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  1. At roundabouts it's not just an issue of personal safety for the cacher crossing traffic lanes to get to the roundabout. People in the middle of a roundabout are uncommon, and the sight of somebody furtling around on a roundabout could be a distraction to motorists...just as they're approaching a potentially busy junction.
  2. I was there a few weeks ago and Denmark Street itself was pretty much as I remember it (apart from the absence of the board outside Hank's)...managed to lose far too much of my day browsing around the guitar shops.
  3. Denmark Street, and the music shops that it's home to, is part of London's musical history. Can I please ask you to take a moment of your time to take a look at this petition.... https://www.change.org/p/don-t-bin-tin-pan-alley
  4. Back in January this year I started seeing logs for one of my TBs which had last been heard of back in the summer of 2008. It was quite a nice trinket so I assumed somebody had just decided to keep it and I had pretty much given up hope of it resurfacing...looks like I was wrong :-)
  5. I'd guess it as meaning Plain Old Tupperware Box
  6. Interesting - I'd not heard that before. I'd have taken DPM to stand for Disruptive Pattern Material, the official name of the camoflage pattern used by the UK military (prior to the more recent MTP pattern). If I saw DPM associated with a cache, I'd assume the container was hidden in a bag or similarly disguised using camoflage cloth (like quite a few of my own caches)
  7. Caches which require specialist equipment to access them are nothing new - it's a factor taken into account in the guidelines for rating terrain/difficulty. A someone who doesn't own a kayak (or the nautical confidence to want to borrow one), I would see such a cache as being pretty much unobtainable for me. However, it's still more generally attainable than some others I have seen....one cache springs to mind which is in a disused nuclear facility and requires full anti-radiation gear....and there are caches by Lord British at the bottom of a deep ocean trench and also on the ISS, both of which definitely require some specialist transportation/equipment)
  8. Just curious...what's so offensive about the Phrase "Puz*le Token", when referring to a token-like thing which is used for puzzles, which caused Groundspeak to ban the very mention of the term?
  9. What next? From what I can see, you have a pretty strong case for arguing that it goes against the rules/guidelines. How about a "Needs Archived" log with the above in the text to draw it to the attention of a reviewer? It is a bit of a "go nuclear" option though....
  10. Better than reading a log that said "Found cache OK. Left Happy Meal toy, took GPS....TFTC"
  11. Looking at that KML file, and it doesn't seem to include the training estate in Northumberland (Otterburn, Redesdale, Belshiel and Corsenside for live fire, and dry training north of the river Coquet to the border ridge). I know that there are caches within the boundaries of MoD land up here....are only the areas highlighted on the map affected, or are these Northumbrian caches also falling foul now?
  12. Bamburgh 360 GCRANB is above ground, but it's at an old RAOC bunker. From what I remember, some cachers have mentioned in their logs that they had a bit of a subterranean explore after finding the cache.
  13. If you do use a pre-existing hole in the ground, then it's probably worth mentioning this in the cache description. That way, if a newbie cacher visits the cache then it won't give them any ideas about digging new holes when they get to placing caches of their own.
  14. Hmmm.....if they're reporting the phone as stolen and cancelling its service through the network provider, then the phone must be registered in their name. The transaction on Ebay is electronic and traceable back to the miscreant's bank account (either direct or via their PayPal account) - no cash-in-hand shenanigans Ebay might have a time limit on complaints, but I'm sure that the Boys In Blue would be able to pursue this as a case of fraud / obtaining money under false pretense / whatever.
  15. A certain devilish streak has me wondering if you could do a similar sort of thing with a multi that involves going to various charity shops
  16. Also, it looks quite commercial in nature and has edible content - two definite guideline violations which make it look even more non-Groundspeak-y
  17. You could either create a single Puzzle cache with multiple stages or create the 2nd and 3rd caches as puzzle caches where part of the puzzle is to solve find the previous cache in the chain. Puzzle caches have two sets of coordinates - the real ones which only the reviewers see, and one which you specify, which can be anywhere (but typically would be with in a few miles of ground zero)
  18. My hide to find ratio was about 1:10...I've not really been active much of late, so have picked up a few more casual finds without doing any hiding. That 1 for 10 thing wasn't a policy though - it just kind of happened to be the frequency at which I found a suitable spot or had an idea for a hide. As for quality? Only one micro amongst my hides, and that is an intentionally devious one. The rest are all proper boxes, some with a few twists. Never been accused of over-populating the area, and managed to pick up a few favourite points along the way. So...I don't think one hide for every 10 finds is necessarily a bad thing, provided that you work hard enough to maintain quality. But placing for the sake of placing, I would say is a no-no.
  19. Yes, there are some low-imagination/lkazy signpost caches out there, but I think it's a bit harsh to tar them all with the same brush. I've got a signpost cache myself...which I chose to set not our of lazyness, but because I found somewhere for a slightly devious hide. I thought I'd take a quick look through the old logs for that cache to see what the general opinion of visitors has been. Reassuringly (for me) the comments in the logs are generally quite positive....including one from a team called The Spokes who said "Best hiding place for a cache to date. Brilliant" In my case, I'm most certainly not a fat lump...and I can happily walk many miles in a day. I chose to set the signpost cache because it's on a bit of quiet road which is eminently walkable/bikeable (not a busy road suitable only for motorised drive-by caching)
  20. Google's translation service supports Arabic. Or, should I say, خدمة جوجل للترجمة يدعم العربية Google Translate
  21. I have some TB's which comprise a plastic thing with the TB tag attached. Written clearly on the plastic thing - not an attached piece of card - it says "do not take outside of mainland UK". The bugs are partial clues to a puzzle cache, so want to keep them in the country. You can imagine my frustration when I saw a log saying that a finder had happily relocated one of them to Belgium
  22. drsolly - Love that story. On the subject of cold calls, here's a YouTube link that people might enjoy...
  23. Ahhh....my old stamping ground... As I grew up amongst the friendly cattle on Castle Leazes I've never had any problems with cows myself. If I'm out in the countryside and any cows get a bit too curious (and I'm sure that's what it is - curiosity, not agression) I just face them, clap loudly and wave my arms around a lot and that seems to discourage them.
  24. Can't believe I forgot to mention my other favourite London cache, the fascinating and thought-provoking Winchester Geese
  25. Have to give a mention to the classic Last Delivery
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