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  1. The second batch Nickel coins have arrived. The black nickel replacement coins have also arrived. If you ordered a Nickel coin from the 2nd batch orders, or you have a black nickel replacement coin owed to you...they will be shipped out on tuesday 12/26. Thank you all for being patient and have a Happy Holiday
  2. Thank you windkissed. I'm told we should have the replacement coins in about 2 weeks.
  3. Ok....I have contacted everyone within the past week to send me the tracking numbers so i can replace the coins with the correct metal. So far I've received e-mails from about 1/2 of those who received the nickel coins rather than the black nickel. I'm going to be placing the order tomorrow, so if you have not replied to my e-mail with the tracking numbers on your coins you are going to miss out on the replacement. Please do so today if you have not already contacted me. all e-mails were sent to your paypal e-mail address since this was the only e-mail addy's I had to contact you. Thank you for your patience. I should have the replacement coins in a few weeks.
  4. Thank you.....We should have this straightned out as soon as everyone gets back to me with the tracking numbers. I e-mailed everyone this morining.
  5. Ok......heres the deal. Anyone who ordered Black Nickel coins will need to send me the tracking numbers on the Nickel coins they received by mistake. They will make the black nickel coins for you but they will have the same tracking numbers. Please E-mail me with: 1. Name 2. UserID 3. Shipping address 4. Tracking Number from the Nickel Coin As soon as I can get all the tracking numbers rounded up we will have those coins made and shipped out to you. I'm also going to be looking up orders and e-mailing people that bought them in case they don't see this post. That could take a little bit of work though. We should have this straightened out soon Thanks for being patient and understanding! Joy
  6. Hello. I got my coins last week and am wondering if someone could post photos of the black nickel coin. I just got a black nickel Camp Explorer coin and it definately has a different finish than the black nickel EMTJMW coins I was sent. I will try posting pics of my coins tommorrow. Thanks. I contacted the seller about this when mine arrived. I am 99% sure the mint made a mistake and sent her nickel (silver) coins rather than black nickel. It's so obvious what we received are NOT black nickel. Yes.....AtlantaGal was the first to notice the error. It looks like I received Nickel rather than black nickel. I've contacted the coin company and we are trying to figure out a solution. The first set of metals ordered were supposed to be Black Nickel, Antique Silver, Antique Gold, Gold "LE". That order was placed and the coins received and mailed out. What was supposed to be Black Nickel is actually Nickel I believe. Should I have everyone send back the Nickel and order Black Nickel to replace them? I think that would be the best solution. I'm going to need nickel coins to fill the 2nd batch orders anyway. I should have a solution figured out after the holiday. Hope everyone as a great Thanksgiving!
  7. I shipped out a big batch of coins this morning. There will be another batch shipped out Friday morning. That should be it except for a few unfinalized trades. Hope everyone enjoys the coin For everyone who ordered the 2nd batch nickel coins......I'll be taking orders for them untill next week. We should see them arrive around the 2nd week of december.
  8. The first batch of coins arrived I'll be shipping them out over the next couple days.
  9. I'm sorry, This was the only photo I received. I should be shipping these coins out Early next week
  10. Just received pictures of the coins
  11. www.geocoinclub.com Have you tried this one? At the top of the page is a link in very small letters. Yep, tried that. No go. Windrose Have sent email to minter.. should be resolved shortly and geocoinclub.com is the site to get the code
  12. thanks for the mint numbers info - but the mix is still changed so can i have my refund please? I prefer shiny silver coins Forthferalz.........Refund sent as requested. thanx - but only got one refund? need the gold coins refunded too please. Sorry......I missed the other order Will send!
  13. Kimnbair......your order will be filled. Thank you
  14. thanks for the mint numbers info - but the mix is still changed so can i have my refund please? I prefer shiny silver coins Forthferalz.........Refund sent as requested.
  15. My goal was 250 coins total and I have not reached that amount of coins. The first batch ordered was a total of 155 coins. Only a few others have ordered coins for the 2nd batch. I don't think orders will go over 200 coins as it stands. I did not double the order and the total coins minted will not excede 250 total.
  16. Now taking orders for 2nd batch of coins. I also added a Nickel coin to the mix, so Nickel is also now available for orders
  17. Coins are expected in 4 weeks. There are still a few available.
  18. Coin orders will be finished on Monday 10/30/06 If you have not yet ordered your coins, please do it before Monday. Thanks everyone for your orders
  19. Gold "LE" are now SOLD OUT.
  20. My Die Art should be in today. I'll post it as soon as I get it
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