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Liquidation Sale!


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********* :D Liquidation Sale :D ************


I have done an inventory of the California Geocoins 2006 I have on hand and have decided to offer the remaining quantities at liquidation pricing. I am currently accepting emails from anyone interested in purchasing the California Geocoin 2006 at this new low price. Remember, this coin is trackable @ GC.com and has its own unique icon.




The prices and quantities available are,




Silver California Geocoin 2006- $7.50 shipped(USA & Canada only) (20 coins available and will be sold on a first come first serve basis. *Will accept trade offeres for this coin as well) :P




Complete set of the California Geocoin 2006(all 3 plattings)- $23.50 shipped(USA & Canada only) (10 sets available and will be sold on a first come first serve basis.) :P


*Buyers outside of the USA or Canada, please add $2.00 to the sale price due to increased shipping charges. :)


Please take advantage of this offer quickly as supplies are limited. You can reserve your Coin(s) by emailing me directly at BballToddster604@aol.com. :D



Thanks again to you all, :)



Todd (Lakerfan559) :)

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There are actually 2 California Coins. One is labled the "2006 California Geocoin" that was put out by The Dillion Gang. My coin is the "California Geocoin 2006." Yes I did make a new thread for my coin because, as judged by the responses I have gotten, cachers were unaware of the liquidation prices. If you were to look at my initial thread, you would see that I tried posting this info already previously but did not get the response I thought it should have gotten. So thus I started a new one and the response has been much better. I hope I have addressed your concerns satisfactorily.


OK, update on sales. The Gold California Geocoin is now Sold out!!!


Thanks to you all for your interest in my coin.


Todd (Lakerfan559)

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OK. So I got a set and am trying to figure out which one is the gold and which is the copper. Neither one looks very copper-ish to me. Is it the one at the bottom in your picture above?


Good question Team LightningBugs. To tell you the truth, I wasnt sure either. I know I ordered gold, silver and antiquet copper and these were what were shipped to me. I thought the antique cooper would have like an orange tone to it. But, with me being new to this, I have stuck to the different platting that I ordered in all my descriptions. In the picture of the set above, first is the silver, to the right of that is the gold, and at the bottom is the antique copper (which I think looks more like maybe brass).

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Thanks to everyone that placed an order during this liquidation sale thus far. ;) I shipped them out this afternoon so watch for them soon in the mail. ;)


I still have 4 sets of all 3 plattings


and around 13 of the silver coins still available for purchase.


I am willing to entertain trade offers on the silver coin as well.


Once these coins are gone, The California Geocoin 2006 will be SOLD OUT!!


Thanks again,


Todd (Lakerfan559) :D

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I found a few more Sets of all 3 coins in a drawer so they are still available and I have around 7 silver coins left. This sale will end on 10-4-06 at 7:00 PM pacific time.


Good luck and thanks to all of you that purchased this coin or had positive comments during this process. I really appreciated it!


Todd (Lakerfan559)

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