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I think a rope goes more perpendicular to the ship's lenght to stop it moving sideways away from the dock and a spring goes fore and aft to prevent it moving forwards and backwards along the berth. Not sure though.


If this is correct please set the next question for me as ironicallyI will be able to find out first hand tomorrow.

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Close enough. A head rope goes from the bow and leads forward; a stern rop goes from the stern and leads aft; breast ropes are perpendicular. A head spring goes from the bow and leads aft; an after spring goes from the stern and leads forward. So, DING (and bon voyage, I suspect!)


You've asked for someone else to set the next question. So changing topic, what links Stéphane Grappelli, Giuseppe Guarneri and Nicolo Amati?

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DING to Sharpeset!


Stéphane Grapelli was a famous jazz violinist. Nicolo Amati was one of the famous violin makers of Cremona and the grandson of the person who pretty much invented the violin by adding a fourth string. Giuseppe Guarneri was also from Cremona and made violins at about the same time as Antonio Stradivari. Some rate Guarnerius violins over Stradivarius instruments.


Over to Sharpeset...

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Ooh, ooh sir sir ( or possibly miss , miss !)

At last, after dropping by here many many times and only ever seeing questions I can answer after someone else has got them ... I (vaguely) know this one !

Its a monument to Nelson I think, up a hill somewhere near Monmouth in Wales ... one of those things built from public subscriptions.Theres a cache around there and I looked at the listing when I was visiting the area a while ago, but never got to any outside Monmouth itself.

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I'm going to award the 'Ding!' to @hal-an-tow, as they're close enough.


The Naval Temple is located on The Kymin, just outside Monmouth, and is a monument to a variety of Admirals and Vice Admirals.


Nelson and other visited in 1802, and that event is commemorated by the cache I think you might be try to recall, 'Breakfast with Emma and Horatio',


Over to you for the next question.

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Thank you for that slightly muffled ding for being close , that was indeed the cache I'd looked at.


New question then:

Richard Dawkins and the 4th Dr Who (the long scarf & jelly baby one), who or what is the link ?


Something in the back of my brain is telling me that Rickard Dawkins is/was married to a Dr Who actress and I know Tom Baker married one of his companions in real life - I'm going to speculate this was the same person?

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Beach_hut (ah , we meet again ! My question puzzled you far less than your puzzle caches confounded me :lol: ) gets a very fast nerdtastic ding there.


The actress Lalla Ward was a 4th Dr Who companion and later married Tom Baker who played that version of the character.

Later on she was introduced to my hero Richard Dawkins by their mutual friend (and another hero) Douglas Adams. They got married

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A complete guess - did the lady who played 'Jane' in Rainbow also appear in Dr Who?


I'll give you the Ding for that - it's not the connection I had in mind, but it's certainly correct.


I was thinking of Peter Hawkins, who was both the original voice of the Daleks, and the original voice of Zippy.


Over to YY :)

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I love Rube Goldberg machines. They're overly complicated ways of achieving a simple task -- and there are competitions to see who can come up with the most steps, most elegant way etc. e.g. a machine that has rolling balls, dominoes, string-connected elevators etc. to turn the release of a single ball into the raising of a flag. In UK, these are better known as "Heath-Robinson" after the cartoons that illustrated them.

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Thanks. Perhaps better known is the Honda Commercial for the Accord:

. I'm fascinated by the lateral thinking that goes into some of those machines.


For the next ding, a change of subject -- a picture question this time: You can see the stump of an old lighthouse in the picture below alongside the present-day lighthouse that replaced it. Where can you see the tower that used to sit on top of the stump?



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