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  1. If you put the free whereyougo app on your phone and download a cartridge called the lost world you will have a fantastic 2 hour+ adventure starting at the bottom of the royal mile and taking you into the hills around Arthurs seat. One of my all time favourite caches. Plug your headphones in to your phone and turn the volume up for the full effect :-)
  2. I use GSAK with the Findstatsgen and badgegen macros for my profile. Was a bit fiddly to set up at first but now updates in just a couple of clicks.
  3. Really really ? For over 4 years people have found a cache absolutely every single day without a single gap. All of those things that life throws at you, work, illness, appointments, family events etc. etc. and yet somehow they found the time to travel what must be increasingly large distances to find at least one cache every day. Not even one day missed ? Now I'm not saying you can't find thousands of caches per year if you set out to do it but every single day for four years? How tempting it must be to find several on a one day and then log one a day for the next few days while you put your feet up or get on with other things in your life. I'm not saying it can't be done, I'm not saying is hasn't been done, but for those with streaks above a couple of months it is an astonishing achievement to be able to squeeze a new cache in absolutely every day. I wonder how far the nearest unfound caches are, how many miles need to be driven each day, how long it takes. My mind boggles with the dedication needed. I do well to manage a 7 day streak so to anyone who has done 1000 or even 1500 I take my hat off to you.
  4. Neither does he Huawei Y300 but you can still cache with it using c:geo or cache sense. A bit less intuitive than on my old Orange San Francisco but as long as you remember it only points in the right direction while you are actually moving it is fine.
  5. Just an update to my original query. I've been experimenting. Cachesense and c:geo both appear to work on smartphones without a compass (Huawei Y300 for example). Although obviously not quite as responsive as with one installed they are both good enough to find a cache under tree cover as proven by a quick lunchtime excursion today Installing "GPS Status" as well as GDAK apparently allows you to navigate to caches using 'GPS Status' through GDAK, although I couldn't get this to work properly as it works like a radar with North stuck at the top on my phone so you don't walk towards the target on screen as you approach GZ. Still hoping the GDAK developer can implement a GPS only mode as I do prefer GDAK but at least I am back on the trail again.
  6. I have been a happy user of GDAK for a couple of years but recently lost my phone and the one I now have does not have an in built compass. I reinstalled GDAK on it with all the offline maps but I cant see a way of actually navigating to a cache any more as the compass tab in GDAK has vanished. Do any of the other Android apps, Free or Paid, allow you to navigate to a cache on a phone without a compass and using offline maps ? I cant see why a compass should be needed, my two old Garmin GPS's didn't have them and they could direct you to a waypoint with no problem. Has anyone got any ideas ?
  7. I bunged these figures into Excel and added a trendline to predict future numbers based on the past rate of increase. If the rate remains the same : 2012 should see about 60,000 2013 about 75,000 2014 about 98,000 2015 about 122,000 2016 about 158,000 2017 about 195,000 By then the density will be so high that you should be able to log a cache without even leaving your house !
  8. 13 miles eh ?, You lucky thing. This one went missing before it ever moved. http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?id=1938748
  9. Many thanks for the post but unfortunately I dont understand how to do the author script bit. Johnny65s suggestion worked well so no problem, but thanks for your warning about overlapping zones. I don't have any but see how it would be a problem if I did using the solution I have.
  10. This worked great, kind of obvious when you see it and easy to do in urwigo, Many Thanks. Really looking forward to finishing my Wherigo :-)
  11. Many Thanks Jonny65 I have used your instructions to create 'pick up' and 'drop' buttons and can now move items to and from my inventory. However, when I drop them, how do I drop them into the 'current' zone rather than a named zone the action "Move" appears to require a named zone to move things to. I want to use whatever zone I am in. Is there some sort of "current zone" variable I can use. I cant see anything anywhere. I tried to set up a variable called "current zone" which was set on entering a zone. This seemed to work but I couldnt then use the move action to move things to "current zone" Do you have to use a series of if/else to do this : if current zone = zone a then move hammer to zone a etc. etc. or is there an easier way ? Paul
  12. Although I'm a seasoned geocacher I am a complete newbie as far as Wherigos are concerned. I just did my first one a couple of weeks back and was inspired to try and produce one myself. After reading through a few of the forum posts I downloaded Urwigo as my builder of choice. My programming experience only goes as far as 1980s Basic and the odd excel macro so Urwigo seemed the best starting point as it had a nice UI hiding all the coding. I have figured out how to create zones and make other zones appear and disappear as the player moves in and out of them. I have also figured out how to use timers and to create items. I'm starting with a simple linear cartridge untill I get the hang of it. Walk to A, Pick up B, Go to C, if you arrive without B get a message saying go back etc. My problem is this...I keep seeing forum posts warning me to avoid using the on click event to try and make the finished cartridge more compatible with different hardware. How do I go about picking up and dropping off items without using on click ? It took me quite a while to figure out how to do it with the on click event, I've no idea where to start without it. :-( Can someone point me in the right direction using language I can understand ? I've searched the forums already but I cant find an explanation simple enough to follow. From what I have seen so far Urwigo looks very exiting, if only there was a better online manual to show you how to use it. Many Thanks in anticipation
  13. You can automate the whole procedure by following the instructions here http://badgegen.com/fsg_integration.html if you are a premium member with GSAK. I just import a myfinds PQ into GSAK then run a single macro to update all the badges, Findstatgen data and upload them to my profile. Usually run each time i log a batch of caches, it takes about 2 minutes to update/upload. Longer on first run as needs to import more data.
  14. [Already discussed recently - check out post #10 on this thread
  15. My first TB from back in 2004 is still moving http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?id=107255 and has covered 10328 miles. This one http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?id=1468761 from 2008 has 16194 miles on it and moving till recently - not given up hope yet. Most of my others are sadly missing in action.
  16. And now so have I. Grrr And now sooo have i Sorry to go off topic again but too !
  17. My personal opinion is that I wouldnt log a virtual cache unless I'd been there since it was listed, and knew it was listed at the time I visited. I am in the same situation with several Earthcaches (and some virtuals) which have been listed since I visited various places around the UK and the world. I have photos of the areas, I know the answers to the questions but I have not listed as found because at the time I was there, I wasn't there caching. It is tempting to log them as my 'found' maps would look a lot more impressive with a whole bunch of countries and US / UK counties shaded in but I'd only be cheating myself. My smilies are all from caches I went to find knowing they were there.
  18. I'm only 20,000 miles behind the leaders !
  19. Not in my experience. They wanted £120 just to look at my 15 month old nuvi because it was out of warranty. When I told them that this was more than I could buy a new one for they told me to go and buy a new one.
  20. If Groundspeak are now taking paid links to hotel booking pages, does that mean they'll not be needing our premium member subscription money?. Will the premium member features become free on the back of this extra income ? Personally I can't see the benefit to having links to hotels on the cache pages, there are dozens of websites that do this for you already. I read the cache page to find out about the cache and to find nearby caches. If I want to book a holiday I'll go elsewhere. What next ? Cinema tickets, Bus timetables, Houses for sale ? Its supposed to be a geocaching website, new features are much appreciated but keep them on topic !
  21. I take it that any site you have to pay to enter is excluded from this due to Groundspeak regulations so there would be no need to join the NT to find any caches on their land. Not that that should stop you renewing your membership if you want to visit their pay to visit properties (or benifit from free parking). Excellent news though, looking forward to some new caches in some lovely spots.
  22. I hope not ! Cue moan about the good old days.
  23. GSAK can do this too, I used to do it when I cached with a Geko 201.
  24. I run cachemate/cachenav on an iQue 3000 with no problems and export the data to Qnav for turn by turn instructions by road to the cache vicinity using the additional plugin on the cachemate website. Very neat setup but GPS not fantastically sensitive - especially in woodland. If you are sure it has hot synced - keep pressing the home button to scroll through the catagories and you should find it. Make sure you register cachemate as I seem to remember that the demo is only good for 10 waypoints. It is a bargain for what it does. Good luck
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