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Where am I?


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Can't remember the name of the park, but the cache is called "Tribute to friends and family"..


Quite right - a very nice little two part multi - for those that have not done it I can recommend it. Set in a loverly landscaped river bank area. The Liesbeek is one of the cleanest if not THE cleanest urban Rivers in South Africa, That section of the river is pretty pristine.


Go for it Henz



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Ostriches getting laid (GC1KNFA)

When I saw the pylons in the photograph I suspected it would be near Koeberg. The scene is typical of driving through the Swartland up the N7 with the mountains in the distance on the right. I did some hunting for possible caches in the area with the aid of Google maps saw a similar looking area. Then when I went into the listing - There was DB's photo!

Street view

11b6b731-576b-469a-949b-50bbfc6534ba.jpg Isn't Google wonderful! :D

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We did that cache just last month and the reason for the memory still good…. Thanks Bruce.


Now let’s see if the cachers read the listings and look at the site where the cache owner wants you to go? Which cache is hidden at this site?


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