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Reference To Geocaching Spotted In The Wild...

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Thanks - I'd been browsing the same site (probably for the same reason! :wub: ) but hadn't noticed that reference.

(It wasn't anything to do with me though!).



What? you mean that John in my office sent you the link too? Cor! there's a spooky co-incidence!

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I like the giant twiglet (which Jane also created), although I understand that some people don't like the marmite flavour!


Although, my personal favorite would have to be the giant creme egg! I can just imagine me doing that and simply having to eat the empty creme egg shells whilst doing it.

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Profile for User: Gary & Jane


Occupation: Software Engineer and Chocolate Biscuit Eater


...and I'm sure it said bourbon tester a minute ago.


Nice try, but I can now officially reveal the mystery cacher.... :blink:


...The Behemoth Bourbon Biscuiteer is Mrs. Bumbling Fool, and the two kids posing with the oversized comestible are the youngest Bumbling Fools. The date was a bit of a red herring; when Jane wrote the page content we had done this cache that morning, it's just the the owner of PimpMySnack.com didn't put the page up until the following day.


I'm not at liberty to say what snack Jane is currently pimping - you'll just have to see if it gets added to the site.. :o




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