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Congratulations IMSpider for #2000


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Congratulations IMSpider for #2000. As a rookie cacher with only 11 months experience he is doing ok!!!! I had to talk IMSpider into doing something a little more challenging for this special milestone than his original plans of a guardrail cache so he tackled Woodlit's SKS Last Hope-Tight Squeeze(GC15Z4P).

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Back when I lived in Caldwell, I would often take a walk on Garritt mountain on the weekends. Since Imspider lives on the mountain there were times I would meet up with him and we would walk together. One day I showed up at his house and he was so excited about something he had found in the park. We immediately set off to where it was located so he could share his find with me. I was curious; his enthusiasm was infectious. When he relocated the cache, with me as his part-time sidekick, he discovered the log and signed it. The addiction was born, and now it is far more exciting to go hiking with him on the weekends because it is always a new adventure.

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