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Let's Get Muddy!


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Mud, blackberries, bushwhacking....sounds like FunnyNose's newish Something Ducky along the Duwamish [GCTWRK] has it all.....sorta like a junior version of Evergreen's Feast.


Look for a few stalwart souls to tackle it with me this weekend, either April 8 or 9, I'm open either day so far. Takers?

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I'm a definite maybe if the scramble happens on the 9th. I'm a maybe definite if it happens on the 8th. And I'm much more of a maybe if the hunt occurs in the AM rather than the PM.

Well, now that we have THAT cleared up..... :D


I'll throw out a proposal so y'all have something to decide on:


Saturday the 8th, 2:00 pm at the cache coordinates. That gives us the whole afternoon to fight the blackberries and quickmud. Maybe hose down after with a beer.


Here's the cache link:

Something Ducky along the Duwamish


Who's in, as a definite definite? :)

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Well, it's pouring rain where I am, so I'm going to be a fair-weather cacher today, and do some home chores. I'd much rather do this one when most of the water is under foot.


If the weather is better on Sunday (tomorrow), I'm still interested in tackling it, if anyone is game. Also could do next weekend.

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Well, we did get muddy :laughing:


Indeed, oddly enough, I do believe it was waaaaay more fun in the rain. I mean, this one proved even more slosh-sodden than "River Song", my heretofore "MOST INSANE CACHE HUNT EVER" up in Alaska on CENT5's legendary ACD adventure. Truly, such nutso flailing amid the rain and mud is arguably the very essence of what geocaching fun is all about!


Then again, try explaining that to your neighbors/spouse when you come limping home covered in mud 'n nettle welts, looking alarmingly like a wet rat!

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It's a gorgeous Easter Sunday, so k7-wave and I are going to do Something Ducky this afternoon as a milestone cache - the big 2000!! for him, and 1600 for me.


Short notice, but if anyone wants to join us, we're meeting at 3 pm at the posted cache coords. We'll have our cell phones, so all the phone-a-friends should be on stand-by, sounds like we could need you - we don't want to DNF our milestones!

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