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  1. Go to YouTube and do a search foe Geocaching vids. They can be a big help.
  2. Troll much? Thanks to thoes that post with helpful info. It was just a joke. I am sorry if it bothered you. No bother, just didn't expect it from this community. Contrary to popular belief geocaching is not about finding buried treasure and some geocachers actually have a sense of humor; for example, that guy that placed a cache in a hole in the back side of a large metal bear sculpture. Having a sense of humor or not is no excuse for random rudeness. Such as yours?
  3. Yes, I have been accosted by ticks, chiggers, spider webs, thorns, stick tights, unfound caches, sweat, and various an sundry other things. Never a black or purple hooker. Don't hide under your bed, if you do you won't find anyone to share your whiskey with.
  4. Yes, I have been accosted by ticks, chiggers, spider webs, thorns, stick tights, unfound caches, sweat, and various an sundry other things. Never a black or purple hooker. Don't hide under your bed, if you do you won't find anyone to share your whiskey with.
  5. Go to YouTube and search on Geocaching. Lots of good info there about sizes, hiding places & other things about this thing called GeoCaching.
  6. Sometimes it helps to come at it from another direction, if possible. A 26' reading coming from the south may become a 12' reading coming from the north. If you are a scrmom a little vegetation should not bother you. ;>}
  7. If you talk to someone who has 1 find less than you, you are not a Novice. If you talk to someone who has 1 more find than you then you are a Novice.
  8. Lay off the Power Aid or caffeine. It wore me out just reading your post.
  9. wur er yah smokin, Matt? My guess would be pork or beef Kinda what I was thinking too. I know for a fact it is marinated Hamster Rump.
  10. You were right it did take me around by road but the distance still way off. I checked several other local Caches via driving directions and they are all way off. Thanks for your reply.
  11. Has anyone been getting bad readings on the distance from there home location to the Caches on the Cache Listing page? Before TPTB did work on the site the readings, distance wise were spot on, now a Cache that is 3/4 mile from me is now showing as 7+ miles. When the Cache was first listed it showed as being 3/4 miles from my home location. Caches that are a couple of miles away are showing as being .6 of a mile away. I can see the cache location from my deck. This is the cache (GC29GF5) am referring to. I live at the end of Bittersweet Rd. that shows on the listing map.
  12. If you're mad about a call interpreting your dinner than you got into the wrong line of work. And I bet there are several out there who I considering him a snob for not joining. Why would he join a snippy group like this? Good job officer. Thanks
  13. What ever else you take, don't forget your Geosense.
  14. No, it is not! It is Premature Sendulation! According to my Wife.
  15. As a cop for 30 years I would say they don't have humor and it might not be a good idea. I tried humor once when I was doing nothing wrong. I wound up being stripped naked and beaten with a baton on the precinct floor in front of other laughing cops. That and half a night in jail (until the desk Sgt found FOP and PBA cards in my wallet along with a photos of my dad and brother in uniform) tells me that humor is not a good idea when confronted by police. Well you are in New Jersey. Just joking!
  16. This might be a service that the TPTB could provide on Groundspeak. Which Caches I am going for, etc. I know I have felt that if something happened, who would know where I am?
  17. Only the owner can view an unpublished cache. Maybe pony up the $30 and support the community? Yeah, mentioned that in my post, but thanks for the snarky non-answer! Talk about Snarky, check your post!
  18. Check out this Cache (GC17B1P) and the CO may be able to offer advice.
  19. Go to YouTube and search under geocaching. Becoming a Premium member is always a good idea. I believe if you look under Forums there is a Pacific NW site. Happy Finding!
  20. It's been suggested about once a month. OpioNate has said that Groundspeak is considering it. I would love a 'rating system'. The hard part is getting people to agree on what a good rating system is. I totally disagree.... I think it's been suggested about once a week But I totally agree that a user rating system would be great. Have it be part of the found it log page and show the average or just show it in the log listings. Could even expand it to include : - Overall rating - Accuracy of listing - Creativity - Kid Friendly <--- I think this is kind of an important one. - Location It would be great because I think people in an area for a short visit might be more likely to visit a high user rated cache then a low one. And people can make a listing "look" great even for a lame hide. And some people put out great hides but aren't good at creating an appealing listing. And I doubt someone wants to open every listing and read the logs to see what people think. Would be nice to PQ the 50 best user rated hides near some location. Still subjective but the whole realm of GC is, would be just another tool to decide what you want to seek. Cut and paste this once a week until we get our user rating system. I have only been doing this for 2 years, but I don't think I want a rating system. Part of Geocaching is finding, and if you have to look thru found logs to decide which Caches you want to find/look for, then so be it, that is part of the finding equation.
  21. I appreciate the CO's contacting me if I log a DNF. Met some great Cachers this way. I log everyone that I look for but don't find. I am proud of my DNF's.
  22. Go to YouTube and do a search for Geocaching. There are some good videos on about the obsession. ;>}.
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