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Best items to put in geocaches?


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any dollar store items seem to work well. camping-hiking related stuff is good. toys are good.


Slinkys, foam stress squeezers, flashlights, maybe old used DVDs you no longer watch or CDs you don't listen to anymore.


just avoid food/weapons and you should be fine, it's always a step up from the usual broken mctoys.

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Good stuff is a matter of opinion .....


Items that I am tired of seeing;

Spider rings

Army men

cutesy erasers

individual Band-Aids

extra-cheapy plastic bracelets

the tiny playing cards that are too small to play with and get damp in the cache anyways

blank poker chips

tiny rubber snakes, bugs, etc... especially the hard plastic kind that are not much fun to play with

toy compasses that don't work

... I'll let sombody else talk about golfballs.

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Think about small inexpensive items that you would like to find. Also, what would children like?


Some things people are glad to find because they are useful at the time.


Some cachers take their dogs with them. They might like dog toys.


When I started caching, I was looking for a new keychain. I would be happy to find a WheresGeorge dollar, pen, local map, fresh batteries. Seasonally: insect repellant wipes, hand warmers. Depending on weather and cache: moist towelettes, emergency rain poncho.


Some ideas to get you started for children: toy car, play jewelry, travel games, kaleidoscope.

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I like a nice dry logbook, but other than that I don't really care.


Sig items are fun.


Honestly, with the adults I've been caching with, I normally see them leave something but I rarely see them take anything.


The kids I've cached with like trading so I say go with kid stuff.


(Michaels craft store usually has a bunch of cool dollar-item stuff up near the checkout.)

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Glowsticks, (Cyalume sticks) are popular over here. We can get them in all shapes and sizes and colours. Mainly aimed at the kids. The other thing I personally have found is Stainless Steel fridge magnets. I buy them in packs of 4 at the local supermarket. Only cost a couple of bucks each. It seems more times than not, they are the thing taken by the next person to visit a cache after me. I dont know why, but if thats what people like, then thats what I will use. And I usually carry a couple of spare log books and ziplock bags to replace a waterlogged log book. I use them if needed.

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any dollar store items seem to work well. camping-hiking related stuff is good. toys are good.


Slinkys, foam stress squeezers, flashlights, maybe old used DVDs you no longer watch or CDs you don't listen to anymore.


just avoid food/weapons and you should be fine, it's always a step up from the usual broken mctoys.

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Not too often that we take something from a cache, but we generally carry a supply of the following items to leave.


individually wrapped bug repellant wipes (we live and cache in the country)

waterproof match holders (often used as micro caches) less than a buck at WallyWorld

small carabiner keychains - usually from home improvement stores

small toy cars - new only!

small bouncy superballs


We mostly try to leave what we'd like to find.

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My son goes with me, he's only 4, so he thinks it's all cool. Personally I like the little keychain compass deals or the zipper pull compass things. If I find one better then the one I have, I switch it out for my own.


I'd like to find one of those zipper pull thermometers.


Some things I leave regularly:

Sidewalk chalk in ziploc bags

Freebie state maps from the State Transportation Dept.

coupons for free food from local restaurants


any time I find hot wheels on clearance, I buy a lot


led lights

film canisters with CITO bags (actually used Walmart bags) stuffed inside

clearance priced jewelry

jump ropes

etc etc, basically I am always scouring clearance tables everywhere I go.

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Now that winter is here, I would like to buy bulk mini

and micro mini LED flashlights. Keychain types

would be great to put in caches. If you know

of a bulk or cheap online source, I would

love to know.





Have I got a deal for you. key chain LEDs for 50 cents including shipping


These come directly from China. I bought 20 of them and they are terrific. They are incredibly bright given their tiny size. They are held together with 4 small screws so the battery can be replaced although good luck finding a replacement battery for less than the 50 cents a new unit costs. The 50 cents INCLUDES shipping.


I have given these to friends and the wife and I also have them on our keychains and they are reliable, quality units.


I don't use paypal so I was put off that the site *seems* to only accept paypal, but if you look closely during the checkout process you will see a link that says something like 'don't have paypal, use your credit card' and then you can just pay with your credit card.


I have also ordered their flashlight/laser pointers for $1.25 each including shipping. The laser pointer is terrific, the flashlight portion is not. It works, but isn't very bright or useful so they are pretty much just laser pointers. I have bought dollar store laser pointers before and they break almost immediately. The 4 I bought from this site are all still working and one I gave to my 7 year old as a toy so that says something.

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An excellent topic, thank you for posting it. I've got some new ideas from it. (I'm pretty new too, only 21 finds at this point).


Have I got a deal for you. key chain LEDs for 50 cents including shipping


Awsome, I ordered a set as soon as I saw this!


I think those brain teasers are a great idea too.


My son works at a Dollar Tree, I went in there and found quite a few things that are kinda cool. One of my fav's to leave are little rubber footballs, (tis the season after all).


I went to my local camera shop and they gave me some empty 35mm film canisters, I've ordered some of the Geocache stickers that wrap around those and have printed up some of the mini "Stash notes" to put inside them. It didn't cost me much to do that and I plan to leave a few in the large caches so that some other new geocachers can have a pre made mico for their own to hide.


I'm also going to keep some extra stash notes for containers that I find that don't have one. I think they are a real good idea to help muggles understand and not steal the caches. I've already found a cache that a muggle logged the find and promised to look into it further.


I'm trying to get so if I take something kinda nice, I leave something kinda nice. And if I take something cheap but cool, then I try to leave something equal to that too.


Sometimes I just sign the log.


My son and I are having lots of fun with this.


Post back here if you think up something cool. :blink:

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My first day out today and we took toy cars and play money. Left bags of marbles (like a treasure for the kids). I think the guy/gal who said spider rings was funny because I have two in my pocket right now that we DIDNT leave.


I also had a $10 Home Depot Gift Card in my pocket in case I found/took anything half decent. :rolleyes: My son also had some cool action figures to leave on later caches that we never found. :ph34r:


But I did find golf balls in two that we did find today. Not a fan of those! Especially used dirty ones! :rolleyes:

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Those depleted gift cards from starbucks or anywhere else are great. Reload them with 5 or 10 dollars if you find a coin or anything cool. If you are looking for a coin there

are some great links on the coin thread. There is a great coin that costs about 5 bucks on one of the coin sites

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