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How Many Disabled Caches In Your Area?

Ed & Julie

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Just for fun, I ran a pocket query for disabled caches in my area.


I searched for all the disabled caches within 100 miles of my home coordinates, and came back with 221...seems like a lot, but I am in a somewhat rural area, so I'm sure other places have a lot more.


The good new is than my local reviewer has also checked some of the caches that have been disabled the longest and made a reviewer's note on the pages asking for a status report (my reviewer rocks!).


So...how many disabled caches are within 100 miles of your home coordinates?




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In the entire State of Ohio, there are 133 disabled caches out of 4011 total, or 3.3%.

In the entire State of Pennsylvania, there are 170 disabled caches out of 5293 total, or 3.2%.

In the entire State of West Virginia, there are 17 disabled caches out of 696 total, or 2.4%.

Total for the Tri-State Area where I do much of my caching: 320 disabled out of exactly 10,000 caches(!), or 3.2%.


To answer the OP, there are 75 disabled caches out of 2812 within 100 miles of my home, or 2.6%.


I wonder why that is. :rolleyes:

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Not many as our reviewer will archive them if they are disabled without any attention for too long. :D


My reviewer usually waits to get a SBA log before taking action unless the disabled cache is near or blocking a newly placed cache (that may account for hte unusually high percentage of disabled caches in my area)


I just went thru the long-archived list in my area and put a SBA logs on some of the longest disabled caches...you would think I was calling for the end of geocacing with the outcry it has caused :cute:

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