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I'm addicted to contests

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Yep one more, but I am headed out after posting this and wont be back for a couple hours, we're grilling out at my in laws, yummy!


I always seem to forget rules, so for this one 3 guesses per person and if you have won one of my contests in the past you are not eligible to win this one (sorry).


Which Beanie baby shares my birth date? (not year)


Another Mystery Geocoin prize to the winner! See ya in a bit!

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I say it's the 4rth of July beanie baby bear -Patriotic Bear. There have also been others beanie babies with that same birthdate. i.e. Glory, and Puffkin elephant.


The label should read on one of them:


Date of Birth:July 4th, 2000

From the land of liberty

Comes this bear for you and me

Proud to wear red, white and blue

He’ll be a special friend to you!

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Too slow, but the answer is January 6th and Patti the Platypus.


You and Chris share the same bday!


Oh yes, I remember the birthday cartoon posting frenzy for Chris. That was fun! Too bad Yime beat you to it.


Nope--the cartoon posting frenzy was for me--my birthday is January 1st, and the posting was all done on New Year's Eve! :blink:

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