel is opaque

Plating is Black nickel

Stone is rose



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I lost the black curlie-cues in the outer petals so I'll still need to clean this up. I might try some changes on the back too, but here's my Lotus version... I love the combination of pink and orange seen in some lotus blossoms.

This is Black Nickel with a Rose gem.


Here's my finished Lotus version, Black Nickel with Fire Opal. If the Fire Opal turns out muddy with the BN, the Violet Opal also looks nice in this version.


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Thanks for the cointest! There have been some really beautiful entries.


I was wondering, is it really possible to have different colours in the tiny parts that sit right next to each other on the same level, i.e. the different curls of the outmost level? I was thinking that this would be incredibly difficult and expensive to create - but what do I know of coin making...

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This is a revision of my first entry. I’ll call it Peacock Palette. The peacock is the national bird of India, where it is a symbol of beauty, love and fertility. Legend has it that the peacock, originally a plain, brown bird, spread his tail to hide the god Indra from the demon king Ravana. To show his gratitude, Indra bestowed him with brilliant plumage.


Enamel is opaque

Plating is antique bronze

Stone is cobalt blue



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This is so much fun. I have 3 versions of this version! :rolleyes: This is the one with teal outside leaves. But there's also one with midnight blue and another with deep green for the outer leaves. Depending on what else I come up with you my end up seeing those too, lol.

Edited to add: BN with Turquoise gem.


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My entry for today, Eye of the Tiger, borrows the rich colors of India's national animal, the Bengal tiger. India hosts about two-thirds of the Bengal tiger population. It was hard for me to resist puttin' in some purple for my LSU Tigers, but I restrained myself & used green for the jungle instead!


Enamels are opaque

Plating is black nickel

Stone is light topaz



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This coin is really beautiful, but so challenging to colour! Both with regard to all the colour options, and to coloring all the little details properly.


There are lots of really beautiful entries so far, I think it will be really hard to make a choice!


Although I understood that this would take some time, I couldn't resist. Here's my entry:





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This version, Batik Hues, uses the traditional colors of batik, which is the art form of dyeing fabric using alternating applications of wax & dye to create patterns. Batik originated in India over 2000 years ago. The original vibrant dyes were made from tree bark, leaves, flowers, and minerals. Blue was obtained from indigo, while orange and red were from henna. Yellow was from turmeric & black was created by burning iron in molasses.


Enamels are opaque

Plating is black nickel

Stone is fire opal



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Today's entry : the Bollywood star version.


I'm so enjoying this king of cointest!




*Edit* I noticed that when uploading my pictures, the colours get all dulled down. I changed the uploading place and it is much better. May I repost my two previous entries to show the real colours? I can't edit them anymore...

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