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  1. Well there you go! Question answered, "Caching in Portland". Thanks.
  2. Right, probably so. Would be interesting to know the first "player" PQ ... or even see who has the lowest numbered PQ file still saved.
  3. Sorry, poorly worded question from me. I mean ... was tthe first PQ to find all traditionals in Seattle with D less than 4.0 and T less than 3.0? ... or what?
  4. Well, as right-thinking people around these parts say ... "duck fook". Carry on. StumpWater
  5. I have a "SOLVED, TO-FIND" puzzle bookmark list. I'm also working on a few puzzles where the physical final is located quite far from my home area. I've posted notes to those cache pages, never got a complaint I also own a few puzzles and would LOVE to have people solve and post notes or bookmark. Why on Earth would a CO not want that? Perhaps there are reasons, but I can't see what they'd be .......
  6. See the post by HKJ in this thread on candlepowerforums (a GREAT board, by the way) for an explanation of why an 18650 is essentially equivalent to two CR123s. Bottom line is that all LEDs yield max lumen output at some voltage below the peak they can tolerate. Past the peak, more volts do not yield more output. For many LEDs (like the TK-11 R2 I own) the peak lumen output occurs at around 4 volts. (This relationship is essentially why a 4D maglite has roughly the same lumen output as a 6D. Don't quote me on that, as I don't know a lot about Maglites. I own a 4D and it would be great for whacking an assailant, that point made above is true!) http://www.candlepowerforums.com/vb/showthread.php?t=242497 Here's the chart he includes just in case anyone can't access the thread: http://www.lygte-info.dk/pic/OLight/M20%20...nessCurrent.png And his point about the CR123s rattling around is true, too. My TK-11 R2 feels much better with the 18650 in there. I actually just took the light outside just a few minutes ago and did some beam-shot style comparisons on a neighbor's tree (maybe 60m away). With the 18650, the light was, in fact, a bit brighter. But the 18650 was fresh out of the charger, so I'd call it a draw. Cool thread, always fun to talk about flashlights and night caching! StumpWater
  7. Regarding the comments on "too much light" from flashlights and "cost of CR123 batteries": You can definitely have too much light, I agree. I typically wear a Petzl headlamp that puts out something like 45 lumens and I have the TK-11 R2 in a holster attached to my belt. When you need/want to look way down the trail, the much brighter light comes in very handy. Throws a long, penetrating beam. When you can't tell which branch of the trail has the Fire Tacks, the brighter light helps out. I use rechargeable 18650 batteries, because of the cost of the CR123s. But that's a good point, too. Good thread, always fun to talk about flashlights and/or night caching. StumpWater
  8. Fenix TK-11 R2 Best flashlight I own: very small, 240 lumens (which is very bright; 4D Maglite is about 120 lumens), about $80, Fenix-quality build (indestructible), throws a long beam, just great all-around. I'm not pimping brightguy, but here are some pics and specs: http://www.brightguy.com/products/Fenix_TK..._Flashlight.php
  9. No happiness here either ...... and was of course hoping to scoot out the door for an afternoon run!
  10. Will be in Oslo for two days and Bergen for three. Any caches that would be good for a family of four? My wife, me, two kids aged 10 and 12. We all love a decent hike. Also would like to do some in-town caches. Thanks! StumpWater
  11. I just looked. The person nittanydave mentions found a cache yesterday. 763 days in a row with a find. Dang. Assuming I'm thinking of the same person as nittanydave ...
  12. You have a Malkoff?! Nice. I spent some time on the candlepower forums reading about and salivating over a Malkoff drop-in for my 6D Maglite.
  13. Seppuka. For you. Your caches are not worthy of their combined attention. You have failed.
  14. My "Meth Lab Madness!" cache was rejected ... sigh.
  15. Repeating myself and contradicting my love of bright lights ... but whattheheck!: Really bright lights are actually bad, IMHO, for doing night caches that use Fire Tacks or other small reflectors. It is amazing to see from how far away the reflectors can be seen with only a low amount of light ... night caches have a better, more mysterious feel when you only have a small amount of artificial light ... bright lights really destroy your night vision (pupils constrict like mad when a 200 lumen light comes on) ... etc. Go when there's a new moon! Go when it's cloudy! Turn off your light(s) for awhile and listen to the forest!
  16. Small re-direct: Here in NC, we have a town named Micro. Lo and behold, "The True Micro Cache" (GCKRYX).
  17. I have always wondered what those things are that look like mosquitoes on steroids ... luckily, they don't seem to bite!
  18. Hmmm, guess that's one of them thar duplicate posts ... well, double-duplicate! ... but, the TK11 R@ is worth a few praise-posts! I do not know the Olight M20 Warrior, or even the brand Olight. I'm actually not a big flashlight freak ... "flashaholic" I believe they're called. I've started going out hiking or caching at night or pre-dawn more now and so have gotten into it a bit. Check out candlepowerforums.com for the real flashaholics. You could probably find or get a review of the Olight over there. 630 lumens is a lot of light, you're right. Burn time is 2 hours ... looking forward to it!
  19. Happy to see Fenix getting a lot of love on here! There's a new Fenix coming out Monday ... TK40 ... 630 lumens!
  20. Happy to see Fenix getting a lot of love on here! There's a new Fenix coming out Monday ... TK40 ... 630 lumens!
  21. Happy to see Fenix getting a lot of love on here! There's a new Fenix coming out Monday ... TK40 ... 630 lumens!
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