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Geocaching in Novels


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It only took a couple of days where I couldn't put the story down and I wrapped up A Will to Die, the latest story by Russell Atkinson in his Cliff Knowles series. There are references to geocaching throughout the gripping story, all of it well presented for those not familiar with geocaching or if you've been caching for years.


I'd strongly suggest reading all of the Cliff Knowles series via eBook or traditional print versions. I saw a stack of print copies at a recent Mega Event I attended and they were all gone before the event was half over.


Now I need to find some other books/series that are as well written and entertaining as the Cliff Knowles series. I hope Russell Atkinson (aka The Rat) has the next book in the series is in the works!

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This is now out. There are three geocaching scenes in it, all in San Diego.
Coming soon:AWTD_med.jpg
Read and finished it while I was on vacation! A nice gripping story and page turner!TFTB!


Thank you fuzziebear3. I inadvertently failed to enroll it in Kindle Unlimited and Amazon Prime at the time of publication, but I have now fixed that so members of those groups can borrow it for free.

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I just read a review of Book Scavenger by Jennifer Chambliss Bertman. I haven't read it, but the review says it is based on geocaching and involves a 12-year-old heroine solving mysteries and ciphers around San Francisco. It gets good reviews and is primarily aimed at pre-teens. I don't know if the author is a geocacher.

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One of the main characters in Empire Games by Charlie Stross is a geocacher. It's set in an alternate-history 2020, so there are some weird things about geocaching there that I'm not sure entirely make sense. (Something about cachers competing to muggle each other's caches.)

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Morgan Talbot's books are available now in a set on Amazon, called the Caching Out Omnibus.  This includes First to Find, Death Will Attend, and Nine Feet Under.  They are light enjoyable reads with likable characters.  

I will have to check out the Cliff Knowles mysteries!

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There are a lot of geocaching novels out there now. If you don't want to buy one, you may be able to get your local library to buy a copy. My local library just ordered three at someone's request (not me). These are especially good for those who still prefer a good old paper copy instead of an ebook. Those can get expensive if you do a lot of reading.

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It's here! Cliff Knowles is back! Ten geocachers are invited to an exclusive all-expense paid adventure on a private island owned by the controversial new owner of the geocaching company. What could possibly go wrong? Geocaches that are death traps. A ferocious storm. A body. A murder? Some adventures can be too thrilling, as Cliff Knowles learns once again. This one has LOTS of geocaching in it!


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On 2/4/2021 at 7:54 PM, brodiebunch said:

FIVE by Ursula Archer.


I read it several years back. Its a murder mystery where I think body parts and clues are found in geocaches. 


Based on your post, brodiebunch, I just read FIVE - the author does a pretty good job of mixing hard-core caching with accessibility for the non-caching reading public; no mean feat!


I think the trick was that the characters have to learn caching starting out as complete newbies, adding skills and complexity as the story evolves.


So, cache-experienced readers like us get to watch the education happen and maybe see what's coming, and cache-novice readers are carried along, learning along with them.


Good job, and a definite recommendation from me.

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A new one for  the ever-expanding list:

Missing Evidence (Jim Snow Mystery Book 2), by Rex Kusler


The Horstmann brothers, Todd and Gary, both medical doctors in the small town of Wilkie, Nevada like to hunt for geocaches on Friday nights. But one Friday night, younger brother Todd sets out alone and doesn’t come home. His body is discovered near the site of the geocache—missing an important part. The entire town is terrified at the prospect of a serial killer on the loose. But with half a dozen suspects, no one knows who it could be.
Jim Snow travels the two hundred and fifty miles north to Wilkie to begin the search for leads—and possibly the victim’s missing head.


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