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  1. Agreed! I'm having a hard time coming up with a plausible explanation of either natural or human-aided means for it to have gotten where it ended up (in the far northeast corner of the Bahamas). Thanks for the tip.
  2. A friend sent me a photo of a benchmark disk that her parents found washed up on a beach in the Bahamas. (I let her know that her parents should contact the NOAA about the disk.) It's stamped TIDAL NO 6 1960. I assumed that the mark came from Florida, but I can't find any tidal marks in the NGS database with that name, number, and year in Florida. Any ideas where this one might have come from? -eP
  3. If you look carefully at the satellite images in Google Maps, you'll notice that the overwhelming majority of them have been placed on high-voltage electricity transmission towers. You can tell by the shadows of the towers, the linearity and regularity of the placements, the convenient little access roads that lead to each cache, and the fact that they're all off of Powerline Road. I know I'm not touchin' 'em or anything like 'em. Also, since when does NGA hide caches in California?
  4. FYI - The cache count still hasn't updated - it's been stuck at the value 992,633 since Feb 23. Is something broken?
  5. Gotcha. Will switch to manual mode. Thanks for the info.
  6. The Podcacher folks are running a contest on when the number of active caches shown on the front page will tick over the 1,000,000 mark. I set up a script to save the number every 6 hours, and I noticed that the number changes between 00:00 and 06:00 US-Pacific time. Today, the 06:00 number is the same as the 00:00 number, and the value matches what's on the geocaching.com splash page. Did something change? -eP
  7. Too bad that wouldn't work very well here - newspaper machines need a permit in Fort Lauderdale, and ones without a permit are removed!
  8. That is precisely the cache I was looking for. THANKS! I had speculated that it might have been archived ... sorry to see ones like this disappear. -eP 1. I wasn't certain it was in Seattle, or even in the Northwest region. All I was certain of was that it was in a big city. 2. I may be nuts, but at least I'm polite! 3. Social networks in general and forums in particular were designed to answer exactly those sorts of vague queries - to wit, see the successful response above. Welcome to the internet, noobie! 4. Darn, I knew #2 couldn't last for long ;-)
  9. I've been trying to find a cache listing I saw a while (year or more?) ago, but I can remember neither the GC code nor the cache name. I've ran every combination of attributes in a PQ that I can think of, and I've searched the GC forums and Google - still no luck. I cannot remember where I found it ... either here, or on Geocaching U, or somewhere else (I tried searching GU already). I'm hoping someone here knows of this cache. Supposedly there's a cache - I think it's in Seattle - that is hidden using highly effective urban camo. I think it was regular size or larger, in the middle of a very busy area full of pedestrians, and yet remained hidden despite many finds. The interesting thing about the cache page was that it was a tutorial on how to create an effective urban hide, and the cache was an example of how those techniques might be applied. Does anyone know the name/waypoint for this cache? Or am I just nuts? Or both? -eP
  10. Mine are: Puzzles Worth Solving - Puzzles I think deserve honorable mention FGA Solve-At-Your-Desk Puzzle Caches - Puzzles you can solve from information in the cache page alone (one per FGA region) Active Earthcaches in the FGA Southeast Region Active Webcams in the FGA Southeast Region Active Virtuals in the FGA Southeast Region Plus: ePete's Egomania - Cache pages that reference me or my caches ;-)
  11. What would really be nice would be (as has been discussed here before) to allow user-defined and user-applied tags, as in other social networking systems - especially if tags could be integrated into the search/PQ features. That would allow caches to be classified at a rate demanded by the user community instead of the rate at which Groundspeak chooses to add more attributes. That'd solve this particular problem as well as one mentioned in another thread (caches whose size is incorrectly marked). I don't expect this feature any time soon ... but one can always hope.
  12. I hope the take-away here is that adding more space doesn't make the site less "busy". The only way to make a page less busy is to put less content on it (i.e., Google). I know that providing each and every user exactly the information and layout and geocaching experience he or she wants is a difficult (impossible?) task. Thanks for constantly aiming to achieve that goal. -eP
  13. Actually, as was pointed out to me recently, there's a very good reason for at least considering the possibility that the geocaching.com upgrade affected the geochecker.com site: Registrant: Groundspeak PMB 321 24 Roy St Seattle, WA 98109 4018 US Registrar: 000DOM Domain Name: GEOCHECKER.COM Created on: 26-JUN-06 Expires on: 26-JUN-11 Last Updated on: 10-SEP-09 Administrative, Technical Contact: Administrator, Groundspeak Groundspeak PMB 321 24 Roy St Seattle, WA 98109 4018 US 206-405-1945 Domain servers in listed order: NS1.Groundspeak.NET NS2.Groundspeak.NET PS - Geochecker.com appears to be working again.
  14. Also, there used to be a cache nearby whose posted coordinates were within the 2-mile limit of stage 1, and stage 2 was also nearby. Stage 3 was 80 miles away in the middle of the Everglades. So it complied with the guidelines, but was still irritating ...
  15. I discovered by accident that the reviewers have access to all caches, even unpublished ones. Now I use that ability of my very nice and friendly local reviewer to check my proposed final location before I even bother constructing a puzzle for it. Just create your cache page, set your posted coordinates to about where you want them to be, add your final location and any intermediate stages as waypoints, and send a note to your reviewer with your GC number asking for a proximity check.
  16. ePeterso2


    I just went poking around in some of the OP's cache listings. Looks like the layout changes hosed this one pretty badly: GC1WV30 Echo Rocks At least, it looks pretty hosed to me (Win XP + FF 3.5.7). (Yes, I have cleared my cache. And replaced my monitor ;-) ). -eP
  17. There are far too many fake logs on this webcam to summarize them adequately here. Suffice it to say that there have been 48 fake finds in the last 15 months of its life, most of which read like this: "We didn't use the webcam because the controls were broken. Took a photo of my caching partner holding the GPS. TFTC." Many didn't even include photos! And the list of local cachers who both logged finds and should know better is ... staggering.
  18. Formatting of the HTML elements on my cache pages appears properly now. Thanks for the fix!
  19. ePeterso2

    Your Shoes

    I like the subject of this thread, reminding us all that before you criticize someone, you should walk a mile in their shoes because then you're a mile away and you've got their shoes. -eP
  20. So, if "my/mine" is now "your/yours", then will http://www.geocaching.com/my also switch to http://www.geocaching.com/your ? I don't think so! IMHO (or should that now be IYHO?), as long as it's ".../my", then it should be "mine", methinks. -eP
  21. Maybe I'm wrong, but isn't it internalisation, not localisation, most people are asking for? Nate used the proper term in the quote above. Localization is creating a culture-specific version of the site. Internationalization is modifying the site to allow localization. Users want localization, software architects want internationalization.
  22. I'm still waiting for the GM script that rewrites the new layout to look like the old one did ... I'm guessing that'll be popular ;-)
  23. Not different, that are the same Wow, that completely surprises me for this reason: while reviewing one of my puzzle caches a while ago, my local reviewer said that there was some discussion amongst the reviewers about whether or not caches that used Geochecker would be allowed because of the ads on Geochecker. Plus, the Geochecker site claims that this guy is the owner/operator. Curiouser and curiouser ... Okay, tangent over. Is the excessive white space gone yet? And has the display of my <table> and <hr> tags returned to normal?
  24. Also, this line in geocachingMasterScreen.css has caused all of the <hr> bars in the cache descriptions to disappear: .Skip hr { display: none; }
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