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Thanks, both to CnJnA and to Simply Paul.


To be honest, the answer came as a bit of a surprise as, to an engineer, a blueprint is something very different to an initial sketch! Strictly, a blueprint is a copy of a technical drawing or other document made by overlaying the original drawing, which is drawn on transparency or tracing paper, onto a medium (paper, vellum, linen, etc.) that is coated with a light-sensitive compound that turns blue when exposed to light. Light (sometimes visible, sometimes UV) is shone through the original, and then the copy is washed to remove all the compound that hasn't turned blue. The result is a negative image of the original drawing (i.e. white lines on a blue background). Sometimes, the term "blueprint" is used to refer to the formal specification of an engineering product or construction project, which comes from the copies that left the drawing office originally being made by the blueprint process.


That said, for the ding, what (as applied to automotive engineering) is meant by the term "blueprinting"?

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That said, for the ding, what (as applied to automotive engineering) is meant by the term "blueprinting"?


I believe it's when an assembly, (usually the engine), is stripped to it's component parts and re-assembled making certain that all components are machined to exactly the correct size and that all clearances are exactly to specification. i.e.... that everythig is exactly as per the 'blueprint'.

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Close enough for the DING!


Every dimension is given a nominal size together with a tolerance. For example, if the nominal size is 12.50 mm and the tolerance is 0.05 mm, then the finished size is deemed acceptable if it's in the range of 12.45 mm to 12.55 mm. Blueprinting is usually achieved by selecting components that are the closest available to the nominal size, and so implicitly dimensionally as close to optimal as possible.


Over to Parisee...

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That's pretty much correct and I'll give the 'DING' to Clue-72.

Ira Hayes was was a native American, belonging to the Pima tribe of Arizona. He was in the U.S. Marine Corps and was one of the six men to raise the American flag on Iwo Jima. After the war he became an alcoholic and died of cold and alcohol poisoning after an all night binge in 1955. He was buried, with full military honours, in Arlington National Cemetery.

Some would say that his true claim to fame was the fact that Johnny Cash sung a song about him! :D

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"Biggles: Adventures In Time" I think.
A rip-snorting chocks-away of a Ding for a film containing such tally-ho and pip-pip dialogue as:


[Debbie and Chuck enter Jim's hotel room to find Jim dressed as a nun, and with a gun on the chair]

Chuck: Religious Transvestite Bank robber. That one's not even in the book.




Biggles: Quick! Untie us before they realise you're not a God, you're just an American.


To say nothing of:


[Having travelled to 1986, Biggles has climbed behind the controls of a police helicopter]

Jim Ferguson: You can't fly this. You don't know how.

Biggles: If you can fly a Sopwith Camel, you can fly anything.


Over to you!

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A youth spent watching cricket on TV when I wasn't outdoors playing cricket or watching other sport on TV.


In a similar vein, and because it's one of the best theme tunes ever, Pete Shelley of the Buzzcocks.is credited with which classic C4 theme tune from the 1980s.

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Gave birth on two Friday 13ths in a year?
Good thought but nope. It's related thematically to the previous question.
Cycling can make your bits burt. Giving birth twice in a year hurts...? Ok, I missed there was a link. Since German reunification happened in 1990 (the wall 'fell' in November '89) I know the Duckers can't be right. '88 was an Olympic year though, so did she win every Olympic heat and race she entered that year? (Doesn't quite fit with the wording of the question though. Humm...)
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