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The All New All New Groundspeak UK Pub Quiz

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I suspect that Hellfire1917 is looking for the Quarrymen (who, as a different lineup, later became the Beatles). Their first recording included Buddy Holly's "That'll be the Day" and an original by George Harrison and Paul McCartney. As just about every band of the late 50's covered at least one of Chuck Berry's songs (Johnny B. Goode, Roll Over Beethoven, etc.), I suspect that one of the Quarrymen's first three would be a Chuck Berry cover.

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Thanks. Staying with the musical theme -- for the next ding, name the resonator guitar and lap steel player who won the Country Music Association's 'Musician of the Year' award in 2002, 2005 and 2007, who co-produced the BBC 'Transatlantic Sessions' with fiddler Aly Bain, is a regular member of the band 'Union Station' and who made a cameo appearance in one of Dave Carroll's 'United Breaks Guitars' protest trilogy.

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Eek! What's a country 'god' got to do to become known to the masses?!?


About the only clue I can give is a link to Dave Carroll's site, but first it's probably worthwhile reading about Dave Carroll's experiences from a business relations point of view.


Here's the link to Dave Carroll's site. No Googling, but please feel free to follow any links on either of the pages I've linked above ;)

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A good story indeed. Dave Carroll offered to accept the $1,200 cost of repair to his guitar in flight vouchers. United refused and the resulting bad publicity wiped about 10% (about 180 million dollars) off the value of United's shares.


DING. Over to TheOldfields

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A ding for Beach_hut for spotting that Arsenal haven't played in it since they won it last year. All yours.


Thanks for the ding. Apologies for not checking back sooner, shows my confidence in my answer!


OK then, staying with the theme, who's the only non-league team to win the FA Cup (obviously not counting before there was a league)?

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Thanks for the ding it's one of those facts I just know. A bit like asking which team held the FA cup for the longest continuous time, but we've had that before!


. Sticking with the FA cup, which team has won the competition the most times?

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