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...or more Macro Pics

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Most of our close-up shots tend to be of travel bugs. And we have just a crappy kodak easy-share... but we still have some that I like (although they're not nearly as high-quality as the pics shown above!)


A spider I accidentally went eye-to-eye with while searching for a roadside micro in a bush:



An old abandoned bird's nest built in the gate at a trail entrance:



We found this rock while we were at a cache, and we remarked on how much it resembled a turtle...



...and just a moment later, we saw this real turtle sitting 10 feet away from us!



We saw this frog while walking on a path toward a cache. We took a few hasty pictures of it, sure that it would hop away quickly.. but when it didn't, I decided to see if it would consent to pose alongside a frog travel bug I had in my pocket. The frog sat there patiently, and when the picture-taking was done, he hopped away.



This TB wanted its picture taken with hot and cold things. What better choice than a hot-fudge sundae? :-)



We saw this near a cache and were mystified by it. Later someone in "The Hunt / The Unusual" forum identified it for me.



A crab TB... of course we had to pick it up and take some pictures :-)



I just like how the blue bear TB is the same color as the sky in this one :-)


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All of these pics, except for the last one, were done with a home-made macro lens made from a cheap magnifying glass I siliconed to a lens adapter. It's not perfect, but I've been able to get some pretty close shots. Hope you enjoy them. :unsure:















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Lots of posting of bugs, but I admit, I have some as well, but living in Texas, there are lots of cool snakes here to take pictures of, and beautiful wildflowers as well.


A broadbanded water snake as I was walking back to the path from the Stegasaurus cache (Houston, TX). I knew they were not venomous so I allowed myself to get close. They were cute cuddled up the way they were.


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