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I think you're talking about the large horse head sculptures, I think they're based on some mythical sea creature, and IIRC they're at the same place that has the big waterwheel canal boat lift, but I can't remember the name of the place.


Yep, right on all counts. As you have been precise with the canal lift detail I'll let you off not specifying Falkirk



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Thanks. Another construction toy, pre-dating Lego but discontinued from the 1960s, was invented by Charles Plimpton in the 1930s, and involved creating buildings with plastic bricks, doors, windows etc, held in place by vertical metal rods. What was it called?


Don't remember, but I do remember playing with it as a kid when I visited my aunty who had a box full of it.

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isn't it what they call the red inflateable arches marking distances to the finish of stages in the Tour de France?


More correctly marking the last kilometre - but its a maillot jaune and a ding to Sharpeset!!


Merci :) sticking tenuously with the cycling theme: Queen released Bicycle Race as a double A-sided single in 1978. What track was on the other A-side?

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