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  1. To find that waypoint, you need to open that geocache in the app.
  2. Greetings from Michigan, albeit the West Side. Consider attending the geocaching event to meet fellow geocachers - http://coord.info/GC5TY82 Geo Thumb Meet and Greet On The River or this event http://coord.info/GC5V46V St. Clair County Geocachers 2 Mile CITO/WALK Also, consider signing up on the MiGO (Michigan Geocaching Organization) website http://www.mi-geocaching.org/ - registration is free - visit the forum section for more caching chat. There may also be Facebook groups out there, but I am not on Facebook to validate that.
  3. So HQ posts at 11:00 and says the moratorium goes into place an hour later. They say timing is everything, and in this case, this is poor. I had 2 Challenge Cache hides ready to go for publication tonight, and now BOTH have been denied. I also had a series of 15 Challenge Hides I was working out the details with my local reviewer on (all spelling themed), and was looking to add them to the landscape for the summer season. Now those will have to sit for a year while Groundspeak "looks into" some new rules. I see the future being that they will DISALLOW any Challenge Geocaching hides.
  4. I still see the logs at the bottom of the cache page in Firefox (MacOS). What browser are you using? I just checked again, and they appear now. Wondering if the hamsters were up to some hyjinx this AM, or if someone did not feed them? Glad to see them back. BTW - using Firefox 31.0
  5. I am not seeing the waypoint on the geocaching website page. I do not see the parking waypoint in the app either. I say you are fine. How are you seeing the waypoint. Can you post an image?
  6. How about changing it up slightly. Stage 1: Skirt Stage 2: Skirt Stage 3: Flat electrical plate painted to match the pole, put above eye level so it is not readily obvious.
  7. So where is the mention that they changed how Geocaching Logs are shown on the geocache page? Um...they are NOT anymore. You have to click the "View Logbook" link. They could have at least left the last 5 logs (like you get downloaded with the app or a GPX file). "Downprovement" if that is a word.
  8. While they made them part of the statistics as finds, they do not show up in your "My Finds" PQ. Anyone know if this will ever be done? I have to believe this is going to screw up a lot of stats for people using Stats programs. Wish you could get the GPX file of the Lab Cache to "fake it" in those Stats programs.
  9. Are you using Whereyougo v.0.89? If so, then maps should work. On map screen look in upper right corner for small "map" click on that and select a map. I choose Mapquest (online), and it seems to work when I open the Whereyougo player and choose the map screen. You might need to zoom in or out initially to see the map detail (or get it to build).
  10. Try a "save as" and then reopen that file. Does the issue persist?
  11. On the "false" side put in the "input" for that question like you did in a previous step to get there. Does that help or do you need a picture?
  12. I can explain the .NET issues, but you can always consider the URWIGO Builder as well. Their site has tutorials as well to help get you started on building a Wherigo. I find that Builder a little easier to work with.
  13. I got a reply from Moun10bike yesterday, and he moved that page under "my account" so now I am able to edit if need be. So I guess if you ever adopt a Wherigo, e-mail GC and they might adopt/move the catridge page over to you as well.
  14. Below is the body of an e-mail I sent to Groundspeak via the contact@Wherigo.com e-mail address listed on the Wherigo site.... = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = I am being offered the opportunity to adopt the 2nd oldest Wherigo in MI. LAKEVIEW PARK TOUR - http://coord.info/GC1CJ62 I am very familiar with the cache page adoption, but can the CARTRIDGE page be "adopted too"? Here is a link to the Wherigo Cartridge page: http://www.Wherigo.com/cartridge/details.aspx?CGUID=baf3dce4-c8a8-4fe6-8c80-bc039218c6f4 I would like to know if this page can be moved to my account as well as I want to keep the history of this Wherigo. If there becomes a need to update the cartridge....i.e change the final location, I would like to upload/update that page rather than start a new cartridge page with a "new date". = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = Has anyone ever adopted a Wherigo cache that could speak to this. Mainly I want to make sure the "Date" & "Downloads" are historically retained. Thanks,
  15. Are you aware that you can download directly cartridges to Android phones without the need for a PC? Using the Opera browser or Chrome browser works just fine from my experiences.
  16. You could use an if/else compare? I think you would need to increment your "count" variable by the value of the "random point" value, so you may have to make an intermediate variable to increment?
  17. Thanks to everyone for the input. I was asked if this was possible, and I was not familiar with the ability to do so. Additionally, I am not one to trust the Altimeter on the GPSr, and know even less how accurate it is on a smartphone. While putting the information in the tree is a feasible option, it does not prevent "word of mouth" from getting out on this type of challenge the requesting cacher is seeking. Of course I am assuming the tree climb would be 30-40 feet...I would hope that the requesting cacher is not considering something in the 100ft+ range. Of course now that I sit here, I am thinking about a Wherigo about flying a kite. What's the farthest anyone has got a kite up? And would they be willing to attach $200-400 worth of equipment to it? LOL Of course it might take multiple times as you cannot see if an event triggers until you bring it down. Thanks all.
  18. This is helpful, but I am not anticipating the person asking me the question requiring a 1300m elevation change. I think they are envisioning 30-40ft or more up a tree. I will see if that cache owner can help explain the altitude check.
  19. To whomever can answer this..... Can you check for a change in ALTITUDE in a Wherigo cartridge? I have heard you can check for Altitude (to be greater than zero) for "Emulator protection" but can you check to see if someone's altitude changes but their n-s/e-w position remains static. Is Wherigo strictly limited to 2-D game play? Thanks,
  20. What kind of smartphone are you using. Some Android phones are more finicky than others. I have an app called "ES File Explorer" that I use to transfer the downloaded cartridge from my download folder to the "whereyougo" folder. Never had any problems doing it that way. Also, what browser are you using to download the cartridge?
  21. That is where they are now a 16gb stick and I have downloaded all .gwz files of every Wherigo that I have published 16 of them. I also have 7 templates in my website www.greathides.com saved also. Got it covered.... I just got cought unprepaired in that case everything else I had saved and on file. The main thing is there is some nice helpful people out there and with a little help I got the one Wherigo that I goofed up back up and running. Righting Wherigo's is fun and acutely I enjoyed re-writing it. NOW if we can get the GPS makers and Groundspeak to agree that Wherigo is good and popular we can again get something going. Out of all my "Regular" cache hides and my "Wherigo" cache hides my Wherigo's are hit about the same if not a little more than the regular caches. But unfortunately the Wherigo's are found with smart phones not many with a GPS because Garmin like the others don't support Wherig any more. I was asked to write a Wherigo for a local popular event (next week) and I ended up making 4 wherigos for the event. I have talked to Garmin and Megallen reps and several Lackeys and always get the same replys "It's the other guys fault, they won't work with us."???????????? Enough said I just had to air some........ Thanks for your help. That is because there is this "unspoken club" that seems to be developing to get to 100 Wherigo finds so that is "all the rage in the area" it seems for the moment. Well that and Michigan is unique in the vast number of Wherigo hides active - 141! Before long we should be at 150 in no time. Of course, I have been working on a Wherigo Power Trail....and it sets at 95 Wherigos at this point.
  22. The GPS on the 3G is not a good one to be able to pinpoint your location which is needed for Wherigo. I am not sure if "phone service" is required for Wherigo, for the maps" or not. I have heard that Ipods can do them if they get the "GPS adaptor", so maybe the "phone service" is not needed for playing. Like I said, the GPS on the 3G is not sufficient. Have you tried playing any of the "play anywhere" type of Wherigos on the iPad? This might help you get a feel for how they function. Not sure if iPad have a GPS chip in them or not. I have heard there is a way to make the 60CSX work with a laptop in the woods, I cannot speak to how it was all "wired up".
  23. Some play anywhere cartridges have it where there is no zone to go to. Others have the zones "develop" around you and thus you can play them anywhere. As to deleting the app off of your iPod touch. DON'T - you will find that the Oregon 450 can get cracnky sometimes with Wherigos, so the iPod is a good backup source for a player. Granted it is no good "in the field" but still 2 devices are better than NO devices. BTW - welcome to world of Wherigo....there are lots locally to enjoy, as you may already know.
  24. I counted it to be 17 Characters....I tested it by putting in ABCD.....MNOPQ into one of my "Play anywhere carts" that asked a question to see. It starts to overwrite the answer beyond that.
  25. Sadly you need Android 4.0 to be able use CHROME. Guess I am stuck with Firefox (which is tempermental some days) or just loading them from the PC.
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