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Poker Fun Run logging thread

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Many thanks to John and Shirley for all of their hard work, putting this contest together and going through all of the submissions from so many participants. It was fun! ;)


Right-o !!!


In addition to simply encouraging me to go hunting, I learned about & experimented with several programs/tools to make hunting easier. Thanks!

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I have tried and tried to make the Royal Flush but since I can't make a legal one I will just log the rest of the hands. Some old marks and some very new marks (last day).


One pair - 2 pts. + very old 10 pts


EU0187 U 160

DW0123 U 69 (1928) very old


Two pair - 2 pts + old 5 pts.


DX3539 M 1326

DC0504 M 308 (1935) old

FS1145 BP 138 ECC (1934)

AI4539 BOR 3


3 of a Kind 3 pts + old 5 pts.


DW0310 F 579

EU0197 F 161

EU1006 Friga (1933)


Straight - 4 pts. + old 5 pts.


DX3544 V 1299

DX3543 W 1299

DX3542 X 1299


EU0192 Z 160 (1933)


Flush 5 pts + old 5 pts.


DX0332 G 579 (all 1939)

DX0333 H 579

DX0335 K 579

DX0336 L 579

DX0339 N 579


Straight Flush 40 pts + old 5 pts.


DX0347 S 579 (all 1939)

DX0348 T 579

DX0349 U 579

DX0350 V 579

DX0351 W 579


This was really hard but really fun, can't wait for the next one.

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