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What to put into found Caches

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Micro caches usually have no trades.


For larger caches I keep a variety of Dollar store items and stuff I got on sale like:


Matchbox cars

foriegn coins

50 cent calculators

small roll of duck tape

screwdrivers (from a multipack)

tape measures


rain ponchos (88 cents at Wal Mart)

Golf Pencils

small stuffed animals

rubber duckies


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It is nice if you trade something that says some thing about you. My girls love planting sunflowers so we bought some of those 10 for a dollar packages and slip them in caches.

Seeds, although nice, are not really good for caches. Just the tiniest bit of moisture and the warm sun starts the germination process. With no light, things go stagnant and then the mold sets in. End result = ruined seeds and possible other swag, too boot.


EDIT: Condensation within the cache is plenty to start the process.

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I keep a supply of all manner of useful items and some small toy items for the kids. Basically dollar stuff, but not those cheesy plastic toys, I will actually put items that can be useful for caching or everyday life. I also look at the cache listing for a theme and do try to stay within that theme.


Examples ...



Golf Pencils

Pencil sharpeners


Zip lock bags

LED key-chains


Small screwdrivers

Nail clippers


etc etc.


Every payday I hit the local dollar store and maybe spend 10.00. I try to find items that have multiples for a buck if possible, or something unique and cool that is useful to other cachers. I have a pretty good supply built up now. I also keep an eye open for trinkets suitable for kids.


For me a dollar store is just one giant geocache.


I have also been known to place a loonie or toonie into a cache when I have nothing suitable to trade or leave behind, or if I find foreign coins with a monetary value. Here in Canada a loonie is a 1 dollar coin and a toonie is a 2 dollar coin.


In my geocaching backpack I carry a lock and lock with trade items ready to trade, but I don;t always trade. I also often leave something when I find an empty or hurting cache. It's all part of the fun for me.


So, it doesn't have to be expensive at all, and you can decline to trade if you like. Also, you may have a junk drawer somewhere with all kinds of "treasures" in it that you can use for trades.


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A few months ago my son cleaned out the black hole that is his room, and gave me a few bags full of trinkets and doohickies and other interesting things that would fit in a cache but that he didn't want anymore. He's enjoying the process of putting them in caches for other kids to find.


On a sorta related note, one day we brought home one of those gummy/rubbery lizards from a cache. The cats got ahold of it and kept staring at it and poking it. They kept waiting for it to move the way the OTHER lizards do when they get in the house during the summer. lol

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Im so new to this I havent even found my first one yet. My question is...what type of stuff do you buy to trade for the stuff you take, or just to leave stuff. I dont want to get a full time job just to buy stuff to use so cheap stuff would be nice, thanks for all your time and comments.


If you look around your house/apt I bet you will find lots of interesting stuff. Cheap is whats wrong with most caches today, interesting is way better.


My daughter put a small piece of sanded cedar in a cache and it has went to at least 4 other caches. As I said interesting is way better than cheap.

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h0w about old baseball cards?? :laughing:


If the cache gets damp they will turn to mush. Put them in a good baggie.


My son gets individual plastic sleeves for some of his Pokemon cards...those would work for baseball cards as well. They're really cheap at our local comic book shop. He just loves when he finds a Pokemon coin or card in a cache...someone who is into collecting baseball cards would probably enjoy finding a card if it's protected well.

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I just started recently and so far, most of the stuff I've found in caches have been yo-yos, action figures, badges, stickers, keychains, pins and other things like that.


I haven't found anything that was particularly useful to me so I haven't been taking anything, but I made some monkey's fist knot keychains that I've been leaving and some air force badges.

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