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Holiday Caching?

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We are just about to depart South obviously away from the PC, we intend to drop some bugs off while we are away but will be unable to log them until our return. Just wondering if this is an acceptable practice as we are new to this and don't want to get off on the wrong foot.

Hope some of you can help and offer guidance on our dilemma, thanks in advance.


Borobourne (Gary and Dawn)

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If you know what you'll be taking with you, you could put a note on the TB pages saying 'we'll be logging this when we get back from holiday - please don't grab it from us if you've picked it up from a cache we've yet to log our visit to'. - Should be clear enough for all but the most dedicated idiot ;)

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Not sure that would work as not everyone reads the last finders comments in the logbook. I've had the same situation with a German cacher leaving a TB in a local cache which I then picked up. They had the TB in their profile but had not logged the drop in the UK cache - I just grabbed it off them, logged it into and out of the UK cache (to keep the TB mileage correct) and went on my way. I'd have forgotten to log it otherwise as we move a lot of TB's in the course of our caching.


Not a problem. I would write a note in the logbook saying that you are on hols. If they are retrieved in the meantime the retriever should have the courtesy to wait until you have logged it into the cache (Hopefully) ;)



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Yes its best to leave the note with the TB - If you write it in the logbook or online it can be easily missed.


When we were in Florida, I would say 90% of the TBs we picked up were listed in the wrong cache. It took a lot of emails back and forth (some had been in and out of 2 or 3 caches since) with lots of people to sort them out.


If the people placing them had just left a note saying 'we placed this on vacation, and will be logging by such and such a date, please do not grab from our inventory etc', and would have saved a lot of hassle all round.



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Thanks for the earlier reference to the availability of the geocaching site in wap-friendly format - should make life much easier! Is there any way of accessing the pictures for clues? (must admit to having on more than one occasion forgotten to print off picture clues...!)


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Agree with all the above but don't forget Public Libraries.


They were a godsend when our palm packed in on holiday last year. Almost all offer free internet access nowadays.


We also used the "please do not log a TB pick up until we log the drop as we are on holiday" note in the logs we left.


Best of Luck

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