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Logs that made you laugh? Post some of yours!

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I have had some pretty funny logs on caches, one hit me really recently that caused me to laugh quite a bit, here it is:


[1,132] With sfwife for #4 of 15 finds on a fantastic day--sure makes a [bIG] difference when we used our bikes to get around the Park from one hide to another! Last time we were here in Flatwoods was in the summer; heck of alot cooler now!! Found with no problems; VERY NICE CACHE CONTAINER in a very nice location--[well done!!]; coords were spot on!! (GC War Story)..A jogger passed us as we were dismounting from our bikes to hunt this hide, turned his head and said "by the tree trunk"...and just kept on jogging until out of sight...I was so surprised I almost dropped the durn Garmin--LOL!! Sfwife and I nodded sagely--thanked the gentleman--and went to hunt. Hope all GC had a very Merry Christmas and all y'all have a Happy [safe] New Years 2007!!!

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This one always makes me laugh :rolleyes::wub:


August 14, 2006 by whistler & co. (651 found)

Does a bear poop in the woods? You betcha!!! Apparently about ten feet from part 6 of this cache is the place! Whistler finally finished Got Skills (humming "I get by with a little help from my friends..." the whole time), but not before having a close encounter of the unwanted kind. Just as he approached the final part, he spotted a big old bear sniffing around. Not wanting to alert the bear with the beep from the camera, he didn't attempt to take any photos. However, just as he moved to a more concealed location, his ever-helpful Garmin beeped to alert both him and the bear that he was "off course"! Fortunately, the bear was not interested in dinner so much as in attending to his toilette (literally), and after finishing his (big pile of) business, he moseyed off up the mountain. Whistler quickly logged in, snapped a pic of the final part, grabbed two whistles (never have enough of those), and tossed in $2. When he got home, I asked him why he didn't grab the geocoin, and suggested he run back up and get it, but he said he is DONE and intends to STAY DONE with this cache. After several visits, lots of bottled water, numerous hints, and copious amounts of swearing, we're happy to say this one has been FOUND! Yay! Can't wait to hit GS2 and GS3! This time we'll ALL have to experience the joy! Whistler says thanks for an unforgettable caching experience.


GCTGQB "Got Skills?"

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May 5, 2006 by Geofamily_extended (85 found)

Here is an interesting search I think some might enjoy. I set off for my first night cache with one of my favorite Uncle's in town from Ohio. Neither of us know what we are looking for... so here we go. I found the first two glints without a problem - then the third one.... we look and look and look for the next one (hoping it will be the two glints together as described so we can go home), to no avail. When I am just about ready to give up, there it is - the next one. OK - so we are on the right track - but which way do we go now.... what does it mean. Stay focused.. so what if you watched every scary movie when you were 13 - none of that really happens... Oops, what was that noise. We split off in two directions... then he says - come here - I see two glints together... sure enough, I point my flashlight in the same direction and there they are.... must be it - lets trek up the hill.

NOW, where was that spot we were looking at??? Can't find anything now that we went back up.... back down we go - I try with everything to find those two glints again while he heads down another direction.... wait - I see them, "UNCLE - get over here!!" Then, the glints moved... then they moved again. Holy cow, it is a cat.... we are still in a disagreement as to what type of cat it is.... I have an alarmist personality and tell the story that it was certainly a cougar - my Uncle believes it was probably siamese. Anyway, I decided to leave that cache for someone else before I deposited a cache of my own - I WAS SO SCARED!!! This was probably my last night cache... maybe not... we'll see!! Got the blood pumping anyway! Thanks for the search!!

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This is one I did this summer:



July 31, 2006 by Tallahassee Lassie (171 found)

What an adventure! I took my sister, neice, and two kids on a day of geocaching. We hit some of the others in this park and thought this would be easy to do. We ended up bushwhacking for about 300 feet through the swamp, the sticker bushes (I was in shorts), the locusts, the rain, and goodness knows how many unseen snakes. We finally get to GZ, and search for must have been about 45 minutes. After all that trouble, we certainly didn't want to give up. The kids finally gave up and headed out, but the two adults stayed back and looked for a few more minutes. We just couldn't find it. It was a disappointment, since this is my introducation of caching to my sister. Once we get home, I look the listing up ,and discover that I put the WRONG COORDINATES in the GPSr. I was off by .080 on the north coordinate. Shhhh. Don't tell anyone, ok? I wouldn't want them to know that we did all that for nothing. I have got to get myself one of the GPSr's that I can hook to the computer!


My bad :laughing:

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[upload an image for this log]

April 12, 2005 by Lemon Fresh Dog (110 found)

Well....thought I would try again. This time I came at it from the top -- which would have been okay until I came aross some ancient fence -- which also would have been okay if my dog Ruby wasn't in tow.

So, I have to convince Ruby that she is still a puppy (70lb huskyX puppy) and lift her over the fence.


That goes okay -- she's just excited because the last time we looked she found some dead thing and ate it. This time I see garbage and bones -- no dead things (I wouldn't have been surprised to see a hand sticking out of the ground) It was getting darker and we returned to an all to familiar place.


Evidence of my last visit remained. As I search the base of trees, I will leave a stick against the tree to indicate that the search was completed. This time, however, I am armed with the knowledge gained from looking at the photo gallery -- so why can't I find it???? I've decided to wait on this one and add it to my watch list. No more looking until someone else posts a find.

[view/edit logs/images on a separate page]



[upload an image for this log]


April 12, 2005 by Lemon Fresh Dog (110 found)

Great! Now I see that it has been found recently -- okay -- tomorrow -- I'm getting this one tomorrow.....

[view/edit logs/images on a separate page]


April 14, 2005 by Lemon Fresh Dog (110 found)

Ha-HA! Found it at last! Not only did I find the cache while walking Ruby, not only did I approach the cache from the correct path, but I have discovered the new, patented, LFD cache-o-matic method of finding caches!!!!

Do you look for logs in a pattern inconsistent with deadfall? -- nope

Do you look into the rotting holes in trees -- nope

Do you look under logs, into stumps, or behind a rock which is mysteriously standing upright between two other rocks? - nope, nope, nope!


You look for the other geocachers!


As I approached the cache, I heard voices. Thinking to myself "great...some kids are drinking here and I'll have to come back another day" -- I looked at two gentlemen with an ice-cream bucket. Now....this isn't to say that kids today might not like a little ice-cream with their booze, but I know that most kids that are hiding in the woods to drink would probably choose a far more exotic flavour than the one these two where holding the container for.


It's true. How many adults do YOU know that actually drink peach this, strawberry that, pina whatchamacallit.... Once you have gotten a little tipsey on any sort of sweet drink you simply stop for the remainder of your life. Don't believe me? Try drinking a bottle of apricot brandy some night.....


I digress.


So... I yell up "Hey....you guys geocaching!" -- I figure they will either yell back "go away freak!" or "yes" or maybe both. Turns out they WERE geocaching and had found the cache. So I said hello and gave them each a Calgary Geocaching Coin, because they were unaware of our dynamic little community and the wonderful resources that we have on our forum and in our geocaching commeraderie.


In some ways I am very happy, but in some ways I am also a little sad. This was my third attempt at this cache.... I figured that tonight I would get it for sure on my own (I must say, the coordinates of N51 03.114 W114 07.940 were bang-on. My GSPr gave the same results +/- 17m at the cache site though) Therefore, I somehow feel I didn't *earn* it as much. But to heck with that! I'm logging it. I mean .... it's been found by everyone else BUT me..... even XRN95 and J2D2 somehow managed to stumble over it <--- that's a joke by the way!


It's logged. Onward!

[view/edit logs/images on a separate page]

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From a cache I hid called Skinny-Mini


where do i start , after making 3 runs at this cache , giving up 4 hours of overtime pay at work , missing about 6 hours of sleep , got sick from caching in the rain , said a whole of dirty words , and not to mention i drove my caching buddy crazy , MY NAME IS ON THE LOG , yes ladies and gentlemen , I FOUND IT , this is one i'll remember for a very long time , we had fun trying to find this one , the first day searching we had the pleasure of meeting the owner which seemed to be a pleasant sort of fella , but after seeing how he hid this cache i ain't so sure now , just kiddin , if you like a good challenge you have got to go after this one , i can't say a lot about the cache itself in fear i would give it away , it is there and for a small fee i will come and show it to you ,ha ha , enough yacking , thanks for the cache and i will be looking forward to seeing your next "desktop cache"

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Here's 2 logs I posted a few months ago. First attempt was DNF, and the second attempt we found it. Actually it was a multi and we found the first stage on the first attempt.


The cache is called 'Hitchhiker's Guide to the Playground" and it's got a "space" theme... we're searching for the crash site of a space ship. Some cachers keep that theme when logging their visit - and I kept with that. The cache is owned by a good friend of mine - he got a chuckle out of it too.


The cache page can be found here:




October 23, 2006 by JennM (21 found)

There must have been some atmospheric interference today, and it scrambled my Tricorder signal. My Dilithium Crystals were low after a day of caching, and I couldn't quite lock the Phaser on my target. Perhaps my atoms were already too scrambled...


We'd already been out caching earlier, and we beamed James up after school. Em-Dawg had lots of homework and did not join us for this one.


We found the refuelling tube twice but nearly missed the micro containing the vital information pertaining to the crash site. After some more careful inspection, we did locate the second set of co-ordinates, but our intergalactic luck ran out there.


We were unable to locate the missing landing party. I'd bet the Starfleet Ensign we've never seen before with the red shirt on was the one that crashed the Shuttle Craft. I'm fairly sure we found the appropriate wreckage, but there were no signs of survivors. I did not have akortz' channel in my Communicator or I would have signaled him for a hint. James inspected the crash site more carefully than I did, however he was not able to locate any survivors. The tree cover also interfered with our Tricorder signals, which wouldn't settle down. We were going to run out of daylight soon, and had to return to the Enterprise to beam up Em-Dawg for a trip to the food replicator, so we will have to return another day to try again.


Live long, and prosper.


JennM, JT and James (And Em-Dawg who was on Shore Leave)


Here's our "sequel"...


October 24, 2006 by JennM (21 found)

Last night I sent a subspace message to akortz concerning my failure to locate the missing landing party. With a bit of a clue, and Dilitium Crystals recharged, I assembled a smaller Away Team today to resume the mission. JT and I returned to the crash site, and with a small amount of effort, located our target! TN,LN,SL.


This was our second of 3 today - and we were 3/3 on the day!






JennM & JT

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August 24, 2004 by drat19 (1819 found)

In town on business.

Well, this turned out to be a disturbing experience.


First of all, I worked out the apparent coordinates beforehand, and they took me to an appropriately-named park, so I was feeling confident.


I arrived at the park, and followed my arrow into wooded territory a bit tougher than the 1-star terrain rating, but I mounted a brief search anyway, and failed to find the clues nor the cache.


At that point, 2 roughly-8-yr-old little boys entered the woods and came up to me, and I said a friendly hello, but otherwise tried to keep my distance, as at age 40 and 6'3" and 300 lbs, I probably fit the exact demographic profile of a child-stalker...and here I am, in a quiet neighborhood park, alone, wandering around doing 'something weird' in the woods.


One of the boys seemed relieved that I was apparently friendly...he commented that his friend thought I was a 'bad guy'. All I could think was: That's PRECISELY how child-stalkers get their prey! The other boy then commented that he and his friend were on their way to their 'special hiding place', which he pointed to as being a couple hundred feet further into the woods. Again I'm thinking to myself, 'Oh my God, this kid trusts this big stranger alone in the woods and tells him where their 'special hiding place' is?? This is a news story and amber alert waiting to happen, and I don't want to see a composite sketch of me on the TV News as a suspect!'


I decided to get as far away from these kids as possible, otherwise I'd probably be writing this from a jail cell after having been mistakenly arrested for child-stalking! (The bright red car that Avis rented me this week wouldn't help matters any!) I retreated back to the main area of the park and re-read the cache page and some previous logs, and realized I must have goofed up one or more of the coord puzzles. I started visually scouting around for the correct location, and at that point a Mom came running into the park and into the woods to retrieve her little boy.


At that point I elected to let this cache pass, and I jumped into my car and got the heck outta there. As I was driving off I saw the Mom walking her little boy back to their house. I don't know what became of the other boy.


I'm always uncomfortable as a solo cacher with my physical and demographic characteristics when I drive up to a location and discover it's a park where small kids like to play. This one here is as close as I've come to where it could have been a real problem. I'm just glad I was able to recognize how the circumstantial evidence might have looked if something worse had happened (by someone else), and got outta there. I also hope that Mom has a long talk with her kid about 'friendly strangers in the woods'.


-Dave R., Biloxi, MS


August 26, 2004 by drat19 (1819 found)

I made a drive-by attempt on this one again this evening, after my debacle on Aug 24.

No kids visible this time around, but a couple (adults) sitting at the nearby picnic table, with no plans to move along. I tried the ol' 'wait out the muggles and WILL them to get the h*ll outta there' technique from my car, but they didn't catch the vibe. Had to drive away.


I MAY make another attempt at this next week in order to get a payoff for working the puzzle, but I fear this may be one of those 'cursed caches' for this cacher (we all have 'em!).


-Dave R., Biloxi, MS


August 30, 2004 by drat19 (1819 found)

Back in town on business.

If you haven't read my adventures on this cache from last week, please scroll down to my logs all the way back to Aug 24, first. (And note well that in the middle of all this, another cacher came along and found this cache with no problem and no incident.)


The saga continues. Armed with further scouting reports that apparently the coords might be a little off on this one (depending on sat conditions), I returned to this cache yet again hoping for (finally!) a quick grab. I made this my first stop of the evening after work in Union Cross. It would turn out to be my last stop of the evening.


A torrential downpour started while I was driving here, about halfway to this location. I drove through it, figuring it would probably let up by the time I got here. Upon my arrival, it was still pouring down rain, and would you believe there was a geomuggle in place. However, luckily, he was merely taking shelter from the rain under the picnic table canopy. As the rain started to subside a few minutes later, he indeed walked off.


OK, so now I've got the park to myself, there are no geomuggles or kids or anything to keep me from finally getting this cache off my list...or so I thought.


I approached the apparent hide area, scoping out a couple of possible hide spots near the road, and didn't spot it. However, I spotted a likely hide spot just down the hill from street level and across the trail below. There was a bit of flooding on the trail, but it appeared I had a spot where I could cross. I scooted down the hill and stepped onto the "dirt" crossing.


Well, the "dirt" crossing turned out to be a layer of brown dirt/dust all right...ON TOP OF WAIST DEEP WATER!! Let me repeat that: WAIST DEEP WATER!!! Now I've been to this park 3 times already...I don't remember a 3-foot-deep low point at this spot...what the heck is up with THIS?? So anyway, I'm waist deep in this muck, in utter stunned disbelief. (Luckily, I did think to change to my caching pants and boots before leaving the office...at least I haven't destroyed a pair of work slacks.) I managed to push off on a nearby tree and scoot back up onto the hill, propping myself up with said tree.


So now I'm standing there trying to figure out how to get up the rest of this rather steep hill without falling back down into the WAIST DEEP WATER!! (Needless to say, on this 1-star terrain cache, I elected to leave my hike/pokey stick in my rental car.) I studied my options and decided to try to push off with the tree and hope to reach a nearby hanging tree branch, and hope it'll hold my 300 lbs long enough and strongly enough to allow me to pull myself up.


Thankfully, I reached it on the push-off, and somehow it held. I pulled myself up, finished scaling the hill back up to the street, and walked (sloshed!) my way back to my rental car, just shaking my head and muttering to myself over and over again, 'OH. MY. GOD. OH. MY. GOD. ... ...'.


Now I've gotta figure out how to drive back to my hotel without soaking my car seat, because I don't want to drive around in this rental car all week on a wet seat. I study my belongings (haven't checked into my hotel for the week yet at this point) and decide to empty out my knapsack and use it as a seat cushion.


I arrive at my hotel and have to wait behind 4 of the SLOWEST PEOPLE in the WHOLE EFF'ING WORLD, evidently trying to negotiate a mortgage while checking in to the hotel...so that wet wedgie I have is just feeling ever more delightful every minute. I also have to stand amidst this throng of people, holding my head up high, with all pride and no shame, with my wet pants slapped up against my body, and my shirt all grimy, and no doubt smelling just delightful as well.


I finally check in, grab a shower, change clothes, and bring my pants to the hotel's clothes dryer (thank goodness they have one!), and call it a night.




-Dave R., Biloxi, MS


August 31, 2004 by drat19 (1819 found)

Re my Aug 30 log below: I have since been informed/reminded by the locals about the CREEK at that low spot, which I conveniently forgot about!!

-Dave R., Biloxi, MS


August 31, 2004 by drat19 (1819 found)

Still in town on business.

If you have not read all the logs leading up to this triumph, I URGE you to scroll down, and use the 'View All Logs' link if needed, all the way back to Aug 24.


Victory at last!! Y'all didn't think this compulsive traveling cacher was ready to give up yet, didja?


I got off work a bit late this evening, so I didn't even plan to do any caching today...except for a stop here. I didn't even change into my now-dry (see logs below) caching pants and boots. I got additional intel from the cache hider as well as several local helpers who evidently realized from my previous logs what a pathetic excuse for a cacher I've been on this one.


Upon my arrival at the site for the 4th time, yesterday's flooding had indeed subsided, and the creek which I had forgotten about was indeed right where I now remembered it from my first visit. Furthermore, the cache was also indeed right where I had overlooked it on my first visit, and right where I intended to look again for it on yesterday's visit.


With no onlookers this time, I retrieved the cache, brought it over to the nearby picnic area for processing (TNLNSL, and by the way the cache was still damp and could probably use an owner maint visit), and returned it to its hide spot.


Thanks for yet another adventure on a 1-star 'gimme'.

-Dave R., Biloxi, MS

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Note that this one started the exact same day as the one above. It was not a good day.


August 24, 2004 by drat19 (1819 found)

(PART 1 of 2.)

In town on business.


So the question on everyone's mind is: How does a 1500+ Find cacher come up with a DNF on a 2-star ammo can (a rare non-micro!) that everyone else has reported was a 'quick find'?


3 words: OH. MY. GOD.


It started innocently enough. I had just finished off Honeychile's nearby puzzle Letterbox, 'Prosperity' (which also took me longer than expeced...because I'm a DIPSH*T...but that's another story!). Well, I peek down at my GPS and discover I'm less than 0.1 mile from this alleged 'Walk in the Park'. Well, it's getting to be around 8PM with darkness rapidly falling, but it's right within walking distance of my current location (my car is parked 0.25 mi away, of course!), and I'm feeling Prosperous after the just-completed cache find, and it's an ammo can everyone else has reported was a 'quick grab'...no problem, right?


OK, now's a good time for the key visual elements: I'm 6'3" and 300 lbs, and I'm carrying my hike/pokey stick, and my brand-new Garmin GPSMAP 60CS around my neck on my handy-dandy neck lanyard. The lanyard attaches onto the hook on the back of the 60CS, which in turn is attached to the battery door on the back of the unit.


I follow my GPS arrow, and for some reason it puts me in a bunch of ivy covered ground within 25 ft of the target. It's around 100 ft off the main trail so I'm out of sight of muggles, but it's also under a bit of tree canopy, so the darkness that's falling is even more dark at this spot.


I start stepping through the ivy and poking around, and run into a couple of spider webs I of course couldn't see. I flail them out of my face with my hand and pokey stick and press on.


Within 30 seconds I feel a sting/bite on the back of my neck...ouch! Then another on my arm, and then one THROUGH MY SHIRT on my back! Holy cr*p, have I stepped on a bee hive?? I start flailing through the overgrowth and overhanging tree and bush limbs out to the nearby clearing (15 ft away), slapping myself every which way to get whatever insects are biting me off me.


At the clearing, I look down and there's A SNAKE slithering by at my feet! Now, I'm a city kid, so I dunno if it's the 'bad' kind of snake, or not...and I dunno if it has just slithered by, or if it was on my pants legs, shoes, or back (!), and I've knocked it off me. All I know is that I've been getting bitten by SOMETHING(s), and now here's a SNAKE!!


So, I've got a complete case of the willies at this point, and I decide to forget about this alleged 'easy grab' cache and just cut my losses and call it an evening.




August 24, 2004 by drat19 (1819 found)

(PART 2 of 2. IMPORTANT!!! PLEASE READ PART 1 of 2, the log entry below, FIRST!)

At that point I look down at my neck lanyard. You guessed it...my brand new $500+ GPS got its battery door unhooked during all the flailing in the ivy, and I'm standing there holding a lanyard with a battery door hanging off it. Darkness is falling, and my adrenaline is already running miles per second from the stinging bites and snake sighting, and now I realize my brand new GPS is somewhere in that ivy where this fiasco began...so I've gotta get back in there and find it!


Oh, I'm a prepared traveling cacher...I travel with a high-power lithium/xenon pocket flashlight. Yep, it's sitting in my backpack in my car, parked 0.25 mi away.


So, with what little ambient light is left, I dive back into the ivy. I assess my situation and realize that if I don't make this 'Find' within 5 or 10 more minutes, I'm going to completely run out of ambient light and I'll have no choice but to retreat to my car for the flashlight for a full-darkness search. By this point, I also start feeling more of those apparent insect bites on my body...I still had never determined if I had uncovered a bee hive in there. Yep, the potential loss of my new and expensive GPS, plus the bug bites, plus the snake I had possibly pushed off my body...I don't even want to think about my pulse rate at this point. And being in the wonderful physical shape I'm in (reminder: my height/weight!), I hope I don't have a coronary at this point.


Somehow, I hear a faint 'beep' that I surmise is the 'weak sat signal' beep of my GPS, so I focus my search on that area. However, it was a single beep, and I have No Joy. All the while, I'm flailing the bugs/bites, and jumping around while poking the area with my hike/pokey stick.


Finally, after about 7 minutes, SOMEHOW I spot the shiny edge of one of the batteries, luckily still in the GPS. I found it! So, I calm down considerably.


I exit the ivy and the woods back out to the walking track. I still feel stinging/biting on me, and at that point I spot some kind of spider on my arm. Now, city kid Dave doesn't know the 'good' spiders from the 'bad' ones...all I know is that I'm getting stung and bitten and there's a spider on me. I flail again (this time with witnesses, back on the walking trail), and I THINK I've gotten it off me...but I never saw it fall off...it could have gotten tucked into my shirt sleeve, I dunno.


I flail and gyrate my way all the way back out to my car, barely calming down during this walk/run. Back in the car, I don't SEEM to have any more creatures on me person, but the bites I've already sustained are stinging at various levels of discomfort. And I can already see the welts/hives starting to form around them on my arms.


I call it a night and drive back to my hotel.


Thanks for the 'easy grab'.

-Dave R., Biloxi, MS


August 25, 2004 by drat19 (1819 found)

Referencing my Aug 24 logs below:

I have been informed that there's a different (read: correct) hook location for the neck lanyard on the back of the 60CS that I wasn't using (and didn't notice...evidently the back of that GPS is so darned big (about 6 inches-by-3-inches) that I overlooked it). I have corrected that problem.


-Mr. Dipsh*t, er, Dave R., Biloxi, MS


August 26, 2004 by drat19 (1819 found)

Well, I returned to the scene of the fiasco this evening, after my Aug 24 debacle (see logs below).

Learning from last time, I made this one a drive-up this time, and during my search I kept a firm grip on my GPS, despite the fact that I corrected my lanyard hook problem.


Tree canopy still an issue here, but I was able to make the find within around 7 minutes. TNLNSL.


Glad to conquer this one after all I went through for it!

-Dave R., Biloxi, MS

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OMG that was funny!!


I had that same waist-deep thing happen to me once - not while caching, but I was in a park, moving from one baseball diamond to another, via a "shortcut". I swear it looked like a paved path - but it was indeed a narrow but deep canal, stagnant, with grey scum uniformly covering the surface of the water. I was running from A to B, and when I saw the "sidewalk", I jumped down onto (into) the middle of it - you can imagine my surprise when I discovered it was NOT a sidewalk, but pond scum - literally!


I had some major 'splaining to do to my Mom when I caught up with her at my destination across the park. I know that wet wedgie feeling very well!



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Here's another one I posted...


January 1 by JennM (21 found)

Saw this one was new - decided to go for a FTF... no such luck. DO NOT use Google Maps for the co-ordinates on this one - it took us down a dirt road and we got *stuck* trying to turn around! Inexperience as a cacher played into this too - if I'd looked at the "bigger picture" on the map I'd have realized the error of my ways - literally! We managed to get the truck unstuck but it was touch and go for a while! I've got the mud to show for it! Without revealing any spoilers, this one has good, easy parking.


We did find the general viscinity of the cache, but the GPSr could only lead us to within about 30 ft. and no amount of bushwhacking would yield us the cache.


Will likely try again on the 2nd. I've got 2 travel bugs that want to move along, and I've had some time to think about a different approach! We were a bit pressed for time as James had his first date this afternoon, and he needed a chaperone :D


We were 4/6 on the day nonetheless!


JennM, JT, Em-Dawg & James


When we got stuck - we were STUCK. I thought I'd have to call a wrecker - but then the wrecker would get stuck trying to get us unstuck. We pushed and pushed the truck and after getting stuck and unstuck about 4 times, we finally got out. The road we (mis)took was public, but ended in a private drive, rather abruptly, and the property was posted but there was no way to turn around til we got to the house at the end of it - which I HOPE was unoccupied - at least nobody was home at the time. It was weird - old house in poor repair, junk lying around everywhere (OLD junk - derelict junk) but there was a new-looking satellite dish... There was no real driveway, and it appeared that a part of the lawn at the side of the house was being used as a turn around so that's what we did - well it had rained all day the day before and the ground was all slippy and spongy... what a nightmare. I felt bad but we ended up leaving a few ruts as a calling card. Not to mention we were covered in mud from the spray from the whirling wheels that just wouldn't catch the ground and stick....


We did find the park with paved lot where the cache was but didn't find it that day - came back the next day and found it - but only AFTER my daughter took a header down the hill she ran down as a 'short cut'... a few scrapes and she bent her glasses but was otherwise OK.


I'm relieved to know I'm not the only one who is directionally and terrain-challenged at times!



Edited by JennM
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I hope she doesn't mind me posting this ... this showed up in my mailbox from my local reviewer just before she published my cache. I transcribe them from the email since, as reviewer notes, they disappeared when she hit publish:


Log Date: 1/10/2007

Sorry, not enough chocolate was submitted with this cache. We are patiently waiting for proper payment before reviewing this cache.



Log Date: 1/10/2007

Fortunately, mr. reviewer had the intelligence to come home bearing El Rey Venezuelan 85% cocoa solids. Thus fortified, I find the strength to push the "publish" button.

And then, when I accidentally submitted an unfinished cache report I was working on:


January 11 by [your reviewer](15 found)

Did you mean to put this on queue? I can't help but notice that once again this submission came in with NO chocolate...also no additional (solution) waypoint. Seems a bit thin on the short/long description field, but I'm not complaining, a quick read...

I sense a pattern here ...

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Thought I would share my adventure from a cache I logged today. Not quite as dramatic as some of the sagas in this posting, but it made me laugh! This was cache GCJ4EM


>>Got this one pretty easily, but not without a fun story to go with it. After surveying in the area, we decided to park in a nearby parking lot and eat lunch. As has become my habit, I turned on my GPS to see if any caches are nearby. Usually the closest is a few tenths of a mile away, or more. Imagine my surprise when the closest was 163' away!!! Well, I couldn't pass that up. I got out of the truck, and then realized it was across the street. Parked in the lot near the coords and then saw the nice Infiniti, with a gentleman listening to the radio, parked in the spot RIGHT FREAKING NEXT TO GROUND ZERO!!!! How to get it, how to get it? Lunch is about over, so I can't come back later, so...think, Think, THINK!

On goes the safety vest (so as to look official), out comes the metal detector (normally used to locate buried property corners, used today as a decoy), out comes the roll of pink ribbon to look as though I aim to find and mark something. I make a great show of crawling through the bushes, waving my magnetic locator around, looking intently for some mythical corner monument, stick my rear in the air in his general direction, and making a point to look as if I am looking. After a minute or so, I knew 2 things. 1) He wasn't paying me a bit of attention anymore, and 2) The location of the cache. Given the intensity with which Mr. Infiniti was ignoring me, I imagine I could have held a small sacrificial ritual involving small furry animals at the cache location, and he wouldn't have noticed! Now it was a simple task to get the cache, and sneak it back to the truck, admire the contents, sign the log, and then return it.


The cache hunt itself should have been a fairly simple task, but it's days like this that I just love Geocaching!






P.S. As I was walking back to the truck after replacing the cache, Mr. Infiniti drove off. If I had been a few minutes later, this fun story never would have happened!



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P.S. As I was walking back to the truck after replacing the cache, Mr. Infiniti drove off. If I had been a few minutes later, this fun story never would have happened!
Reading this, I couldn't help but wonder if he'd found the cache just before you arrived, and stuck around just to enjoy the shenanigans!
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P.S. As I was walking back to the truck after replacing the cache, Mr. Infiniti drove off. If I had been a few minutes later, this fun story never would have happened!
Reading this, I couldn't help but wonder if he'd found the cache just before you arrived, and stuck around just to enjoy the shenanigans!


I had thought about that, but I spotted him sitting there from across the road and he just seemed to be listening to the radio, or something. Still, that would be funny...

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