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  1. If you use GSAK, search the GSAK forums for the ge-2.0 macro. Filter your database for unfound caches and run the macro. It will open GE and display all the caches in your filter. And, as a bonus, the caches are not offset like they are with the .KML.
  2. Don't know anything about Macs but I keep a seperate GSAK database of solved puzzles. Then, after I upload a new pocket query of unfond caches into GSAK, I copy all the records from the solved puzzles database into the unfound caches database which overwrites the fake coords with the (assumed) correct ones.
  3. <img src=http://a;ldkj;falkjd;fl /> Also, make sure the checkbox 'The descriptions below are in HTML' is checked. are their spaces between the last letter in the picture and the "/> Yes, a space is needed unless you quote the src value. HTML is forgiving. So all the solutions metioned above are correct. Examples
  4. <img src=http://a;ldkj;falkjd;fl /> Also, make sure the checkbox 'The descriptions below are in HTML' is checked.
  5. You can't fit it in if its alive. Even if you could the cache would migrate more than usual. That and gc.com does not allow traveling caches anymore.
  6. Zip for Ocracoke is 27960, Nags Head 27959, Corolla 27927 That'll get you from Ocracoke to the Virginia on the OBX. If you go up as far as Kill Devil Hills, you'll need to start working on some puzzles. There are several of them up there. You've also got plenty of virtuals and, at Hatteras, a web cam and earthcache. Enjoy.
  7. Here's a bookmark list of them ... http://www.geocaching.com/bookmarks/view.a...8e-077e64cfed78
  8. Thanks ThePropers. The Trading Post was what I was looking for.
  9. Yeah. And if I recall correctly the container size was small. Maybe I should have asked this in the 'Liar Caches' thread.
  10. I'm trying to find a cache that I read about in a thread several months ago. The search feature doesn't go back far enoungh for me to find it. To claim the cache the finder had to trade evenly or the log would be deleted. I don't remember what was on the original swag list but people were trading stuff like Ferraris, Hummers and rare record collections. I think someone even left their butler in the cache at one point. Could someone point me to the cache page? Thanks.
  11. GeoGeorges


    I would love one. Thank you.
  12. I'd like one in silver please.
  13. A few things I've done: 1. Adjust google earth so all the caches you want to hit are on the page. Uncheck the caches you don't want to visit. Print it out. The problem with this is you will have to write the waypoints in yourself. 2. Create a new bookmark list and save each cache that you want to visit to it. You can then download the .kml file for the bookmark list and load that into google earth (turn off the geocaching.com plug in so you only see the waypoints for the caches from your bookmark list). Print it. 3. What I do now...Plot my course in ge and make a list of the waypoints in my palm pilot. That doesn't overlay them on a map but I've got a GPSr! I don't need no stinking map Hope this helps.
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