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The All New All New Groundspeak UK Pub Quiz

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Cheers Marty!


(When I was a lad I am sure the blocks of flats on Jordanthorp estate nr Sheffield were nickenamed after these three!!)


Sticking with the Bard, what was the name of the acting company he belonged to for most of his career? (It actually had two similar names, either being sufficient for the DING)


(typo :( )

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I've checked out the original thread started in 2006 and the rules are:


Rule 1 - No googling!


Rule 2 - Try and keep your question at the level someone in a pub quiz might be able to answer...


(Forgetting that Rule 2 is, IMHO broken at times) I can see no reference to not being allowed to ask your sister!! :)


I have your PM and you are correct so should you feel like posting it before anyone else does...... ;):);)

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Staying with the same theme: it's reasonably well-known that Shakespeare's longest play is Hamlet (followed by two other tragedies: Coriolanus and Cymbelene). The three shortest are all comedies - name any of them.


(As it happens, I was talking to my sister-in-law last night on the phone, but decided against asking her what she knew about Shakespeare!)

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FWIW, my guestimate is:


Theresa May (Conservative)

Nigel Farage (UK Independence Party)

Nick Clegg (Liberal Democrats)

David Cameron (Conservative)

Edward Miliband (Labour)

Nichola Sturgeon (Scottish Nationalist Party)

Harriet Harman (Labour)


Although I suspect that Joluc and SP's answers are much closer to public opinion!

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Think I have the same as crb....


Natalie Bennett (Green)

Nigel Farage (UKIP)

Nick Clegg (Lib Dem)

David Cameron (Con)

Ed Miliband (Lab)

Nicola Sturgeon (SNP)

? (must be Plaid Cymru I think)


Do I get bonus points for asking why you've not mentioned Al Murray (FUKP)?


DING to TheOldfields, the last one is Leanne Wood of Plaid Cymru. As for why no FUKP leader, well I lifted the picture straight from the BBC news site, so blame them for the political bias :P

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(At least according to my calculations) there are only four points in England from which it is not theoretically possible to see a higher point, assuming a clear enough day and ignoring issues of tree cover, buildings on the summit etc. The southernmost is High Willhays on Dartmoor - Exmoor is just high enough to block line of sight to the south Wales peaks.


In which county is the northernmost?


EDIT: corrected question as per notes below

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I think it probably is, but it isn't in England. I'm looking for the northernmost of the four in England.


I should point out also that I've disregarded everything under 10m (since I didn't have accurate enough data) - there are certainly parts of the Fens where a 9m high hill would satisfy the conditions.

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No - you need a clear day, but you can see the Lake District (Scafell Pike is 83 miles), and (at least in theory) at least three Munros - Ben Lawers, Ben Vorlich and Stob Binnein.


A hint: you're looking for something much lower (which stops you being able to see so far).

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Lets have another go, then... There a trig point on the top of the Gog Magog hills, in Wandlebury Park just southeast of Cambridge. It's claimed that if you look north from there, the next higher point is over the north pole in Russia. Not sure about the other directions but it's all pretty flat around there. Is that one of the places you're looking for?

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No... that's local to me and you can see much higher ground to the SW.


This is much harder than I thought, so here's a more specific hint. The place in question is between 100 and 150m high, it's called "Hill" and there's nothing else as high within about 40 miles.

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