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How Long?

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One time I was wondering why I my cache wasn't getting published. It had been almost a week since I submitted it. Before emailing my reviewer I double checked my cache to see if there were any problems and sure enough I had forgot to check the box that said the cache was active thus putting it in the Reviewers que. After I fixed my little mistake it took less than a day!

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Your reviewer will probably be checking it shortly. In the meantime, make sure it meets the guidelines. The most common mistake made my new cachers is they place thier cache too close to another existing cache (hint hint).

Yes, despite the :) emoticon used in your post, the cache was only entered yesterday it looks like. Be patient for future submissions. As Moose Mob suggests, your cache is too close to another cache. You will have to move it unfortunately.

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it also depends on WHERE you place your cache. i had a cache take almost 2 weeks to get approved because its in a cemetery. i have another take an hour and a half, guardrail-type cache


Perhaps that's why there are so many "cache'n'dash caches :)


So why do cemeteries take longer? I posted a cemetery cache on Saturday and still await approval.


Are the reviewers necessarily local to the cache?


How does one know that the cache has been picked up by a volunteer reviewer?


Thanx in advance.

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Mine have been posted quicker than Id expected in the last two instances. 1 day for each.

I foolishly, thought Id have time to get to the hides before the FTF, so as to 'finish it off'

All this begs the question ' you put out an unfinished cache?' well, yes, sort of. I meant to get a nice FTF prize for them, but found my offerings lacking, and went for something better. Suffice to say, I thought Id had more time... Which by the way, is a good life lesson right there. Carpe Diem. or is it carpe cache?

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We are getting away from the OP's cache and into the realm of "How things work" on a more general basis, but since his question was answered so I feel we can venture to the general question of...


"How long does it take?"


First, the guidelines state that you should give it 72 hours. But remember, we are volunteers and occasionaly we like to go play also.


Now a couple other points to consider...


Caches listing that are clearly OK will move quicker.

- Multi caches and puzzles need to have waypoints entered.

- Cemetary caches and other locations that could be private proprety need to have that concern addressed in a reviewer note or such.

- Explanations for long distances from home (potential vacation caches or home coordinates not set.)

- Any possible question should be answered up front.

- Handicapped accessible attributes set for terrain = 1 caches.


edit: speelin

Edited by Moose Mob
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id forgot to mention that my cemetery cache is a multi AND my first cache (i STRONGLY recommend NOT making a multi-cache your first cache) so thats why it took about two weeks and i thank Keystone for putting up with me


Why? What are the problems with n00bs doing multi-caches? What problems did you experience?



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first off, i didnt know what i was doing, since i have only found 1 multi-cache so far

second, find out who to ask permission (who owns the church) to have the cache at the cemetery. in my case, my scout troop uses a smaller white church in the middle the graveyard, so i didnt think i needed permission (wrong, just ask Team Rambo)

third, dont have deer watch you while looking for spots for the stages

fourth. dont use string, otherwise three months later youll have to disable the cache 3 days before the31st

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So "How many caches typically sit in queue for the reviewers"? I mean, how many submittals does the typical reviewer, review in a day? Do they get to choose which caches they review, or are they just "thrust upon them" with no particular rhyme or reason? Are they geographically sorted; perhaps by type; date posted? What is the process for becoming a "volunteer reviewer"?


I looked through local caches and noticed that they are typically approved by only two reviewers. I noted that one of these reviewers (the same fella who approved one for me two days ago) also listed one last night, yet I still have one in queue this morning. No notes... (I'm guessin' that he is just pacing himself so as not to appear too good at his tasks) Or, just maybe, he has a life! :blink:


Please do not mistake these questions as complaints, Just looking for some insight into what these poor folks might be going through and a better understanding of the process. Ya know, n00b stuff...


Hmmmmm, this kinda stuff has got to be documented somewhere else.... :unsure:

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This post in the FAQ thread addresses your question about how volunteer cache reviewers are chosen.


Cache reviews are assigned geographically. A reviewer may cover an entire country, one or more provinces or states, etc. Or, in a busy area he may share a single state. California has six volunteer cache reviewers whereas Nevada has one. It is all based on volume. Each volunteer decides how much time they can invest in cache reviews, and calls for help if they get too busy or are taking a vacation. There are plenty of others to help back each other up.


We pretty much have to deal with all the submissions that come in for our territory. We are happy when there are no mistakes or guideline issues and the cache can be published quickly. The majority are like that. Others require work and communication back and forth. Many reviewers will take care of the easy caches first before tackling the harder reviews. For example, multicaches take longer because of having to study multiple locations on the maps and search tools. So, if you hid a simple tupperware cache and an eight-stage multicache in the same park, chances are good that the simple one will be listed first.

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