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Thanks for the DING. OK - staying with flying.


On the seafront in Dover there's a statue to a famous English pioneer flyer. Who is it?


Clues for those who don't live in Dover:


He was the first pilot to make a non-stop powered flight across the English Channel and back.

He was the first Briton to be killed in an aeronautical accident with a powered aircraft.

He was probably the first powered aircraft pilot to smoke a cigarette in flight, having successfully rolled and lit it in the air.


Edits - to include the phrase "powered" and "powered aircraft" to disqualify early balloonists.

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You are correct -- it wasn't Sir Ranulph Fiennes!


For info, the flight took 120 calendar days (80 flying days) in 1998 and was documented in a BBC series first aired in 1999 and repeated on Discovery channels several times since. The flight set a world record, beating the previous World record of 175 days for circumnavigation in an open-cockpit, single-engined aircraft set in 1924.

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I guess that we don't have as many microlight enthusiasts as I at first thought. To keep the thread moving, I'll authorise Googling. Please feel free to use an Internet search engine to help answer this question.

In that case, the gentleman concerned is Brian Milton. :)

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Milton Keynes maybe?


In a roundabout way, you're right. (See what I did there?)


Ding to Sharpeset.


Thanks! Don't get me started on MK roundabouts!


Near to MK is a music venue closely associated with a recently-deceased legendary jazz musician. For the ding name either the venue, the musician, or his wife...

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Thanks for the DING. I know nothing about Jazz, but remember the names Johnny Dankworth and Cleo Laine from my school days. I know nothing about MK either, beyond the fact that the trains I take to Euston sometimes stop there. So I'm going to ask about a different town.


I'm writing this in France, in the town of Epernay, which is the centre of the production of.......... What?

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They were there mascots used at the 2012 Geolympix mega event in Oxford, organised by the originator of this post, SimplyPaul. No, hang on a minute, I think it was that much smaller gathering in London, in the same year with a similar name - The Summer Olympics.

I started reading your answer, and was thinking you have it wrong.

But then reading further I began to chuckle to myself.

That’s a ding to you

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Depending on variant, copper with up to 30% tin. Some variants have other metals .. e.g. Ni Al Br also has nickel and aluminium in addition to copper and tin.


Edited to add: I suspect that my answer might not be complete enough Ni Al Br is only one variant. Other possible metals alloyed with copper and tin to form bronzes are phosphorous, iron, arsenic, silver etc. Even zinc can be included in a bronze (although copper and zinc usually make brass). Basically, copper alloyed with anything other than just zinc is a bronze.


If you really meant, "which metals make up the bronze used to make Olympic bronze medals?", IIRC this is usually an alloy of copper and tin with a small amount of zinc added to make the alloy easier to cast.

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Having just watched the recent Poldark series that I recorded a while back, they were complaining about copper being mined more cheaply in Wales So I'll have a guess that it was somewhere on the South Wales coast... Swansea?

The issue wasn't that copper was mined more cheaply in Wales (which AFAICT doesn't have any significant copper deposits). The issue was that South Wales had the coal. As more coal than copper ore is required to smelt copper, it made economic sense to ship the ore to Wales rather than import coal into Cornwall -- and the smelters rather than the miners dictated the price of ore.


That said, Swansea was indeed nicknamed Copperopolis -- so a very rapid DING to Pharisee and commiserations to dodgydaved!

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Forget it, wrong answer. I also googled after posting - Ive never heard of it.


I had no clue from the first question and was still non the wiser with the hint.

so I have goggled the answer and I have never heard of the film. :(


I'd always considered it one of the classic spy films.... You should watch it!!

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:rolleyes: Not Alice Cooper :(


Although they divorced in the mid 1960's, Les Paul's wife was also his partner on stage and in the recording studio for well over a decade. They had a string of hits in the 1950s that included Tenessee Walz, Mocking Bird Hill, Bye Bye Blues, Lady of Spain, I'm Sitting on Top of the World, Vaya Con Dios and How High the Moon.

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