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  1. Has anyone posted or seen a thread on how to make yoour own wooden nickels? I'm interested in color printing or silk screening, not just rubber stamping. Thanks!
  2. Holy Carp. That's hilarious!
  3. Aha, thanks for the info. Are they trackable on another site somewhere? And how does one find this information, other than from nice folks like you?
  4. Sorry to post yet another code request, but does anyone know how I can find the activation code for my Rhode Island and Indiana coins? I was trying to enter a picture, but I can't find one to link to. Is there a way to just insert the image?!
  5. Now, now, people. Let's not be insulting. I love geocaching in the rain. It cuts down on the muggles.
  6. WOW...How do you get an invite? That would be incredible! I've got to get to the Original Stash as well and pay homage.
  7. Is there some kind of tribute cache in Seattle at Groundspeak? I have tried to locate one by keyword search, but have not been successful.
  8. Gotcha. Thanks everybody! Found what I was looking for!
  9. The error returned was: One or all of your search keywords were below 4 characters or you searched for words which are not allowed, such as 'html', 'img', etc, please go back and increase the length of these search keywords or choose different keywords I saw the above when doing a search for "Micro log". What's the reasoning behind not using shor keywords? I'll try 'logbook' instead, so no biggie, but now I'm just curius.
  10. Fascinating...thisi s exactly why I posted this thread. Oh yeah, and to see if there was any useful software out there that I didn't knwo about!
  11. What home made software utility are you using to simplify your caching experience? Enlighten the rest of us so we can use it too!
  12. More importantly, why would you ever want to?
  13. I got a reply on a post on the forums from a local reviewer because he recognized my name, but have yet to run into other cachers on the trail in my home town. I have been approached by muggles near urban chaches to "find out if that's what I was doing", bumped into a cache owner in the middle of a 10-hide multi, then saw him again waiting for me at the end just cause he was excited someone was doing his cache. But never, ever bumped into another cacher in my home town... with 200 local finds and 4 local hides.
  14. OK, isn't it funny how you expand your insanity the more you get into something? Just me? OK. Well, I saw this post a long time ago, and thought "Avatar? Why the heck would I want an avatar?". Well, now I am thoroughly consumed with geocaching and the forums. I have a drawing for my avatar (see left). I would love to have the middle (pupil? Iris? whatever.) be a modified version of this compass rose. Any one want to take a stab? Thanks!
  15. Amen RK! This hybrid is listed both on Geocaching.com and letterboxing.org. It has a full description in both formats, and is findable either way. I always thought that listing hybrids was a great way to introduce geocachers to letterboxing and vice cersa. And remember- letterboxing has been around far longer. It is kind of fun to see how they did it in the old days, and also nice that it is still in practice. I even made myself a stamp, and carry it in my cache bag.
  16. Look, some of us were born with a bit of a competitive spirit, end of story. I don't see anything wrong with a little friendly competition in geocaching- it is a game after all. If we are players, we must be playing against someone, right? A side note- I once knew someone on a competitive swimming team, and anytime she got beat by a teammate in practice, she would say, "I race against the clock, not you!". This leads me to say, "Oh, come on already". I'm not saying I am ultra-competitive, and most of the time I am playing this game against myself, but aren't we all inspired to go out caching when we see those find counts in the thousands (a la Moun10Bike, Half-Canadian and Scooter the wonder dog, to name a couple in my area)? The same is true for me when it comes to acquaintances, or family. I simply go to the "Hide & Seek A Cache" page, use the "Or, Caches found by username:" box and enter my friend's username. Chances are if you know someone well enough to know they are a Geocacher and you know their usename, it's probably going to be OK with them if you research their finds. If you aren't sure, ASK THEM- we're not stalkers here! That said, there is only one person whose finds I have checked on periodically, just to see how my find count stacked up. This has been a years-long thing, and I haven't even come close yet. Nor have I really tried that hard. It has been a simply tool for me to gauge my progress, and to see if they were still getting out there. Ok, my two cents has turned into four.
  17. I've always thought that there should be an option to enter the time you found the cache when you log it. Then any lists that are generated from that info could be besed on chronological order. This would also solve the problem that I had recently: I was the FTF on a new cache (just by chance- I hadn't even discovered instanotify yet!). If you look at the logs, you'll see that someone else is in front of me. If you look at the cache log book, I'm the first name there.
  18. Ooh...something to try. Thanks!
  19. It would be really helpful to have a "printable map" link on the "Map It" page. I just set up a map of my area showing only caches that I have not yet found. I would love to be able to print out a full size copy to take with me so I know what areas of the county I'll be going to. I am going paperless, so I don't have the small map on each page to show me the relative location of each cache. Since the individual caches won't show up on my 'nearest' list on the GPSr until I'm really close, I just have to remember where abouts I need to go. I thought about printing a Google Earth map, but I don't see a wat to filter out the caches I've already found. Just a thought, let me know if there is already an option that I am overlooking.
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