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Advent Christmas Mission

River Cacher

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A photo update of my presents:

The photo is made in the snow in our backyard. For the Netherlands it is very unusual to have snow for so many days.

We planned to go away for a week with our horses. But it is unsafe to travel with the trailer on the road. So after 3 days waiting we cancelled the holiday.


Today again a nice coin for my son and a nice button.

We'll go caching in the snow this afternoon and we'll put on the buttons.



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Day 23 I got this cool votice candle holder I don't know if is supposed to do this, but I have the perfect little bowl to sit on it that I can put essential oils in to have really good smells...


Day 24, there is only one more day... sob... I have enjoyed this so much... Ah, anyway, today was a Columbine coin from Colorado. Very beautiful



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What a fantastic way to end my first advent mission. I brought my presents with me to Mexico because I really needed little fun things to get through. I had to switch the order around a little to accommodate packing. So on my holiday I got:

a beautiful piece of polished stone - I have loved rocks since I was a little girl

Wooden nickels from a variety of cachers - My friend will be jealous since we always fight over them in caches

a cool spinner keychain

a pair of hiking boots geo coin


And the absolute best - how did you know me so well A purple, cartoon style, baby dragon. I'm posting it to facebook to show all of my friends. It will probably always travel everywhere with me. It will remind me that even when you're down there are little bright spots of joy waiting to be found. If I could figure out how to post a picture I would


Thank you so much Fossillady and Mike for giving me a great christmas.


Seasons greetings everyone

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River cacher thanks and a lot of big warm hugs.

I keep my fingers crossed and wish that you are feeling a little better.

This was a great mission and I really enjoyed it.

Toojin thanks for the beautiful packages, I loved them all.



The Parolet, WOW! I love this coin. He will get a special place in my house, and the warm socks I am wearing right now :)

Lenny, there is another small surprise on its way for the new year!


I wish everybody on this forum a great day and a Happy New Year with good Health!

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