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New Dorkfish Karma Geocoins Available

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I ordered 2 coins from the site. I love both the Karma coin and my dorkfish coin. I am unable to activate my dorkfish coin. I went to coincodes.com and hit the dorkfish icon and entered in my tracking number, but it says "We were unable to locate your tracking number.

Click here to try again. "

. Help. :laughing:


Woodland Clan

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Yeah, got my coin yesterday & it is beautiful!!! Sad thing is I'm having some trouble trying to activate it. Have tried www.coincodes.com & www.castlecoinsandpins.com. I send an e-mail. So now I will wait patiently until she gets back from GW5 & thats okay because I can still look at it.


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Dorkfish (Karma) is heading to GW5 so untill she returns the stock is removed from her site as she will not be able to ship, This note is posted on the HOME page.


Welcome to Dorkfish Coins!





I'm heading to GW5, site will be back up on May 31st!





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Hi folks :anibad: Sorry I've been on the road and just have now had a chance to sit down & read through the forums. As far as the V1 Dorkfish coin goes - I am waiting for Coins & Pins to load the activation codes into coincodes.com. I just sent them another email so hopefully it will be done very soon.


I am always up for a trade for those looking to get my Karma coin. Check out my seeking list at the link below. Or just contact me, you never know what I may trade for :o


Thanks Glenn for the post :D Like Glenn said, I'm attending GW5 & I quickly sold out of the coins I allocated for the website while I was on the road. Once I return home, May 31st, I'll activate everything on the site again. I still have enough of everything, I'm not sold out. So don't pay the ridiculous ebay prices for my coins :D And if I have any extra Karma glow coins (don't hold your breath) I will put those on my site on May 31st also. So keep your eyes peeled :anibad:


Thanks for all the wonderful comments. I really enjoy reading them and getting emails :o



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