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Caches with a decent walk.

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This is my first post on the forum, I have been caching for a while now and love it, however it would be really nice if the listings had a section on them to tell you how many miles they are, me and my hubby like to make a good walk out of it and some caches are too short, now if the had a section you could tick for say 1-2 miles 3-4 miles etc we could eliminate some immediately and go for the longer option, what do you think?

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Caches rated with the ClayJar system already have this, the length of the hike is a major factor there. If you want a long walk, search for caches with a terrain rating of at least 3 and read the description.


You can also search for the "significant hike" attribute:



Thank you both, must admit to never having heard of the clayjar thing so thats new, I know what you mean about the "significant hike" icon it would be good however if that was on the main listing page so you could see it immediately along with the distance from home etc.


As to the other comment about stringing them together we do do that, we have a gps/pda and have all the maps for the uk down to footpath level so can generally make a good hike out of it, its just nice to not have to plan them out all the time not knowing if its a nice walk, cachers have given us some lovely walks over the last couple of years of which we are grateful but there are so many exceptionally short ones to sift through first, still never mind, a very small issue on an otherwise fab site.x

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or you can just walk all the way around Wal Mart, a side trip through sporting goods, once around the lot.....

That would be a significant hike across a very big pond!!!!, or I could slum it I suppose and go to Asda and combine that with a hike around a chavvy sports store too, nah, those places were made to keep the countryside for us :laughing:

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Two caches in this area come to mind:


Prowlin4snakeeyes II GC17WK5




Upper Macatawa Conservation Area GCWBV1


The first cache is mine and subtitled "Boot Camp Edition" and the second has stages quite a was apart. I have been told Stage 1 and 2 are almost 1 mile apart. Will attempt this spring/summer. Not now as we have over 2 feet of snow on the ground.

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