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Unusual Caches

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Which caches have you done that were different enough to stick in your mind and make you think "that made a change from the ordinary" I'm not talking about hard multis or puzzles etc. just ones that stood out.

To start the ball rolling these two come to mind - Brother Nerd GCPFQB and Cache 101 GCPEG1.


:anibad::ph34r: I'm sure i taught Skate how to put a link in a post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)


This was an excellent cache and some really unusual containers,Last flight of the corvus.

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Caches that are different is a very personal bookmark list that I recently compiled.


Many of the caches are abroad and that partly reflects the preponderance of more prosaic UK caches, but also it s a relfection that finding a nice cache on holiday somehow seems all that more memorable.


As I look down the list I notice that it includes at least two caches that seemed interminably difficult to find, and several in remote locations. Great views amd a good walk do help. It doesnt include some real b*ggers in terms of terrain or ( for that matter ) fiendish puzzle caches, which probably are an acquired taste.


I'd be happy to have any others added to the list ....

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I've trawled through a rather long list of 'Found its'; for being a little bit different, I'd mention

Monty Python and the Holy Grail - Scene 21 (for the comedy factor - it helped having a dedicated teenage MP fan with me!))

The Old Village of Lawers (for sheer atmosphere)

Hope Springs Eternal (for remote beauty)

Windy Ghoul (for sheer perversity)

In the Ochils (for spookiness - just ask Wlw!)

Terracotta Warriors (for what you find when you get there)

Captain Sparrow's Treasure (Bute) (for sheer cleverness)

Pitmedden Whodunnit (this one involves suspicious behaviour in telephone boxes)

The Musical Box (for being totally incomprehensible - even when you've got the coords!)

Care No More (or Sally's Retreat) (for a great cache container)

Edinburgh Night Lights (as it says)


Actually....I could go on...


What I did notice, though, is that quite a lot of those devious caches are by that dastardly cache setter, Snaik, closely followed by Billy Twigger. :ph34r:

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There are two which spring to mind:


One of the first caches we ever did, Resurrection (A Pit near Penn), because of the interesting location and the wow factor of where this new hobby had brought us.


NokNok for the sheer ingenuity of it and the way it all fell into place. This was the only FTF we have ever bagged which actually felt like a proper achievement.

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