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2oldfarts (the rockhounders)

Poker Fun Run logging thread

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Had to break for dinner to wait for the cop sitting in his speed trap to get the Q for this one:

Royal Flush:

A 315 - OL0289

J 315 - OL0306

K 315 - OL0307

Q 315 - OL0321

T 315 - OL0326

No bonus


Four of a kind:

A 105 - NE0799

A 159 - NF0908

A 317 RESET - OL0621

A 95 - OK0438

5 point bonus for DNF on A 159 courtesy of a tapeworm


Full House:

C 172 - NF0930

C 317 - OL0368

C 95 - OK0441

P 167 - NF0412

P 177 RESET - AB7415

5 point bonus for old (C 172, P 167)



D 176 - NF0839

E 176 - NF0838

F 176 - NF0837

L 176 - NF0831

M 176 - NF0832

5 point bonus for old (all are 1948)



U 103 - NF0102 (Preapproved by 2oldfarts)

V 86 - OK0115

W 104 - NE0794

X 86 - OK0124

Y 159 - NF0934

5 point bonus for old (all)


Three of a kind:

B 110 - OK0136

B 159 - NF0909

B 172 - NF0931

5 point bonus for old (all)


Two pair:

D 172 - NF0929

D 95 - OK0442

M 168 - NF0389

M 317 - OL0382

5 point bonus for old (all but M 317)

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M95 OK0453

M15 OK0476 very old +10 pts


2 Pair

Z315 OL0333

Z314 PL0421

E316 OL0337

E17 OL0334 very old +10 pts


3 of a Kind

J316 OL0342

J169 Reset NF1806

J27 PL0268 old +5 pts



R92 OK0416 old +5 pts

S318 PM0288

T96 OK0365

U318 PM0286

V318 PM0285



B316 OL0334

C316 OL0335

D316 OL0336

G316 OL0340

H316 OL0341


Full House

L321 PM0251

L318 OL0329

B94 OK0434 old +5 pts

B116 NF0354

Barry Center AA8075


4 of a Kind

Dias 2 NF0757

Dias 2 RM4 NF0760

Dutton NF1641

D17 OK0333 very old +10 pts


Straight Flush

U315 OL0327

V315 OL0328

W315 OL0330

X315 OL0331

Y315 OL0332


Royal Flush

A321 PL0422

K321 PM0250

Q321 PM0256

J321 PM0249

T321 PM0259 (Note urban sprawl, comparing 1994 NGS description!)


+25 pts all hand bonus

Edited by A tapeworm

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600 Miles,motel,$112.00.

Geocoins at geocoin event,$50.00.

OH I went for luck and bought/traded for a Queen Geocoin Poker Coin,she paid off and I finally got the Q benchmark to complete my job.


Royal Flush and another Law Enforcement Confrontation,explanation,stop and all the 911 stuff. PRICELESS

More to come in the cornstarch thread. :)


So I see no one has done it yet so here goes. :P


I declare my........

Royal Flush

100 pts.

25 pts for completing all hands.

And asking to go forward with logging of the next set. :P


OK I did not get any call ya's except from John,you guy's don't bluff easy.

So here is the list.


JE 1603 A 371


JE 1609 K 371


JE 1614 Q 371 DNF 5 Pts.


JE 1607 J 371


JE 1617 T 371


100 Pts. for th Royal Flush.

25 Pts. for completeing all hands.

5 Pts. for a Found DNF on the Q.


Now can I proceed to the next round?


The rest of the story is still to come.

Edited by GEO*Trailblazer 1

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Oops! Forgot the bonus on the above, and of course, it's too late to edit it. Another 5 points for the old bonus. As they are a line, they are all old (1949). Thanks, John!

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2nd Hand


Strait Flush

40 Pts.


GF0950 V 344


GF0951 W 344


GF0952 X 344


GF0965 Y 344


GF0958 Z 344


4 Of a Kind

20 Pts.

10 Pts. for S 5 VO




GF0585 S 4


GF0997 S 348


GF0949 S 344


1 Pair

1 Pt.


GG0924 P 309




2 Pair

2 Pts.

10 Pts. T 4 VO




HD1493 D 344


GF0586 T 4


GF0948 T 344


TTL Pts.

83 Pts.



Flush to Strait Flush

Edited by GEO*Trailblazer 1

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"Hey, Andy, what do you want to do for vacation this year? Last year we found a cache in each on New Jersey's 21 counties for the Tour de Cache." "Let's find a lot of easy benchmarks for the Poker Fun Run!" And, off they went.


Jacks or better

L 11 KV0068

L 348 KU1453

5 point Old Bonus for L 11 (1933)


Two Pair

F 12 KV0136

Forest Park KU3315

SC 122 KV6538

SC 123 KV6539

10 point Very Old bonus for Forest Park (1903)


Three of a Kind

SC 145 KV6561

SC 146 KV6562

SC 190 KV6606

(Cheap finds - No bonus)


Four of a Kind

SC 147 KV6563

SC 183 KV6599

SC 188 KV6604

SC 189 KV6605

(More cheap finds - No bonus)


Full House

SC 192 KV6608

SC 193 KV6609

T 32 LY0473

TIDAL 4 STA I 39 KU1424

TIDAL 5 STA I 39 KU1425

5 point Old bonus for any of the T's set in 1942



A 62 KV0473

B 62 KV0472

C 91 =503 USGS LY0568

D 260 RESET 1963 LY0925

E 339 KU1422

10 point Very Old bonus - C 91 =503 USGS set in 1921


Straight Flush

A 12 KV0121

B 12 KV0127

C 12 KV0128

D 12 KV0130

E 12 RESET 1957 KV0132

5 poind Old Bonus - A, B, C & D set in 1933

Edited by Harry Dolphin

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Here are my first sets of hands. Some of these were difficult since they had never been photographed or logged. :D


1 Pair Jacks or better

PU1183 Z418

OT0264 Z10 (very old for Z10)



PU1585 A419

OT0267 A11 (very old for A11)

AB9220 34-042.0

AB9226 34-035.65


3 of a Kind

OT0288 P11 (very old for P11)

PU1476 P418

PU1518 P362



PU1505 B418

PU1559 C363

PU1568 D11 (very old for D11)

PU1500 E418

PU0941 FEE



PU0955 S410

PU0948 U410

PU0947 V410

PU0946 W410 (no bonus)

PU0938 X410


Full House-

OT0779 GLO17 RM2 (very old for GLO17 RM2)

PU1496 G418

AI7532 RCPC 1

AI7536 RCPC 5

AI7542 RCPC 11


4 of a Kind

OT0246 U10 (very old for U10)

OT0252 U363

PU1468 U418

PU2143 U431


Straight Flush-

PU1188 H419 (no bonus and no I in this line)

PU1464 J419

PU1196 K419

PU1193 L419

PU1465 M419


Royal Flush-

PU1469 T418 (no bonus)

PU1191 J418

PU1477 Q418

PU1475 K418

PU1686 A418


183 points for all hands-plus 60 bonus points- plus 25 points for completing all hands

Grand Total points-268


Will await the OK to move on to the 2nd round.

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1 pair Jacks or better 1 point + 5 points old = 6 points

Y 10 KZ1040 (1934)

Y 163 MD0862 (1946)


2 pair 2 points + 5 points old = 8 points



G 201 MD0484 (1946)

G 307 KZ1041


3 of a kind 3 points + 5 points old = 8 points


FRANK RM 2 MC0589 (1943)



Straight 4 points + 5 points old = 9 points

S 174 MC0192

T 197 MD0698 (1946)

U 305 MD0293

V 273 KZ1162

W 174 MC0186


Flush 5 points + 5 points old = 10 points

M 200 MD0524 (1946)

P 200 MD0526 (1946)

Y 200 MD0482 (1946)

S 200 MD0528 (1946)

T 200 MD0529 (1946)


Full House 8 points + 5 points old = 13 points




MCCURDY MD0286 (1947)

MCCURDY AZMK MD0291 (1947)


4 of a kind 20 points + 5 points old = 25 points

DAWKINS MD0250 (1947)

DAWKINS RM 1 MD0251 (1947)

DAWKINS RM 2 MD0252 (1947)

DAWKINS AZMK MD0253 (1947)


Straight Flush 40 points + 5 points old = 45 points

R 199 MD0499 (1946)

S 199 RESET MD0505

T 199 RESET MD0507

U 199 MD0508 (1946)

V 199 MD0509 (1946)


Royal Flush 100 points total

A 249 KZ1183

K 249 KZ1186

Q 249 RESET KZ1742

J 249 RESET KZ1741

T 249 KZ1195


Total for hands = 224

Bonus for all hands completed = 25

Total for this submission = 249 points


Request OK to start another hand.

Edited by GrizzFlyer

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Second round hands. <_<




C11 PU1558

D128 PU0939

E128 PU0945


(very old bonus 10 points for C11)



L 418 PU1482

N 418 PU1473

S 418 PU1481

W 418 PU1466

Y 418 PU1184

( no bonus)


Full House

H11 PU1580

H362 PU1573




(very old bonus 10 points for H11)


Points for completed hands-17 Bonus points-20 Total points-37


The "Walt" benchmarks I found were kind of exciting. I found them near an old decommissioned missile silo from the cold war era.

Edited by Jedi Cacher

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Dolphin and Bear run amok! Or: Does SC stand for Somerset County, or Santa Claus?

Third Round Hands

(Note: Oomphy, the Dolphinmobile, hit 50,000 miles on the run to Phillispburg. Hey! Only 110 miles round trip!) Now, what did we do?


Three of a Kind:

SC 138 KV6554

SC 135 KV6551

SC 133 KV6549

(No bonus - Cheap finds...)




U 77 KV2930

V 18 KV1224

W 11 KV0112

X 11 KV0114

5 point bonus for V 18 (1935) or W 11 (1932) or X 11 (1933)


Full House

A 34 LY0832 1942

A 25 KV1306 1942

SC 222 KV6638

SC 221 KV6637

SC 136 KV6552

5 point bonus for the old As


Four of a Kind

SC 132 KV6548

SC 131 KV6547

SC 130 KV6546

S 25 KV1350 1942

5 point bonus for Old for S 25


Royal Flush

A 77 KV2948 DNF bonus

K 77 KV2939

Q 77 KV2934

J 77 KV2940

T 77 KV2931

5 point bonus for DNF on A 77


Andy Bear wants to know if we can now go find the seven caches he needs for his 1000! Sorry, AB, still need three hands for this set. <_<

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Correction on my post yesterday, for the 2 pair scoring. Scoring would be 2 points + 5 points old = 7 points, not 8 points. Total would then be 248, not 249. Just noticed that one. <_<

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Couldn't log yesterday, because gc.com was so infernally slow!


Still is!

How many finds can 2/3 Marine be posting?



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Here is my humble offering 153 points


Pair, 2 queens 1


NV0557 Q 298

NV0929 Q 419


3 of a kind, 3 jacks 3


NV0922 J 419

NV0675 J31 OLD 5pts

NV0676 J31 reset


straight U V W X Y 4


NV0906 U 418

NV0907 V 418

NV0908 W 418

NV0909 X 418

NV0895 Y 419


straight flush A B C D E, 419 40


NV0912 A 419

NV0913 B 419

NV0915 C 419

NV0917 D 419

NV0918 E 419


royal flush A K Q J T, 418 100


OZ0841 A 418

NV0902 K 418

NV0897 Q 418

NV0894 J 418

NV0905 T 418

Edited by t8r

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A PAIR with HK0251 old

HK0251 K 75

LK0469 K 442


TWO PAIR with LK0227 very old

LK0227 A 17

KL0207 A 284


LK0448 B 443


THREE OF A KIND with LL0218 old

LL0218 Z 136

KL0208 Z 283

HK0418 Z 399


STRAIGHT with JL0040 very old

JL0598 A 401


KJ0340 C 56

JL0040 D 5

KJ0342 E 56


FULL HOUSE with JL0148 old

JL0148 U 171

KL0264 U 158

JL0113 U 34




FOUR OF A KIND with LK0109 old

LK0109 H 59


LK0273 H 61

LK0471 H 442


The best part of the last couple of days is,there are 6 counties in northeast Colorado that

won't be white on the map anymore. After November stats get posted. Dolphin...I just know

that you're going to make me break down & go revisit that ROYAL I know about!!!

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2nd round hands.... :D


4 of a Kind

RM 42.4 PU1553 (5pt old bonus for RM42.4 or previous DNF)

RCPC 12 AI7543

RCPC 15 AI7546

RCPC 17 AI7547


Straight Flush

B419 PU1181 (no bonus)

C419 PU1180

D419 PU1179

E419 PU1051

F419 PU1052


completed hands:60pts, Bonus:5pts , Total:65pts


It doesn't look good for finding that 2nd round royal flush. Allot of missing BM's out there when trying to complete that hand. I do have one more shot at it on Sunday, but don't know if I want to miss the big NFL game-Pats-Colts. My daughter's birthday tomorrow so no benchmark hunting on Saturday.

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Third set of hands


Pair of Jacks or Better (Kings always beat Jacks!)


K 102 LY2235

K 10 LY0567


25 point bonus for finishing 3rd set of hands

5 point bonus for OLD for K 10 (1932)


Mother, may I proceed to the next set of hands?

Edited by Harry Dolphin

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And, another fun contest comes to an end. Might have gotten a bit further if I hadn't managed to lock my car keys in the car, for the first time in 40 years of driving! And, of course, Andy Bear found his 1000th geocache today!!


Fourth Round


Pair of J or Better


N 77 KV2936

N 23 kv1236

5 point OLD bonus for N 23 1942


Two Pair


14 V 1 KV7116

14 Y 1 LY2915

SC 139 KV6555

S 23 KV1240

5 poing OLD bonus for S 23 1942


(Only five left over disks... Not too bad, I guess.)

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2nd round hands.


2 pair

4976 DW OT0549

40 032.95 AC5556

34 044.0 AB9218

34 054.0 AB9208

(old bonus 5pts 4976 DW)


3 of a kind

G11 PU1577

GLO17 RM1 OT0780

G419 PU1053

(very old bonus 10pts for either G11 or GLO17 RM1)


Hands-5 pts Bonus-15pts Total=20points


Came up short this morning for one last run at the 2nd round royal. I had quite a few extra discs that I didn't get to use for hands, but at least logged allot of FTF's on this journey. This poker run took to me to allot of beautiful countryside that I otherwise would probably would have never got a chance to see. ;)

Edited by Jedi Cacher

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Second set:


1 pair Jacks or better

1 point + 5 points old = 6 points

Z 56 EE0234 (1933)

Z 200 MD0483 (1946)


2 pair

2 points + 5 points old = 7 points

K 15 MD0260 (1930)


V 10 KZ1026 (1934)

V 198 MD0373 (1946)


3 of a kind

3 points + 5 points old = 8 points


HARLAN RM2 MD0503 (1947)

H 5 RESET MC0211 (1947)



4 points + 5 points old = 9 points

Z 221 RESET LA0859

Y 221 LA0860 (1947)

X 221 LA0586 (1947)

W 332 MD0256 (1947)

V 221 LA0656 (1947)



5 points + 5 points old + 5 points previous DNF = 15 points

K 22 MD0689 (1934) (Prev DNF)

M 22 MD0692 (1934)

Q 22 MD0694 (1934)

S 22 MD0697 (1934)

T 22 MD0700 (1934)

(was going to be a Royal Flush, but J 22 is history….)


Full House

8 points + 5 points old = 13 points

SUGAR MD1799 (1947)

S 368 MD1973

S 315 MC0652

ZIESSLER AZ MK MC0508 (1943)

Z 174 MC0181


4 of a kind

20 points + 5 points old = 25 points

WILLARD MC0210 (1934)





Total for this submission = 83 points

Edited by GrizzFlyer

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