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Where am I?


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Is this perhaps the Transvaal Scottich Memorial - Men in Skirts?

Indeed it is... A concrete lion in the concrete jungle! I had thought it would have been appropriate to post this photo of the lion at the Transvaal Scottish Memorial seeing I am in the KNP but thought it would have been too easy. But there again, you got it easily enough.




So Grant, you are it.

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Picture not very distinct at all but I would guess it to be in the vicinity of either Gold Reef City or near one of the older mines around the Main Reef Road area? :D

Sorry for the poor quality - it was taken with my Blackberry - only SA caching photo I could find on my PC at work today.


Mining yes - Main Reef Road - Joburg - no

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Nope - try somewhere between Cincol's two guesses


OK - so that would make it around Witbank - that would be the EC with the burning coal - I think it is Gerhard's EC.


That's it - and this predating the news about the nearby Tonteldoos Balmoral cache too.


I went there after doing this cache - and fond the gate locked and a sign warning that tresspassers would be shot - not so keen to try at dusk ;)


you're it Cincol

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PMES in Pietermaritzburg... hee hee... I think that was quite easy seeing that I was just out of picture.. LoL


Seeing as I had to crop YOU out of the photo I think that was unfair of you answering wazat!!! :signalviolin: You had better post a photo that I will be able to recognize!! :mmraspberry:

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