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Coins You Would Never Make!


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This past weekend while on caching run we were discussing the merits of a "Took Nothing - Left DNA" coin. This refers to those caches which require bushwacking through thorns and swinging branches which tend to draw a little blood. It could like those donor pins we get from the Blood Donation Centers...

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[quote name=bushwackin' schmo' date='Jan 11 2006, 03:56 PM(not quite family friendly phot removed by moderator)


this would make a sweet coin,  Schmo's azz crack coin[/quote]

OMG! and to think, that coin could have been in my hands prior! Argh! - TP

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Oh man, you guys are a hoot!



Uh, I don't think I would consider a trade with bushwackin' schmo for a Georgia Peach`. If anybody ever catches wind (pun intened, eewww) that he later traded it with some unsuspecting collecter, we can always send them that image.



And STOP quoting that image and reasaulting our eyes over and over!!!!!! :)

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