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  1. I would politely decline any request to rub my phone up against another cacher's phone to get a point. I get points for finding geocaches, not geocachers. If you want a way to track who you've met in the app, then suggest that. Don't mess with the fundamental basics of the hobby as a workaround: 1. Using GPS tech, find a geocache. 2. Sign the geocache. 3. File a log online. Anything else turns the hobby into the equivalent of a social media activity, and unfortunately enough people would love it enough that they would NEVER hunt geocaches, and the rest of us would be those quaint old dudes who still go outside. Didn't that USED to be part of geocaching, like, watching TV with commercials? OK, boomer.
  2. Wow, so much anger! Especially for someone who signed up so long ago, why don't you just accept that there are guidelines in the hobby that exist for reasons outside of your circle instead of threatening to raise holy hell because YOU don't understand or agree? I was pretty put off by the rant against geocachers on your profile page and some of your OM logs, and this doesn't make me any more sympathetic.
  3. Unless the hiding place is in vicinity of a pod of sea cows; a fascinating species! Extinct now, unfortunately, so they'd have to be grandfathered-in. Oh, well.
  4. Sounds like a reason to archive. GS will archive if a property owner says "Boo". GS will archive if it's next to train tracks. GS will archive if it's next to a school. Might they archive if it's likely to spark a geopolitical incident and land a cacher in the klink or get him or her shot by a Russian sentry?
  5. Don't see how. The 'Country' data item is free-text, and editable after publication as Keystone said. You'd be asking GS' programs to compare free-text entries against some approved list of locations. For example, "USA", "U.S.A.", "US", "United States", "The States", "America", etc., EVERY mis- and mangled spelling and every other way of smartalecly referring to that place would ALL have to evaluate the same. Lot to ask.
  6. This was a new, unknown utility box WITH wires attached on an unused pole, next to an international airport. Do you suppose this kind of thing is monitored? Airport security in 2022 doesn't stop at the airport fence. I seriously doubt that a 'crackhead' would come by with a boltcutter. As others have said, I'm surprised this was published at all, unless all the limitations in the text were added later.
  7. I've always felt that "Treasure Hunting" is a problematic term in the hobby. Unfortunately, it's one that Groundspeak throws around all the time, but we don't like it as it sets an expectation that simply isn't valid, which probably leads some of the wrong people into GC, thinking that they're, well, hunting for treasure, or if not exactly 'treasure', that they're looking for something that they can walk away with. With exposure to the realities of the hobby, hopefully many can adjust and enjoy it for what it is, but... Glad to read that you also explain what you're doing and don't just leave it as 'Treasure Hunting."
  8. It's a good idea to physically mark swaggable containers with a note that SAYS so - "Remember, if you take something, you should leave something of equal or greater value!" You don't get in trouble with the Guidelines if you include the word "SHOULD" to make a non-implied-ALR. If it's an ammo can, for example, you have the entire inside of the lid to communicate with your finders. I've started putting a laminated card severely glued to my AC's lids.
  9. And to add to that, remember that while the TB may be yours, the log is MINE. You may have the ABILITY to delete my log, but you're going to have to explain it to me, and then directly to Groundspeak.
  10. On a cache page, you can click a link to see all of the Trackables that have been associated with the cache. In its current form, this is of limited value to me. I would like to suggest that that this resulting list somehow distinguish between TBs that have simply visited the cache and those that have actually taken up residence for a while, with a 'Drop' log. I'm looking at these lists and see MASSIVE numbers of TBs in caches that haven't been around for long, and see that MANY of them are 'in the hands of' one or two cachers; most likely they 'visit' their collection and/or inventory to every cache they hit. What I really want to see when I come here is a list of what's been in my cache. It's the other side of the eternal argument about Visit logs being visible by default on a TB's page. Maybe BOTH of these situations can be addressed with the same mechanism: a page-located switch that shows/hides Visits! So, hmmm. Do I post this in the TB forum, or the Website forum? Which will I pick..... (Addn: While we're at it, a 'Drop Date' would be nice, too! How 'bout "Check-In' AND 'Check-Out'!!!) TRR
  11. That has to be the worst case of auto-correct I've ever seen. (Joking, really; I know what that word means.)
  12. Even if it does what you wanted it to do, could it be a synch issue? We know some things take a while to update in the app. Too much continual traffic, otherwise. Log off/on?
  13. I see you have that blue souvenir; I just checked my profile and I have it, too! We DIDN'T set the record, but we got a pretty thing for simply showing up, in addition to the IGcD souvenir we got for simply showing up. I see that the title isn't "Geocaching World Record 2022", it's listed as "Geocaching World Record ATTEMPT 2022". I'm sorry, Groundspeak; if we didn't do it, we shouldn't get the trophy. Labeling it as an ATTEMPT is a little sad in my eyes.
  14. Thanks, Max! I looked for some announcement, but must have missed it. Too bad we didn't crack the old record. I wonder how well word was put out, in a format that most people were likely to ingest. So many people without email addresses on file! The app handles Push Notifications; maybe that's a thing to try for items of serious importance like a new world-record!
  15. Anybody know how we did this past Saturday in the attempt to set the record of the MOST cachers making finds on a single day? I did MY part!
  16. Not what I was thinking of, but that'll work. I have an ammo box out there; the one I've been most anxious about getting stolen. I gorilla-glued a large chunk of irregularly-carved styrofoam to one side, then splotch-painted it brown & green. The styrofoam was to make it not 'box-shaped'. I found a nifty inexpensive camo netting on Amazon, which I glued to the styrofoam side so that it draped down all around over the whole thing sitting on its flat side in a fallen tree-notch. Looks cool, has stood up to winter and has gotten me a bunch of up-thumb comments, on-line and off. Not the BEST hiding job, but not everyone has found it (although no one's filed a DNF)! It's at eye-level on the only object located near EXACT coordinates, so I'd call it successful camo. Everyone's been careful about putting it back well and rearranging the drape.
  17. I'm intrigued - like what? Do you smear them with something?
  18. Just a reminder, it shouldn't be a ratio of FAVES to FINDS (or the other way around; whatever), it has to be a ratio of FAVES to PREMIUM MEMBER FINDS, since only PM's can award FAVES, as displayed on the Cache Page:
  19. To be clear, I don't think what they wrote was nutz at all. All the principles that were being espouised were good for the long-term health of humanity and the ecosystem, but you have to agree (or not, I suppose) that it wasn't very realistic, even as the intended 'future guide written in a medium that might withstand and survive'. It kinda ignores human nature, and I'm not terribly hopeful that even a devastating apocalypse would make us collectively less self-destructive. THAT'S why I wrote that it's all kinds'o crazy. You're right that some people for a variety of reasons given today's world couldn't grasp that it wasn't pushing an agenda (even the reviewers of that earthcache understood that otherwise it never would have been published!) and that skewed worldview most likely caused its destruction. Fundamentally good ideas, tho (mostly). If you're not familiar with it, hit the geocache or Wikipedia pages and take the time to read about it..
  20. What's the point of my post? Just that if the supplied pen is the container, and pens get taken, then the chances of someone taking the pen they find and perhaps not even realizing they're taking the container is high! It's a cool idea for cache container camo, but I'd chain it down.
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