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  1. Off to Yorkshire for a week next week, any cache series I can do by bike, preferably flat trail for the kids to do as well?
  2. We have the Iphone & Android app, will a Nokia app follow? Have tried Trimble's Navigator but can't get it for my phone.
  3. Congratulations to Mike of The Molinnis Crew for reaching 1200, well done mate, Pete
  4. Well done to Freddy McTavish on reaching 900 at the weekend. Pete
  5. Congratulations to Freddy McTavish for reaching 8 & Walruschef for reaching 3 on our day out yesterday. Pete
  6. Part way through Rudolph Steve, will get there one day. Pete
  7. The Waymarking cache mentioned is in fact just an elaborate multi. Much prefer this one to one of the many mystery caches that have you sat in front of the PC all day instead of out in the fresh air which geocaching was intended for. Pete
  8. Well done from me, enjoyed our caching trip together. Pete
  9. Well done to Freddy McTavish who found cache number 700 today, Pete
  10. Got one today, destination Sungai Udang, Malaysia. Shame it doesn't actually belong to me though. My wife is diabetic so glad to spread the word. Good luck to all their journeys, Pete
  11. Well done to my son PlymAdam who found his 400th cache today, Pete
  12. Congratulations to Sir Lose-A-Lot for reaching the 500 mark on a 10 mile Dartmoor walk on Saturday where I also reached 1600. Pete
  13. Congratulations to Freddy McTavish on reaching 6 . Pete
  14. Congratulations to Mike on reaching the big 1 , well done mate. Pete
  15. Congratulations to Spannerman for reaching 500. Pete
  16. Congratulations to Sir Lose-a-Lot on reaching 400, well done Pete. Pete
  17. Well done to Mike of The Molinnis Crew for clocking up 800. Pete
  18. Congratulations on Wadders reaching 1100 caches, well done Terry. Pete
  19. Congratulations to Freddy McTavish on reaching 400 on Dartmoor tonight. Pete
  20. Big well done from me Milton & thanks for all your techy help, Pete
  21. Not a problem. I would write a note in the logbook saying that you are on hols. If they are retrieved in the meantime the retriever should have the courtesy to wait until you have logged it into the cache (Hopefully) Pete
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