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Ding dodgydaved - that didn't take long


Ok it was cup final day (respect to Wigan).


The 1946 Cup Final was special for several reasons: (Derby County 4 -1 Charlton Athletic)


The 1st after WWII. The teams were given bronze medals and gold medals later - shortage of gold - so the first time teams had 2 medals.


The first where the same person scored for both sides: Bert Turner OG then scored for Charlton:


But........what else unusual happened?............

The longest holders of the FA Cup (Portsmouth) finally gave it up after holding it for 6 years?


Not what I had in mind :(

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The two bridges aren't in Gloucestershire, or Berkshire.



The Roman name for Staines was something like Pontes - so I'll plump for Staines and Richmond.


(Mind I'm away for a few weeks so in the unlikely eventuality I am correct someone else will have to take my go........)

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One of them has a battle named after it - and 2 historically separate sets of defenses/earthworks - some of which were investigated on Time Team.


The other one has a name opposite to that in the original question.


I asked for 2 rather than the oldest because there's some dispute about which has priority.

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One of the bridges at Radcot is very old - I remember it from camping nearby when I was a kid. Dates from the 13th century if I remember rightly. The other one is Newbridge.


Ding to Betelgeuse !


The Radcot bridge has had a battle named after it, and also has earthworks from the time of Stephen and Matilda, as well as during the Civil War.

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