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Where to get the best camo duct tape?

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(I hope this isn't a double post - first try did not seem to work - got error messages -- Alas!)


This should be a fairly easy question - hopefully providing me with some good advice.


I recently stopped into the local Wally World and picked up a roll of Camo tape from the outdoor sports department. It was a cloth type tape, which appeared to be just what I was looking for; however, I was very disappointed with it in the end. It did not cling well to the caching container I was using it on, and certainly didn't appear to be all that water resistant. Nothing like traditional duct tape (which will stick to and fix anything!).


I tried again at a local hunting/ fishing store. They had small rolls of a vinyl coated camo tape, but it was even worse. It was hand tearable, thin, and didn't stick at all.


I have found a few places on-line that advertise camo duct tape, but with online products, its not easy to tell what the product is really like.


I'd like to hear from forum members with advice as to brands and websites where I can get some GOOD quality camo tape., for use on cache containers. I know its out there - I've seen it on caches I've found - I just need to know where to get my hands on some. I want it to stick well, and be as water resistant as the familiar silver duct tape we have all come to know and love. And, I'd like it to come in a good sized roll for a decent price (naturally).


Any suggestions? Thanks guys

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I have bought 2 different kinds at my local Walmart.

One is the shinier kind most similar to normal duct tape. It sticks very well and is a reasonable price (although more than the regular silver duct tape).

The other kind is a cloth tape. It also sticks very well and while not waterproof, I have used it a few times on micros and small containers and it has never come off. The big difference is that the cloth tape is non-reflective and if the cache is hidden well, makes it very difficult to find. I have one cache in particular that takes me forever to find with that tape on it and I know where it is. I've even replaced the cache thinking it was missing only to have someone tell me they found it 3 inches from my original container which was still in place.

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Hi Jim, I think you had it right from the start. I'm operating under the assumption that the reason you're looking for camo duct tape is because you want to hide something from common view? If you go back to Wally World, in the paint department, you'll find several different colors of the type of duct tape you are familiar with, including camo. It holds well, and it's cheap. The problem is, it doesn't accomplish the goal. Being made of vinyl, it is way more reflective than it should be. Wrap a box in this crap and toss it in the bushes. It'll stand out as much as if you had painted it day glow orange.


I agree whole heartedly that the cloth tape doesn't adhere very well, but it's great at making things hard to see. (the whole purpose of camo) If you'll play with various adhesives, you can find one that will hold the camo cloth to your container. I used a hot glue gun with a good degree of success.

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I have that annoying cloth kind too, but it is sooo good at blending in. I found that roughing up the plastic with a brillo pad and a little gorilla glue and you're off to the races. I spread the glue with cheap paintbrushes (something like 20 for a buck). This works for small and micro caches. larger ones I use flat black, brown and green spraypaint. as long as its flat, it works pretty good. Sometimes I paint the micro's too.


Duct tape - the handyman's secret weapon.

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We buy this AWESOME camo tape at Menards. It clings immediately and as you wrap with it, it melds to the container like skin. We wrapped a whole series of small and medium containers with it and placed them in -5 temps with a -30 windchill, loads of snow and everything and they're in perfect shape. The containers turn out so great with this stuff.


I just wrote to my better half for the exact brand and I'll post it here when he responds. We LOVE camo duct tape ! :(

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I get Duck brand camo tape from Walmart and it works quite well.


I've also used the cloth tape (purchased in the archery dept of an outdoors store) and it works even better. I have a cache that has been exposed to the elements for 5 years on which I used cloth tape. I saturated it with several coats of a clear sealer spray paint before I hid it. Duct tape never lasted that long, at least not when it is totally exposed.

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I'll try to remember everything I typed the first time before my post got lost on the interweb.....


If you're set on quick and easy, albeit less permanent you may stop reading here.


Go to your local fabric store and get some fleece camo material. Discount store or automotive parts store for 3M spray adhesive. Also you will need some disposable gloves.


Precut material to fit container making slits so that when put in place, will not have pleats sticking out like porcupine quills, if your into looks. You will need to give some thought about how you will hold each piece in place before spaying as this is very messy. You might want to do the container in sections to minimize the mess and allow for a more neat application with total coverage. Just let each application dry before applying the next.


The effectiveness of this camo is (I think) much better than duct tape because there is no sheen given off at any angle light is applied.


I have used this method on game cameras that have spent years off and on in the woods with no issues. I have only used this on metal containers but I can't imagine it being any less durable on plastic or wood. Although to be on the safe side, on plastic I would wipe the container with acetone or denatured alcohol to remove any oils that might be present. Be careful if using acetone on plastic, if too much is used it has a tendency to dissolve most plastics. Just wipe briefly and it will be fine. Good luck

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I get Duck brand camo tape from Walmart and it works quite well.



Yeah, it's pretty good. I just placed a cache using it yesterday, as a matter of fact. I live in the frigid Northeast (in a slightly colder and snowier environment than Snat), and I do notice it tends to fade pretty badly after a year or more in the woods.

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We have been using the vinyl camo tape for about three years now and have had great success with it here in the Pacific NW. Sticks well to ammo cans and to plastic (Lock n Locks). No problems with the gloss or with fading or peeling.


I'll have to see if I can get a before and after pic. But probably not before this thread is off the page. :D I mean it still has the woodland camo pattern, the tape just sort of turns different colors, and gets brighter, if that makes sense.


I never thought Duck brand camo tape was too glossy, even when first applied.

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This time of year it's tough to find. You should buy it in the fall when all the sports stores have a big stock of hunting supplies.


And just to answer both questions... :D


This time of year it's tough to find. You should buy it in the fall when all the sports stores have a big stock of hunting supplies.


You may well have to purchase it online if you really need it.

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