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    This TB disappeared when the cache it was in went missing in 2004. Suddenly, it's getting discovered at an event. Wow! https://coord.info/TBGVHE
  2. When a pocket query page is edited, it used to show how many caches the PQ will generate. It also had links to display a list of caches the PQ will generate and a link to the map page that displays these caches.
  3. The links at the top and bottom of the page that will show the next set of 20 found caches or move to the last set do not work. It continually brings up the current page.
  4. you might want to check the link to the event as two are for a cache south of SF
  5. Thank you so much for helping out. It's too bad you are not able to be there. We will have fun in spite of that.
  6. The bookmark list is great! It should include the dinner event to be even better.
  7. Jim, It'll be a very long distance cache if we have to go to Corvallis to get this cache in your bookmark list: GC5NEFJ
  8. What trailer did you get?
  9. Kiersolvd

    Cuz I can

    Just past too and I still feel like a newb.
  10. Are we really going to The Best Tree in Lismore?
  11. At least not ten years after the original post for this thread.
  12. It's interesting to see the inflation of the numbers. For me: 08/15/11 - 4,129 (noticed) 10/02/11 - 4,741 (found it) 09/30/11 - 7,326 A few of those were caches I found in the last year, but that doesn't account for that much of an increase.
  13. Northwest Cable News was up at the Ape event Sunday. It features a snippet of an interview with Hydnsek and Bryon Roth and cameos by a number of folks enjoying the day. I've seen it twice tonight, and seems to be airing at about 5 minutes before the hour and half hour.
  14. As long as the six "Trail of Doom" caches are included, might as well bookmark GC236ZX - End of trail?
  15. The campground at Potter's Pond is located where you'd park to start up the hill for the cache. When I parked there last October, it was pretty quiet, even for hunting season.
  16. First two logs of the new year were quite enjoyable to read, especially since one said there was eight feet of snow still up on the ridge.
  17. You make some good points that would apply in most circumstances. The execption to that might be the Cache Machine weekend in which a much larger than normal group of cachers can overwhelm and bring attention to an area. This could have a negative impact on how we are viewed. Such was the case at least twice in Long Beach. These were instances where neighbors and local businesses were unprepared and felt overwhelmed by the "crowd". I think the attitude we bring to cache machine weekends should be different. I appreciate Travis for bringing this concern forward to help us consider ways to be respectfull of the people who may not know why we are there.
  18. I remember those caches, fondly, frm back in the days when I was first starting out. Even got to meet the OP at the Cul-de-sac. Always glad to see caches that last for 10 years. Congrats!
  19. Now why would I make something like that up? Cuz I know ya? ...and I know when that jump was in place. You ain't that old. Apparently, you don't know me as well as you seem to think you do I may not be old enough to have jumped on that hill, but my Father is and his nickname was "Olaf" in High School for good reason. I can assure you that I did in fact ride all the lifts mentioned and that I have described them accurately, but I'm sure you can find independent verification. Hey, I remember those rope-tow days and being lifted off the ground. What I didn't know was that the Summit had a ski jump. I remember the one at the Hyak end of the ridge but not the Summit's.
  20. The Washington Trails Association has a nice article on the restoration of Kelly Butte Lookout near Lester. Cache Page
  21. Northwest Forrest Pass covers certain trailheads in National Forrest areas. I don't think a State pass will cover these areas.
  22. btw, this is much better than the original proposal by the legislature which would have required a permit for each person at a much higher rate. WTA did a good job in bringing in a little more sanity to the situation even at the "one pass per license plate" it now is.
  23. That is not quite correct. According to the WTA FAQ
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