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Advent Christmas Mission

River Cacher

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Most of you will be on Day 12 today but I decided not to play catch up but to open one a day which will take me into the New Year :rolleyes:

So today I am on Day 4


This is what I have opened so far


Day 1 - Geocaching badge and wrist band

2 - Idaho spuds - mmm yummy and a Happy Christmas badge

3 - Motorbike Geocoin

4 - Fab Christmas stationery set


Thank you RC,I love this mission

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My three year old grandson wants to open a package when he visits.... so knowing I will not be here from the 22nd, I've allowed him to do so.... we're up to day 15..... on the 13th December.

Some fabulous wee cache container, of a type not seen here, pins, torch and a candy cane lights rope powered by plugging into the USB!

Items all are not common here - it's been fabulous. Unless he visits again, I get nothing to open tomorrow!

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Well I am a little behind posting my days because I got to got geocaching for a few day. So not pictures for these:

Day 9: pathtags and a micro container

Day 10: Pocket pack of tissue and a sunflower star coin, which I had never seen before

Day 11: Pocket First Aid Kit and band aids

Day 12: a Snowball Fight coin

Day 13: A water botter cache container already camoed.


Having so much fun, like a little kid running to open my present each morning, my other half (FlatBlack) thinks I have become silly.

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I have thoroughly enjoyed opening my presents. I wish I had some time for the pics, but hope that my post will be okay. Have had a few deaths and family illness that have come up since the beginning of the mission so these little packages bring me smiles.


I have my candy nips - all were enjoyed on a caching mission, good n plenty, yummy bath soap, travel bug, pins (I have collection so these will go beautifully), flower kit, cacher swag, 2 cool coins, bath kit and a new cache.


Thanks everyone to all of your hard work


River Cacher if you are reading these - take care. I had to make an emergency trip to McCall for a family member and thought of all the fun I had finding your caches along the route previously. My prayers are with you and your family this holiday season :anicute:

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the last couple of days have given us a Found it coin and pin set from Geofest and candy. We had 3 days of Whitmans candy boxes so I let Anthony open a different one and he opened 18 for today and found a cute snowman thermometer. We didn't get get a # 15 but will open up another day tomorrow since he is only here every other week.

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I should post every day, because I am having trouble remembering but that's what happens when you get old.


Day 14 - Candy and nano cache

Day 15 - First aid kit in a film canister and gloves

Day 16 - Keychain, dog tag

Day 17 - Hot cocoa, junior fire fighter sticker, jar opener

Day 18 - Bison tube and logs.


I am still having so much fun, almost wish there was some snow, NOT.

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Sorry I have posted more pics...my camera died and I am hoping Santa brings me a new one...so I will summarize the goodies that we have received so far.


:huh: Day 10 - Bejing geocoin

:P Day 11 - Nano, mini frisbee

:mad: Day 12 - 2 geocaching bracelets

:laughing: Day 13 - GCF geotag

:laughing: Day 14 - Rivercity & Team Moagy polar bear geocoin

:o Day 15, 16, 17 - 3 small boxes of candy

:P Day 18 - Santa snowglobe

:D Day 19 - bison tube

:santa: Day 20 (today) - labeled for Heather - water filled baton



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For us in the last days: a nano cache and today a xmas button with horse!

And a very very very nice horse coin: the calgary stampede.

Like the pingos, it is evening at the moment and we need daylight to take a good picture.


I got an email telling that my mission is received and is enjoyed. That really makes me happy. kerstmuts.png

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