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Where am I?


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We did that cache just last month and the reason for the memory still good…. Thanks Bruce.


Now let’s see if the cachers read the listings and look at the site where the cache owner wants you to go? Which cache is hidden at this site?



Ha! Ek WOU sê die monument lyk bekend - een van die eerste caches wat ek in Johannesburg gedoen het. Dulce Et Decorum Est Pro Patria Mori (GC1FDVQ). Ek't op dieselfde dag ook my eerste Tonteldoos cache gekry, toe ek nog nie 'n clue gehad het waaroor dit gaan nie, en sodoende nie die clue in die cache neergeskryf het nie...

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Which cache is Sheila visiting?


Could it be GC225JV Jukskeipark. I saw you found it early in the morning with no muggles in the park but the Sheila pic could have been taken on a previous attempt ?


Bing bing bing! We have a winner. :P The pic was indeed taken on a previous attempt, about 5 days earlier, when the Jukskei nationals were being held. Quite a sight, really.

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No dunes on the Otter!

Probably near one of the caches on the Alexandria Hiking Trail.

Also remember doing a cache south of East London a few years ago near big dunes like this one.

We got so sandblasted and eventually I had to lie down on my tummy on the sand as the wind kept blowing me over while Andre battled on another 100m's to retrieve the cache.

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