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  1. I'll make it a little clearer. I know I can buy the ammo cans and dry boxes of the worlds. I got some of them hidden already. What I want is something creative that is already made. And I'm willing to pay someone for making it. (within reason)
  2. I have. But don't have time to sort thru all the pages.
  3. Hey folks! I own a company that does guided trips on rivers. I'm also a Geocacher. I've got many caches hidden along the rivers but want to add some higher quality caches. They need to be able to hang in a tree. GC.com doesn't offer much outside of the bird house. So I'm looking for folks on here that might be of the creative type and would be willing to sell some of their creations. If you have something that you would like me to look at please send a message to my GC.com user name of Skillet68 Thanks in advance!
  4. Back in 1988 I was 19 years old and sharing an apartment with a 7 foot German guy. He looked at me one night and said "Skillet". I'm gonna call you Skillet from now on. I didn't dare argue. Tried getting that name but there is a cacher in California with it so I added the year I was born to it. Ala Skillet68
  5. A couple of cachers from South Carolina are coming down to Stone Mountain this weekend. We'll be going after the night caches on the mountain starting with Finding F.R.E.D on Saturday night if anyone would like to join up. Not sure what time but if you're interested call me, Skillet68 (Billy) at 803-381-2293 and we can make plans.
  6. Some issues to work out: * Five cachers visit together, log it, and take various amounts of time to email you. In the meantime, seven other people visit the same day and "don't really remember what time" they were there. * SuzyQ comes by and logs the cache, but she never logs her finds online. JoeSmith also stops by and because he knows you are trying to use that system to keep track of things, he waits for SuzyQ to log online (because he saw her name on the log). And he waits and he waits... *Meanwhile, MrGrudge logs the cache and when he emails you he tells you that he didn't see the signature of his arch enemy MrToo Cool, although TooCool has logged the cache online and given you a penny date that seems to match up *except whoa, wait, by some random chance, four other people use the same date. They weren't there at the same time, but they were there the same day--or so they say..that makes five and you believe MrGrudge so you delete TooCool's log *It turns out that TooCool and another person were there together, and they accidentally switched coin dates in their notes...You've already deleted TooCool's log and now it turns out that no one has seen the coin with the date that MrGrudge had said he left *Three people on their way to one side of the country to the other stop by and sign and leave coins--but they won't log their find until sometime next week, or the week after *Meanwhile, ClutzyMan has dropped the cache down into the sewer while logging it, and while he does manage to retrieve it, some signatures are pretty blurry *JoeNeverMissesACache can't find it, so he presumes it's missing and leaves a "spare" ---Three people sign it before you realize there has been an unneeded replacement...Three other people find the first one before you can get back there to fix it, and they all email you to ask what's up with most of the people who are logging it not signing it? *LittleCindyLouWho finds it and logs it but forgets the date of the coin Wouldn't it just be easier for you to go check on the signatures once in while? That hurt my head.
  7. The Second one looks to be a bit too far out for me. But I'm down for the first one and the other 2 in the same park. If any locals wanna join up let me know. I will be there Monday around 9ish. And will be free that night or Tuesday night.
  8. I'm at the Doubletree on Atrium Way. Not sure what part of town it is. Looking at Google Earth it looks like I am on the East side of town.
  9. Just got an email back from Garmin support. Turns out it has something to do with a new microSD card I put in it.
  10. Gonna piggyback your thread here...my problem is when I turn my 60csx off it just keeps beeping. Not beep, beep, beep...but a continues long beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep until I take the back off and pull out a battery. This just started tonight.
  11. I got a couple of days next week that I will be in Nashville. Won't have a lot of time during the day but will have 2 nights to myself. Any of you know of any good night caches in the area?
  12. In the reverse...I'm upgrading my sd card in my gpsmap60csx. Do I need to do anything special for the card I'm getting before I stick it in the gps?
  13. Thanks eaparks. My card is on the way to me now. fyi-free shipping is only on $25 or more. But still got it for $9.50 shipping included.
  14. That was the original idea. We are just not sure that our local council would approve a park clean-up as a project, though with the geocaching it would be more than that. There has to be a benefiting organization with an eagle project. Thanks. That's easy to do. Usually the County or even State will be in charge of Parks. Or you could even get with a State Park. Most of them would be more than willing to help set up a CITO in their park. And being it is for an Eagle Scout Rank, maybe stay away from the local park and try to do a State Park or Lake area. Or if there is a part of town or an area that is really bad team up with the City to clean it up.
  15. Maybe he could host a CITO instead?
  16. Sorry to hijack the thread but I want to piggy back on your question... I want to upgrade from the 64mg card that came with my 60csx. There are a lot on ebay for around $10 (2gig). Is this a good deal? Is there a certain card I need to look for? Thanks for your help.
  17. We get this feature but we can't put Wherigo's on the ignore list?
  18. I'm currently paperless caching using a Dell Axim. I got a Palm Treo phone that I use for work and was wondering if there is a way to use it instead. I do not have internet on either. I use GSAK to export to html files and then put those on a 1 gig memory card that works in my Axim. But the Treo doesn't see the files on the card when I put it in the phone. Any suggestions?
  19. Wordlocks You can get them from Staples for less than that. I did a multi where I left letter clues that made up a word at the end. The person had to make words out of the letters they found and use try to open the lock. As an added trick, I spelled the word backwards on the lock.
  20. You won't find 2 better cachers that Greg & Alaina. Glad they were there to represent geocachers for the article.
  21. Looking for ideas to create my own puzzle but would not turn down an offer to create it. I have no ability to create a gif or jpeg file for say a map. I'm probably gonna scrap the puzzle idea and just make it a very difficult hide. On the terrain rating, I only had it a 5 because of the need for a kayak or canoe. Although, at times, you could reach it by walking across rapids. But that would require tresspassing on private property. Didn't want anyone doing that.
  22. I really want everything they need to be on the cache page. Either in text (story) or picture (map).
  23. I'm creating a puzzle cache and need help with it. Wanted to see if anyone on here would be willing to give me a hand. The cache will be hidden on an island so the terrain will be a 5. The difficulty doesn't need to be a 5 but I would like for it to be atleast a 3.5-4.0. (the cache itself will be very hard to find) I was thinking about making some sort of dairy of a pirate and sprinkle the coords in there. But that wouldn't be that difficult. Was thinking about maybe having a map and having the coords hidden on it. Just looking for ideas and help. Thanks in advance!
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