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Caching With A Corgi

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I can't remember who but I do recall seeing someone here on the forums who does cache with a Corgi. Great little dogs. Full of energy! Of course I like bigger dogs myself. :D

i have always had big dogs no i want something smaller. at the time I have a German Shepard and a Sheltie, black lab and a rottie, we jsu thad to out a rottie and a Great Dane down. I'm used to big dogs. My family used to raise the Great Dane. we had a Male that was 44" at the shoulders and weight about 250# his neck was about 24" round. he was massive

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Others seem to cache with small dogs, but my concern would be that small dogs may get tired too easily or have difficulty in certain terrains. Others probably could comment better? My friend has a jack russell terrior and it can only go maybe 2 miles before he needs to be carried, kind of a pain I think, but he rides well in a back pack.


I have a black lab mix, he's 10 months old:



He is a great caching partner:) Keeps all the bunnies out of my way! Of course, today we did a 3 terrain cache and it wore him out. While I was climbing over the side of the mountain he sat on the trail and watched me. About the first time since I've got him (at 5 months) that I've ever seen him tire out though.


Corgis are adorable though, hope you have fun with your new addition, I'd suggest rescue if you are open to that, if not please make sure you go to a reputable breeder, backyard breeders have a tendancy to produce dogs that have issues.



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In all seriousness, and speaking from authority B), corgis are big dogs in small packages. Never think of us as "little."


We were designed to herd cattle and sheep, so we like jobs to do at all times. Tho' we like to eat (Chewees), we would much prefer to be on the go all day, doing whatever our families are doing. If it is caching, we will go until we drop (even if it renders us comatose the next day). The ancestors in Wales taught us all about climbing, so we handle rocks well (altho' sometimes we need a boost now and then), and I for one really, really like swimming B). OK, so I get muddy sometimes -- but, I am having fun right!?


To boot, corgis are fast-learners and like to earn praise, so teach me what an ammo can is, and I'm more than happy to go for it. :)


(Am I being partial? :) I do like lots of other dogs too!!! :))



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I've had a Husky, a Malamute, and a Golden. The Malamute by far was the best caching dog i ever had. As a puppy, she could navigate from the cache to the car, know exactly where to turn and which way to go (while bushwhacking). The problem with Mals, unless you have a good line, they can be tempermental, and you have to be careful with them with children.


The Golden is still a puppy, loves the trail, but is still learning to hike. She's a great puppy, but will not have the trail sense that the Mal had.

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This is Moxie. She's a Miniature Pinscher/ Pomeranian mix. She's small (about 15lbs.), but she is always up for a hike, and loves snow and water.




We got her from a rescue shelter when she was 8 weeks old. We found her on www.petfinders.com . You can type in whatever breed you're interested in; age, sex, and size preferences, and they'll give you a list of dogs, purebreds and mixes, that match. There are so many wonderful dogs out there that need homes, please consider adopting. :)

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I've got a 5 month old Pembroke Welsh Corgi! (Or does he have me?) He's a great little dog! He's full of attitude and energy, and attitude, and curiosity and attitude. His name is DEX He's good with my twins, and loves attention and getting out to play. The only problem is the hearding instinct, and the chewing, (last night he ate a cell phone!) I always had labs before but Corgis are great!

Did I mention he has attitude?



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