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Is it something to do with dates of birth and your age in the second of each of the years mentioned?


I think you are right: 2nd year minus birth year gives age in the second year: 2025-1980 = 45 and so on....


That seems part of the answer, but I cannot help but think that is too simple. The age must be something to do with it, however what, I do not know.

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I suspected it might be the Queen (Elizabeth II) as monarch of the UK and (ceremonial?) head of state of a republic somewhere else (e.g. a former colony), with Jamaica being my best guess. However, a quick check revealed that Jamaica remains a monarchy (albeit independent from UK).

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All good guesses but all monarchies but not republics. If I told you the role changes hands this month....

In that case, I'll guess at Francoise Hollande (Premier of France), soon to be superseded by Emanuel Macron as I suspect that the Premier of France is a de-facto joint monarch of Andorra (it originally being the King of France until the French Revolution). IIRC the other monarch was the King of Catalonia and so is/was a monarch of both territories.

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Thanks. FWIW, we have friends who lived in Catalonia for a while -- which was where I (apparently incorrectly) heard that the King of Catalonia was one of the joint monarchs. Your hint that the role was about to change suggested the head of state of France as the other.


For the next ding, what is the modern-day 'national' emblem of Catalonia?

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I thought I'd set an easy question (I guess that they're all easy if you know the answer!) However, the lack of response suggests otherwise. I was going to authorise Googling, but I just tried and Google is of limited help if any. :(


So I'll set an alternative question -- this time on astronomy. What is the name of the space telescope planned to launch in October next year to orbit the Sun at the second Earth/Sun Lagrange point?

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The James Webb space telescope?


With a (compound) primary mirror of 6.5 metres, the James Webb telescope has over seven times the light-gathering capability of the Hubble telescope. Unlike the Hubble, there is currently no way to get astronauts out to fix it if they didn't get it right first time since it won't be in Earth orbit.


For anyone who's interested, the unofficial national emblem of Catalonia is the Catalan Donkey -- you see these stuck to the backs of cars etc. all over Catalonia in place of the Catillian Bull seen in much of the rest of Spain.


Over to me N u

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