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Poker Fun Run logging thread

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Here are the rules....


The hands and their point value.


1pt) 1 pair (Jacks or better) = letters only *J* or better (J,J K,K L,L R,R etc.)

2pts) 2 pair = 2 of the same number &/or letters (First letter/number of the designation only) twice - example - 2, 2 + 5, 5 / B, B + M, M / 4, 4 + L, L

3pts) 3 of a Kind = 3 of the same letters

4pts) Straight = Consecutive letters only

5pts) Flush = 5 of the same line #, no mixing benchmarks from more than 1 line even if it is the same line number.

8pts) Full House = 2 of one letter designation and 3 of another letter designation.

20pts) 4 of a Kind = 4 of the same letter.

40pts) Straight Flush = 5 Consecutive Letters of the same line #

100pts) Royal Flush = "A", "K", "Q", "J", "T" of the same line #


All are "Designation Only" using only the "FIRST letter/number &/or line #" on the GC benchmark page.


Only finds from September 1st, 2007 and after will qualify.


A benchmark can only be used once and must have its own PID# on GC.

Only benchmark disks & stainless rods that have a cover with the designation stamped on it. No Intersection Stations. So use your finds wisely.


You can only use each hand once (unless you earned the top bonus * ).


For the Straight Flush, If the 'line' does not include the "I" or "O", meaning there is no PID# for it, then they can be discounted from the requirement. If we check the findings for a straight flush and the "I" or "O" is listed (has a PID#) then it will be required for the hand (If it falls in the sequence used).


You must *Show your hand* by first telling us which hand you are claiming and then providing links to each benchmark in the hand. If your picture of the benchmark can't be Easily read, then it WILL be disqualified. Close-ups are preferred, but as long as it can be CLEARLY read it will be accepted. Remember, It is a couple of OLD farts WITH glasses who will be Judging the pictures & if they can't read the designation - oh well.



If it has a previous DNF or has a benchmark that is OLD or VERY OLD in the hand - you MUST let us know to get your Bonus Points. OLD = 5 Pts for pre-1950. VERY OLD = Older than the 2oldfarts or Harry Dolphin, worth 10 Pts for pre-1930. Previous logged DNFs. = 5 Pts (Of course, you need to have found that DNF.) 1 bonus per hand with any of the following, so be sure to tell us if you're claiming a bonus when you log each hand.


DNF means that the last log for the benchmark must be a DNF that was logged prior to July 13th 2007


*If you complete all hands, you will get a *bonus* worth 25 Pts + the permission to start all over again with logging each hand with new finds. Let us know if you are claiming this bonus!


You can't have found the benchmark in the last 12 months. (You may log it as a note if you have found it over a year ago. (Remember we will be looking at all the pictures already logged for these benchmarks.) )


Prizes will be awarded for 1st through 5th place and a drawing for the special prizes. To be eligible for the drawing you will need to have found at least one of the above listed hands. These prizes were donated by Berntsen. Other mystery (?) prizes to be announced.


The contest will run for 2 months -- 9/01/07 until 11/04/07 (sundown). Logging your finds will end on 11/07/07.


The 2oldfarts are the judges and their decisions will be final.


"If anyone sees or knows of a bogus log being made, please PM or e-mail us with the details so we can get it taken care of."


Please post the hand you are claiming and hot links to the GC.com benchmark pages for each of your found benchmarks in that hand. You may post more than 1 hand at a time if you so desire.


Here is our example.......


Straight Flush

R 401 ... S 401 ... T 401 ... U 401 ... V 401


Please make sure that you have clear readable pictures of the disks. This has been one of the leading reasons for the "Dreaded PMs from John" in past contests.


Did we mention that you need to be in 1 of the pictures (like a locationless cache)? Perhaps, because that is not in the rules and we just wanted to increase your "excitement" in the contest. :blink::)


Good luck and have fun!


John & Shirley


PS: Please use this thread for logging your finds only. Use another thread for questions and comments & Bluffing.

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How about a four of a kind for 20 pts, and on the first day even?







No bonus points on these ones.

DB1432 I could only get within about three feet due to the fence and the nearby Border Patrol agent; hope that still counts.


Uh oh, looks like I'm confused. I'm using PID's here, is the contest Designations?

Looks like I'll have to rethink my cards.

Edited by Rumpled
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Dolphin agrees with 2/3 Marine. I've done parts or most of the local lines. Virgin lines are a fair distance away. (Not to mention our dismal failure with the line 74 miles north.) But hunting the 40 line did give us a chance to look for a few we couldn't find last time around. (Still couldn't find them. Something about digging for a half hour next to a major highway or a school.) You call this a line? Were the surveyors drunk?!? Head up 9W from Edgewater, take a detour down the Palisades, head north again. Realze that your about to run out of New Jersey, so you turn around, take a detour west, and back again. And end up with Y and Z near A and B?

But anyways, here is my flush:

KU1624 G 40

KU1637 U 40

KU1641 V 40

KU1642 W 40

KU1656 X 40

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Okay, deal me in for a couple of hands


Full House with bonus


DB0595 EHL 7

DB0408 EHL 6

FU1420 E 824 also old 1947 for 5pts


FU1281 G 67 and very old 1927 for 10 pts

FU1414 G 963 X


8 pts for the hand and 10 pts for the bonus = 18 ( I can only claim 1 bonus right? otherwise +5)


My next hand is two pair with a bonus

FU1963 D 1016

FU1417 D 824 old 1947 for 5 pts


FU1421 Z 66 very old for 10 pts

FU1428 Z 558


2 pts for the hand and 10 pts for the bonus = 12 ( I can only claim 1 bonus right? otherwise +5)


Total for my 2 hands is 30 pts ( I can only claim 1 bonus per hand right? otherwise +10 total)


Go ahead and let me know if I've done anything wrong; and if any pictures aren't good enough I can try to edit them.

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Straight Flush

Dolphin and Bear wander around cow country...


LY0834 C 34

LY0835 D 34

LY0836 E 34 (Pre-approved by the judges.)

LY0837 F 34

LY0838 G 34


40 points for Straight Flush + a 5 point bonus for being monumented in 1942 (Well, except maybe for E 34 which bears the date 194. Hmm... Surveyor couldn't find the '2' die?)

Edited by Harry Dolphin
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A 3 day trip to ride the Narrow Gauge from Chama NM to Antonito CO.,

plus a lot of BM hunting.So... here goes!


STRAIGHT with GM0519 very old

GM0567 A32

GM0519 BOUNDRY MI COR 163+22

JK1148 CWDE 2

HK0424 D400

HK0297 E33


FLUSH with HL0078 old

HL0078 E32

HL0079 F32

HK0264 L32

HK0276 S32

HK0279 V32


FULL HOUSE with HK0397 old





HK0406 P399


FOUR OF A KIND with HK0379 old

HK0379 A34

HK0420 A400





HK0395 A399

HK0402 K399

HK0407 Q399

HK0400 J399

HK0411 T399


Just couldn't get a STRAIGHT FLUSH out of that 399 line.Might have to break down &

go revisit a line close to home.

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Gee, you guys make those Royal Flushes look easy!

Or: Oh! The things that you'll see. A voyage through Perth Amboy, Eizabeth and Newark, New Jersey. (Three counties involved, John! Good thing I misread that rule!)

A 11

K 11

Q 11

J 11

T 11

That's 100 points for a Royal Flush, plus a 5 point bonus for them all being OLD (1933).

Now, what to do with the other six benchmarks that we found today???

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OK, it's time I got on the board:



OCF 48 A, (AB8639), DNF - Bonus

OCF 43, (AB8635)

1+5=6 points


2 Pair:

STONE, (DY2049), Old - Bonus

STONE RM 2, (DY2050), Old - Spare

OCF 44 A, (AB8636)

OCF 46, (AB8637)

2+5=7 points


3 of a Kind:

STOCKTON, (DC1490), Old - Bonus

STONE, (TZ1927), Old - Spare

SAN DIEGO GPS 23, (DC2133)

3+5=8 points


Full House:

MALVA 2, (TZ2013), Very Old - Bonus [1860 !!]**

MALVA 2, (DY2103), Old - Spare

M 750, (DC0777)

OCF 47, (AB8638)

OCF 49, (AB8640)

8+10=18 points


4 of a Kind:

BLUFF, (TZ1974), Very Old - Bonus [1862 !!]**

BRIDE, (DY2056), Old - Spare

BRIDE RM 2, (DY2058), Old - Spare

BRIDE, (TZ1994), Old - Spare

20+10=30 points


Total = 69 points


** Maybe next contest, a very very old bonus, maybe pre-1900?


Note: There appear to be duplicate designations (STONE, MALVA 2, BRIDE), but in each case, one is Horizontal Control, and one is Vertical Control, each with its own PID. Also some RM's have their own PIDs.


Next, for the lines. Those will be tough out here in SoCal. Too many widened roads, housing developments, not to mention 12 lane freeways :huh:

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4 pts


GF0950 V 344


GF0951 W 344


GF0952 X 344


GF0965 Y 344


GF0958 Z 344


That Royal Flush is killing me.

I have searched in 3 States and several lines.

Them Q's are just gone.


Maybe lady luck will pull through with a future trip to North Kansas there is "Maybe" one there at least there was in 2005.


And it is fairly close to Garmin HQ so maybe just maybe..........

You guy's and gal's keep your fingers crossed for me.


If I don't get that one this will be my last log.

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Six counties in three states, eighteen benchmarks and two hundred miles on the cachemobile, and what do I have to show for it?


Jacks or better:

Nonsense KV4908

N 11 KV0072

Bonus: 5 points: N 11 set in 1933


Two Pair:

Elizabeth KV0073

E 35 LY0801

M 11 KV0070

Morris Plains KV0634

Bonus: 5 points: Elizabeth and M 11 set in 1933



P 11 KV0080

Q 13 LY0670

R 102 LY2241

SC 120 KV6536

T 140 LY0627

Bonus: 5 Points: P 11 and Q 13 both set in 1933


Full House

SC 181 KV6597

SC 180 KV6596

Snake KV5786

B11 KV0024

B 339 KU1433

Bonus: 5 points: B 11 set in 1933


Added bonus: 25 points for completing all hands. (Unless I made a stupid mistake somewhere. This is more complicated than filling out the NJ Income Tax Form!)

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When life gives you lemons, make lemonade...

A 236 LY1951

K 236 LY0654

B 236 LY0633

J 236 LY0652

T 236 LY1141


Oh, wait a moment. That's only a flush. :) It looked like such a promising line too! The Q disk is missing. :)Q 236 LY0663 Oh, pshaw! Only 150 miles round trip!

Now, this is a strange line! The ones on bridges/culverts were set by PADH, the ones on rocks/boulders were set by CGS. But it is one continuous line stretching across Pike County, Pa, set in 1959.

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